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Nail Care and Nail Art

Great tips on caring for your hands and nails, plus an amazing collection of nail art designs that are bound to get you excited.

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Nail Care

To create beautiful Nail Art you need to start with a good foundation and by this I'm talking about your nails, recently as I trolled the internet for beautiful Nail Art I have seen some very unsightly fingernails and cuticles where there is obviously a lot of damage and not a lot of moisturising and care going on. As a wife and mother I know that we spend countless hours scrubbing things, carrying things, gardening, cooking, painting bathrooms (which I did recently) and if I didn't manage to occasionally get along to a nail salon for a manicure and polish I dread to think of what they would look like. And although it's fabulous when you can get to the nail salon and be treated by a professional there are always things that we can do in our daily life to ensure that we have a great set of nails to show off.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your nails remain picture perfect in-between those professional manicures:

  • Regular use of a special moisturiser to ensure that your cuticles don't crack and peel.
  • Please try to wear gloves when doing your housework and gardening.
  • Apply hand cream frequently throughout the day, especially after washing your hands and make sure that in the Winter months you use one designed for bad weather.
  • When choosing a hand cream try to find one that has a built-in sunscreen.
  • Ensure that all your nail equipment is thoroughly clean.
  • If you have a cut or tear in your cuticle I recommend the use of Lavender Essential Oil, to disinfect the area, prevent any bacteria from growing and it will promote a faster recovery (smells nice too).
  • Don't soak nails for long periods, and never use any kind of soap or detergent when soaking (do not believe adverts from soap manufacturers who recommend this).
  • Try to limit the amount of nail polish remover that you use - less is more.
  • Don't pull or bite hangnails (however annoying or tempting), these should be carefully cut away without damaging the cuticle.
  • Be gentle with your cuticles and don't push them too far - I personally leave my cuticle care to a nail professional, I've tried to trim my own cuticles in the past and ended up in pain.
  • Treat ingrown nails and infections as soon as possible as they can cause lasting damage to the nail - ask at your pharmacy for advice on a suitable antibacterial ointment.
  • If you notice some nail or cuticle inflammation go to a specialist as soon as possible, if you can't get to one the same day then disinfect the skin until you can get an appointment.
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Caviar Nail Polish


I have one thing to say about caviar nail polish - this is going to be massive!

For me I think taking the caviar effect to my lips would be a step too far, it would drive me crazy and I don't think it would be long before I was picking them off but on my nails for a special occasion I think they would certainly make you the centre of attention. I am going to Glorious Goodwood racing this year and the moment I have found my perfect dress I will be booking an appointment to have the caviar nails to match.


Tiny little beads that are sprinkled on top of the nail polish - beautiful, texture for a truly stunning look, first seen on the catwalks. Have a look at the video below to find out how to apply it yourself, or book an appointment at your local salon, you may need to check with them first of all to see if they do caviar nails because not every one does.

My other consideration when I'm having my nails done is whether I have to book a second appointment at a salon to have it removed, the good news about caviar nails is that it is removed by using normal nail polish remover. I would love to hear from anyone who has managed to get their hands on this gorgeous creation and what they think of it.

OPI Comparison of Colours

This website reviews similar colours and photographs them so that we can see what they actually look like on our nails and how they compare to one another. Unlike a lot of websites her photographs are beautifully clear and show a really good representation of what the different nail colours and makes turn out like once they're freed from their pretty little bottles.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite comparisons, the slate/stone colour is a definite favourite of mine and one that I will go looking for, especially the Essie Chinchilly (cute name too).

Her site is constantly being updated with new stuff so well worth bookmarking and popping back to view to see what's hot and what's not.

Bakeneko (over Zoya Pinta) - "Deep purple base with heavy red undertones and copper to green shimmers with lots of gold flash."

Bakeneko (over Zoya Pinta) - "Deep purple base with heavy red undertones and copper to green shimmers with lots of gold flash."

Blue Leopard Nails


I have to say that up until now I've not been a major fan of the animal skin/leopard look for nails but this beautiful blue version has completely won me over, this is just so cute that I may be sporting this look in the near future.

Or if you're looking for a more sophisticated look then I can highly recommend either this navy blue with a thin gold line which just reeks of class (again from Ayelencab on the above link).

Fine Line of Gold


Ombre Nails


Minx Nail Design


I absolutely adore the gorgeous metallic collection by Minx featured above - stunning and original I think that it's going to be the ideal choice for the hot Summer months ahead.

I recently had Minx holographic put on my toenails for an Indian Spring wedding, it was a beautiful wedding and my sparkly little toes were spot on for fitting in with all the bling that surrounded me. The amazing thing was that 6 weeks later the Minx still looked like they'd just been done, there was no damage or wear and tear and they looked picture perfect, this is a photo of my toes just before they were removed. Removal was so simple too it only takes some warm water, ten minutes after I got in the bath I just slid them off my toes, as simple as that. I am so pleased with the whole experience I'll be having them done again for all the Summer parties and holidays that are coming up soon.

Minx Holographic


Black Gem Studded Nails


I am normally a shiny glittery sort of nail person but this stunning black matt look from the Yimane Nail collection complete with black rhinestones has totally won me over - it's just gorgeous and will go with any little black dress that you have, perfect for evenings and weddings, and stunning at the office.

You can read the review of these products and a how to do tutorial on the website ! Maryam Maquillage !

More matt beauty .......


And since we were on a matt theme I had to include this fab little tutorial on a very easy to achieve but equally stunning look detailed at The Lacquer Log. This look is a very sexy smart little number and I was surprised and delighted at how quick and easy it was to achieve this nail art.

CND Solar Oil


With all the changes of nail polish that you'll be doing over the coming months you'll want to keep your nails in tip top condition, my nail technician Claire, tells me that I should use a nail conditioner on a regular basis and her top choice is CND's Solar Oil, used daily it will keep your nails and cuticles strong, flexible and healthy and she very kindly gave me a bottle to try. I have been told to get the best benefit I should use it twice a day and not to rub it in just to let it sink into the nails and cuticles, who has the time for that? So I'm afraid I will be doing it once in the evening when my daughter's not around as it contains Almond Oil which she is allergic to. But I'll definitely come back in a couple of months and let you know how I'm getting on with it.

Note: I heard from a friend recently who purchased some of this online at Ebay and it turnedout not to contain the correct oil - so please be careful where you purchase your products from and make sure that the products are in fact the original products.

Rockstar Nails from Lily Nails & Beauty, Northampton


I just had to share these little beauties with you all, this is my very own hand with stunning, sparkly Rockstar nail art created by Claire of Lily Nails & Beauty Salon - I was attending an Indian wedding and Claire managed to reflect all the colours in my outfit onto my nails. The sparkle achieved using Rockstar products was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend them, they were long lasting and now that I've had it removed I miss them dreadfully, everywhere I went people asked me where I'd had my nails done so I took to carrying Claire's business cards with me, if you're in the Milton Keynes/Northampton area this is the place for all your beauty needs.

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January Moon from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga on April 16, 2012:

Oh my, I love nail art, I must admit the Caviar is my favorite, can't wait to try it, great hub :-)

Lisa from Tennessee on March 25, 2012:

I love the caviar nails! Must try that one day! Voted this awesome, beautiful, and up! Thanks for sharing this!

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