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Importance of Gym Attire and Gear!

Sujata is fairly new in the fitness world but has become passionate about it now. She now promotes health and fitness in her circle actively

I am only 1 year old in the gym, and I have been religiously working out since then. When I started out, of course I was much bigger in size, so I was very conscious about what I wear. I would wear the loosest of t-shirts trying to hide my mid-section and loosest of track pants to cover my lower body. Overtime of course I gained my confidence and shifted to better gym attire. I have also educated myself as much as I could on it and tried following.

I am usually quite particular about what I wear and how it fits. But with gym attire I have realized that the type of fabric is extremely important component when it comes to athleisure. Comfort when it comes to workout clothes is highly essential.

Of my limited experience over the last year, there are certain things that I am quite particular about when it comes to gym attire.

  • I usually avoid cotton clothes in the gym. Though it is a summertime fabric and considered to be cool, I find it to be soaking to much sweat and drying too slow. I avoid using cotton for both top and bottom wear. Only when it comes to track pants, I consider cotton but with a mix of another fabric as well.
  • For top wear, I prefer polyester fabric. It does not absorb sweat as much and is usually extremely breathable. Rapid drying is not a problem either in most of the polyester clothing. However, I am slightly open towards trying out new fabric when it comes to the tops.
  • When it comes to bottom wear, initially, I strictly picked nylon tights with elastane mix because the fabric is thicker in itself, and it does not crease easily. But now, I have started finding nylon a bit too tight. Maybe because now, my workout requires more flexibility than when I started off. I now go for polyester for my tights, with a mix of elastane. I do not prefer pure polyester either because I find the fabric to be too thin for me.
  • When it comes to choosing between tights and track pants for workout, I always vote for tights. Track pants are comfortable. But since the tights are so adjusted to our body shape and size, I find them much more flexible and comfortable to workout in. And with tights, it is also convenient to understand if the technique is correct or not and to perform the exercise properly.
  • When it comes to the fit of the top wear, I prefer something that is comfortably loose and fits to the body. I do not go for boxy fit as much nor do I go for body fit. I prefer the regular fit. Also, I am quite particular about the gym clothes not making anything unwanted visible. I would not want to keep worrying about what I am wearing while I am working out. So, I make sure I am comfortably attired. I tend to avoid full sleeves as much as possible because it might seem cold when we start our workout but not after that.
  • In case of gloves, I prefer the ones that are slightly padded. Though that has not helped much in protecting my palms from having dry and rough skin, it has provided good amount of cushioning. I have tried gloves without the paddings also and except for the fact that there is a surface between the weight and the palm, I did not find them of any use.
  • One of the most important parts of gym attire is the shoes. I have been recommended to wear flat shoes because my heels keep lifting while I am doing barbell squats. However, as of now I had been using running and training shoes, for all my training days and except for my heels moving in some of the exercises, they have been extremely comfortable. Another thing that I keep in mind when buying my footwear for gym is avoiding getting them online. The fit is extremely important for workout. So, I make sure I get them from a store and try them on before buying them.
  • Carrying my own water bottle is very important. Throughout the entire workout, we are asked to keep taking sips of water between sets. And to keep asking that from someone else is not convenient. So, it is essential to carry our water bottle without fail when we head to the gym.
  • Another important part of the gear is the towel. I make sure that the towel I carry can soak enough for the entire duration. During summers, it becomes a sweaty affair in the gym. So, to have a good quality towel is essential.
  • And last but not the least, the Covid-19 protocol that are in place since 2020. It is essential to carry our own sanitizers at all times. Though the gyms do have their own sanitizer stations in place at all times, sometimes it might not be available. So, it is important to carry our own. And use it frequently before and after using any equipment. Wearing a mask is essential when we enter and leave the gym, but it is not healthy and not recommended to workout with mask on. It can lead to oxygen deprivation while working out. So, the mask needs to be avoided while working out.
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These are some of the essential information on gym attire and gear that I have learned over the past one year. It is still a learning process, and I keep learning new things about gym athleisure every day. I hope to keep myself well informed about it and hope to share more.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Sujata Hazarika

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