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Inkkas Shoes, My Love at First Sight

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My Inkkas Arrived!!!!!

Desert Nomad High Top.

Desert Nomad High Top.

Ever thought of being socially conscious?

In our crazy crazy world, which becomes more and more crazy with every day, it is entirely up to every one of us not to follow the collective craziness of a crowd.

Our life as consumers is jeopardized for the sake of profit of big companies.

Our children’s toys are full of poisonous chemicals. Our cosmetic products can slowly kill us. We are in danger of being poisoned on genetic level by processed foods.

By making right choices as consumers we can save ourselves. Make right choices. Stay above the crowd of average consumers. Guard yourself and also become a giver rather than a taker. Buy from pro-healthy choice companies. And when you take, try to give back at the same time by looking for companies that donate part of their profit for some great cause.

We should become more conscious, and not just conscious, but rather we should practice social consciousness, or social awareness, which means that we should share our consciousness within a society.

In other words, we have to realize that we are all connected and we should not ignore the difficulties and hardships of society. We are links of the same chain. Whatever we are doing we should follow a rule of not harming anyone, but rather helping in any way we can.

Inkkas shoes, love from first sight

Inkkas shoes, love from first sight

What does social consciousness have to do with shoes? The answer is simple- these two things are really connected when you think about Inkkas shoes.

Do you know this weird feeling when you think about something and then, voila, you see it in reality…. Somebody thought about it already, and what’s more, went further and produced it. And you think, well, as they say, all genius is simple.

When we lived in my old country, the former Soviet Union, we didn’t have variety of goods. Clothes, shoes, food…… we had it all, but really just essentials, without much variety or choices…. Clothes and shoes were of the same kind and I used to make my own clothes just to get something fresh to stand out of the crowd. I was making clothes for my son too and once I made for him boots. Actually, I didn’t really make them, but I just took Russian felt boots (by the way, really warm and light and comfy boots, but oh, so ugly) and I covered them with colorful tapestry type fabric. I just stitched fabric over the felt boots and everyone around considered that my son was wearing some imported boots.

Since then I always wanted shoes like those for myself, tapestry shoes, or boots… I like tapestry type bags, vests and the like…. We all like and we are used to see tapestry bags and vests….. But not so much shoes…. So, I thought it would be cool…. It would look cool and should feel really soft and comfy.

And then, voila, I saw Inkkas shoes over the internet! It was like a revelation…. Wow, they have exactly what I was thinking about, and even more….. Colors, shapes, the idea itself!!!! I started researching about Inkkas shoes. And when I learnt about an idea behind Inkkas shoes, my love for them went to the next level- deep respect.


Inkkas, a socially conscious shoe company

Inkkas is a comparatively young shoe company, they were founded in 2012. The Inkkas shoe company has its roots in South America. All Inkkas shoes are produced by hand in Peru. Inkkas company says that they use traditional South American textiles which are also made in Peru. Woven fabric was used by indigenous peoples of South America for centuries, as art and also for decorative and utilitarian purposes. Inkkas shoes fabrics are based on Aztec, Incan and tribal patterns and designs, which makes them an authentic South American product

The reason why they call themselves a socially conscious shoe company is that they give back to the areas where their product is created. Inkkas donate a portion of all proceeds to help South American communities, for example, 10% of sales go towards protecting and preserving the Amazon Rainforest

You can wear high top Inkkas shoes with shorts and dresses, with capris and skirts.

You can wear high top Inkkas shoes with shorts and dresses, with capris and skirts.

“Don't just buy a product, buy a small piece of a better world.”

This is Inkkas motto. Just think deeper about its meaning. Because 10% of every Inkkas shoe you buy goes directly to help protect the Amazon, it means that when you buy a pair of Inkkas you are not only enlarging variety of your personal wardrobe, you also help a great cause.

Inkkas sell authentic shoes and when you buy their shoes, which are handmade in South America, you will not only support the cause of the Inkkas shoe company, but also will feel involved in an act of selflessness by giving back.

Besides, I’ve never seen before anything like Inkkas shoes. Inkkas shoes is a true rarity on the market. They are both a bold fashion statement and a way to “buy a small piece of a better world”.

The popularity of Aztec, Incan and other tribal inspired designs is rapidly spreading in the US and Europe and capturing the shoe lovers around the globe. After Inkkas shoes were featured on the popular music television channel FuseTV, they made quite a splash in a fashion world.

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Fabrics are bright, colorful and of different shades, which will sure meet expectations of the pickiest fashion experts.

But Inkkas go above just a simple concept of fashion. Dan Ben-Nun, the CEO of Inkkas thinks that the shoes aren’t just a simple fashion statement. He considers that the shoes “are about taking something beautiful and ancient from one culture and blending it with something modern and edgy from another culture.” According to Dan Ben-Nun, a major goal of the Inkkas company is to increase funding and awareness for the Amazon rainforest and its native inhabitants. For us as consumers, it means getting an authentic, rare, above the crowd product.

Inkkas efforts are recognized and appreciated. Atossa Soltani the Founder and Executive Director of sent Inkkas a letter thanking them for donating 10% of the sales to help protect the Amazon rainforest & its inhabitants. It would not be possible without us, consumers who buy products with a cause.

Inkkas shoes are handmade in Peru, but the company's shipping office is in New York to better serve customers in the US and Europe. You can also buy Inkkas shoes on-line, so be sure to check out their website

A caption from Inkkas site.

A caption from Inkkas site.

Wearing Inkkas shoes is quite an experience.

Inkkas shoes are very well made, the quality is very high.

Inkkas shoes have a hand-made textile upper. Woven textile is not the best lasting out of doors, but Inkkas shoes are made from a specially treated textile and if you take care of your shoes, they will serve you for many seasons. Inkkas only use very high quality fabrics that are very durable, due to the special mixture of organic and synthetic threads that their artisans use in the production of the textiles.

Inkkas shoes have cushioned midsole and padded lining that adds extra comfort for your feet.