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Waxing - how to wax your arm hair free like a pro.


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Maybe nobody else notices your arm hair but you do! Maybe everyone else notices or maybe you want to start bodybuilding, taking milliseconds of your swim trial or the million other reasons why you may want to try out waxing your arms.There are a huge number of people the prefer the smooth silkiness on their arms so why not join them. I'm here to tell you how. It really does feel great afterward.

Arm hair waxing - Tools of the trade

You will need

  1. An antibacterial/ disinfecting solution to clean the skin with.
  2. A pair of gloves
  3. Baby powder
  4. Strip Wax - either a roll on cartridge or wax pot and spatula. Large tongue depressors are great as they are hygienic and disposable. Fabric to remove the wax. or Hot Wax - this hardens and is removed by itself.
  5. Moisturizing cream or oil - one with lavender or tea tree oil is good. These have soothing and antibacterial qualities as well.
  6. Tweezers.
  7. Tissues
  8. Towel (optional)

Arm hair waxing - how to wax arms to hair free like a pro. To make this all easier you could just buy a wax kit from your local Pharmacy, Ebay or Amazon which should have all the items in it.

Preparation is very important.

Preparation is very important. It helps to protect the skin and helps to prevent infection and reactions.

Providing you have done your patch test 24 hours previously and have no problems you should be ready to go on to do a full arm hair wax.

Put on your gloves.

Dampen a tissue with your antibacterial gel or solution and thoroughly wipe over the area you are about to work on. This removes oil, grime and any bacteria that might already be on the skin. Let your skin dry thoroughly. You will need a different tissue and new application of gel for each arm.

Lightly sprinkle baby powder all over your arms and hands and rub in to produce an even coverage of powder over your skin. You are now prepped and ready to wax.

Must read tips and helpful information before you start.

  • If you have very taught arms you can do this on your own but if you have loose skinned arms get a friend to help out as you need the skin to be as taught as possible otherwise your skin will bruise. The inner side of the arms are very susceptible to this. In my instructions I have presumed you have an extra helping hand.
  • Hot wax needs to be applied thickly on top of your arm hair. You should have no transparency with the hot wax.
  • Strip wax needs to be applied as thinly as possible on your arm hair. Place the fabric on top of the wax and rub firmly with the palm of your hand to make sure the wax sticks to the fabric.
  • All wax needs to be applied in the direction of the hair growth. That means look at the hair where it is embedded in the skin and follow the hairs direction to it's tip. This is the direction to apply your wax.
  • When pulling the wax off you work in the opposite direction. This means you start at the hairs tip and work back toward the root.
  • Always always pull the wax off quickly and as parallel to the arm as possible. Don't pull it back toward the ceiling. This cause the hair to snap and encourages ingrown hairs too.
  • After waxing, it is normal for the skin to be pink and/or dotty for up to 24 hours after.
Correct way to pull the wax off.

Correct way to pull the wax off.

Arm divided into 3 sections. Sections to wax divided by the red lines.

Arm divided into 3 sections. Sections to wax divided by the red lines.

How to - method on arm waxing.

* I must stress PLEASE do a patch test to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the products. Do the whole how to method but only on a patch test size of roughly 5cm2. Over the years I have seen some horrific reactions from blisters to peeling skin so please, please, please do a patch test 24 hrs before going the whole hog.

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You need to divide your arm into three sections for waxing.

The first section is from the shoulder to elbow.

The second section is from the elbow to wrist.

The third section are hands and fingers .

  1. Starting at the top and centre of your shoulder, following your hair growth, apply the wax very thinly going half the way down toward your elbow. Make the wax approximately 2 inches wide.
  2. If you are using hot wax you will need a thicker application (hot wax hardens by itself and no fabric is needed to pull it off), wait for the wax to harden. Hold skin taught with one hand while pulling with the other. Pull quickly backwards from elbow to shoulder.
  3. If you are using strip wax, (you need to use fabric on top to pull this wax off the skin), apply using the same method as the hard wax. Place your piece of fabric which should be longer than your application of wax on top of the wax with the excess fabric overhanging at your elbow end. This is for you to grab onto and pull with. Hold skin taught with one hand while pulling with the other. Pull quickly backwards from elbow to shoulder.
  4. Apply more wax the same way as above but this time apply the wax to the right, alongside the part of skin you just finished waxing. You can tell this because the freshly waxed skin will be pink. You don't want to overlap/ re wax over skin. This is too harsh for the skin and usually pulls some of the skin off or bruises it. Hold skin taught. Re- do the process above to pull the wax off.
  5. This time wax to the left of the first strip of wax following the same procedure as above.
  6. You may need to do one more strip on the underside of the arm to get all the hair. You should now have the top quarter of your arm pink and hairless where you have waxed.
  7. For the second section do the next quarter of your arm in the same way. This will be from the middle section of the top of your arm to your elbow carefully trying not to overlap already waxed sections.
  8. When you get to the elbow, bend it, so the skin is taught then wax in little semi circles around the elbow.
  9. The Third section is a continuation of the same method but now you should be onto your forearm starting at your elbow crease and going halfway down your forearm toward your wrist.
  10. Section 4 is the last section left of your arm. Again, continue the same pattern as above.
  11. The last section, section 5, is your hand. Make a fist to keep the skin taught. Divide the back of your hand into 3 sections. Apply your wax to the middle section of the back of your hand from your wrist working toward your knuckles. When ready remove the wax back in the opposite direction. Do the other 2 sections In the same manner.
  12. Apply wax to each finger separately following the hair growth and only remove wax between each knuckle section, one at a time.
  13. Wipe skin down with a damp warm towel. This will really help to soothe any stinging. Apply your after care moisturizer and remove any stray hairs lurking with your tweezers. Voila - a smooth arm. Now for the other side.

After care.

  • Stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours and don't expose your arms to extreme elements for a couple of days.
  • Moisturize each day.
  • Exfoliate your arms once a week to prevent ingrown hair.
  • Enjoy your silky, smooth arms.

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