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How to project the inner glow of a women to bring out her true beauty



Beauty is a subject which has fascinated poets, painters and authors since the world began. You may have your own concept of beauty. As a man, the kind of girl who has been most attractive to me is the girl whose pretty face is matched by her manner; whose lovely figure is testimony of good health, moderate habits and inherent self-respect. She naturally radiates light even in the ugliest cloths and dullest weather. This type of person knowingly or unknowingly project her inner glow, manifesting it in her external world. I will show you in this article just how you too can do that.

Being beautiful isn't a sacred activity. The beautiful cover girl you see in the magazine didn't steal your potential. It is there and is an innate ability or potential. This is the potential many girls in the world can learn and bring fame and fortune to themselves through modeling or just be the women every man crave to have as their wife. With little practice, any women can be as beautiful as they desire. To be able to do that, one must get to know the true origin of beauty.

What is the meaning of projecting inner glow? This question was asked in Yahoo Answer two years ago by a Paulla Erika Argueless. Only one person answered the question but the answer pointed to the Inner Glow design, a company consisting of design consultants. My searches for the answer to this question lead me to produce this hub.

The root of visual beauty-Inner Landscape

The visual beauty we see and admire in women has internal origin. Beauty is something that comes deep within us. In every man and women is a landscape. This I mean your true self. The vast infinite self of endless potentials. The place within you that you return back to when the world makes you very miserable or very happy.

Some take drugs to help them visit this place. Some go to quiet natural settings to visit this place. Some mediate or pray to get there. I describe this place as our inner landscape. Some have beautiful and peaceful inner landscape and others have ugly and polluted inner landscape. The type of person you are, is the reflection of your inner landscape. Your inner landscape is influenced by your biological make up as well as the environment you have been raised.

Therefore to light up your external world, you have to light your inner landscape. The light in you will than transcend out and light up your external world. This is what I describe as projecting your inner glow.

Cover Girls

Ok. Let’s get this fact right. No women is ugly and so are men. A person only becomes ugly when he thinks so. That should put your mind at ease when someone calls you ugly. Calling you doesn’t make you ugly. Instead, it reflects the ugly landscape of the person who calls you ugly.

I am saddened by the fact that too many women deny themselves the possession of the beauty that might otherwise be theirs. They compare themselves with the cover girls in magazine. But the definition of beauty is; beauty is something that pleases others senses as well as sight. So you may want to ask me, Ian, what makes women beautiful. My simple answer is her inner glow.

Inner glow

The incandescence, spirit and vitality that comes from within. To me, this is the real definition of beauty. Many wannabe models strive to gain fame and success but never seem to have a bit of luck. Of course every women love to look beautiful for their family and their husbands. A lovely face and a trim figure is a great asset. It is not just glamorous clothes, jewelries and makeups that make a woman beautiful.

Outward perfection only takes a woman far, but the inner glow will bring the world to her feet. So every women who desires to look beautiful, has to visit her inner landscape. Women these days worry more about their figures than other single facet of their appearances. Yet many never bother to seek the true origin of beauty and learn how to project that inner beauty out to the world.

It is like weather-many women talk about it but few do anything about it. In my search for my true self, I have uncovered many things about myself. This has prompted me to look at beauty, as of internal origin and external manifestation. I am glad to have done the research and present the information to you. Hope I don’t sound like a psychologist. I am still learning and hope you do to.

How to project your Inner Glow

If you want to improve women’s looks, you have to begin with the women herself, not just with her face and body. True beauty is achieved not sorely on the exercise mat and at the dressing table. Pay attention as we draw near to the key knowledge we have been searching for all this time. We said her true beauty is internal, the inner landscape we discussed earlier. OK. So it is in the inner landscape. But the landscape is always a bigger landmass, right? It is. Where precisely in the inner landscape does the true beauty of women lie?

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Answer: Your subconscious mind...

If you think you are beautiful, and in a positively way guide your ego and nourish it everyday with positive, prosperous thoughts, then your external world lights up and you begin to attract people. People will just love to be around you. That is beauty.


Now you are equipped with the knowledge about true origin of beauty. The true beauty of women is internal, represented by a form of light we described here as inner glow. A perfectly beautiful woman is one that has learned to nurture as positive thoughts and emotion and has mastered the art to project her inner glow to her exterior world.


Ian D Hetri (author) from Papua New Guinea on May 10, 2014:

Thanks so much Chris. Your dad was certainly right. I personally believe in projecting inner glow and i have done quit well in my young life using that technique. Everything starts from within and that's it...Outside as Shara63 rightly said is just the reflection of the inner.

Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. on July 24, 2012:

Great hub and some great advice. Nicely done! :)

Christopher Antony Meade from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom on July 18, 2012:

Hi Ian.

My late father used to say "beauty won't make the pot boil". I think this was supposed to mean, that it was better to marry a good cook than a very pretty wife. He was very lucky because my mother was very pretty and a good cook.

What you say here is very true. There are some people who can light up a room with their smile. These are always the most attractive. This comes from the inner light shining out.

Thank you for a very wise and insightful article.

Farhat from Delhi on July 17, 2012:

True, Beauty is but the reflection of inner light...'as pure, soft & bright is the inside so will be the glow & glaze outside' !

amazing insight...thanks!

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