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How to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2020

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I have a Degree in Fashion Design, worked in a buying office, in production and on the shop floor and love helping women look good.

How to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2020

Spring / Summer 2020 is on it's way which means its time to think of ways to update your wardrobe to make it lighter and fresher.

In this article, I will show you several inexpensive and easy ways you can update your wardrobe and look for Spring / Summer 2020 The ideas are suitable for both a work and casual wardrobe. Read on to learn about:

  • The KEY colour for S/S 2020which will instantly update your look.
  • How to INSTANTLY look more uptodate for less than $1.00!
  • Which six items of clothing are essential for a Spring / Summer wardrobe - you probably own most of them already.
  • How to edit your wardrobe and create a core capsule wardrobe for S/S 2020.
  • Four NEW neutral colours you may like to try.
  • Six FRESH and NEW trend colours.
  • NEW print ideas for S/S 2019
  • How to use these new S/S 2019 colours to expand or update your core wardrobe.
  • How to quickly update your make-up with the NEW nail varnish, lipstick and eyeshadow colours for S/S 2019
  • THE key accessory for S/S 2019 that every stylish woman needs.
  • Which inexpensive and easy accessories to buy to update your look.

Start with a wardrobe edit and review.

If you wish to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2019, it is a good idea to start by reviewing and editing your existing wardrobe and creating a small core or capsule wardrobe which you can expand and update.

To start, I recommend removing the following types of clothes from your wardrobe, then seeing what you have left:

  • Heavy winter clothes - winter coats, heavy knitted jumpers and cardigans, heavy wool suits, skirts and trousers, winter accessories such as woolly scarves, gloves and hats, woolly tights, winter boots and shoes.
  • Dark coloured clothes - any dark neutrals such as black, dark brown, dark grey.
  • Dark coloured clothes - and dark winter colours such as dark purple, plum, burgundy, dark teal, mustard, burnt orange, dark khaki.

If where you live is still a little bit chilly, you may like to keep one of your winter chunky knit cardigans in your wardrobe. Try to pick one in a lighter neutral colour such as white, cream, beige or light grey. If you don't have one in a light neutral, pick out one in a darker neutral such as grey, black, navy, dark brown.

Try to store the clothes that you have removed elsewhere, away from your wardrobe. I store my out of season clothes in a suitcase under my bed.

Next it is time to look at what you have left - your wardrobe for the forthcoming Spring / Summer 2019 season.

Update your neutral colours

Next we are going to create a capsule wardrobe based around clothes in neutral colours. We will add colour later in the form of extra items of clothing or accessories.

For now, we will focus on the neutrals.

The traditional neutral colours for Spring / Summer Neutrals are:

  • Cool Neutrals - White, light grey, navy, chambray, denim.
  • Warm Neutrals - Cream, Camel, Khaki, Tan

Pantone is a company which predicts the colours for the fashion industry.

For more contemporary neutrals try Pantone's 2019 neutrals which are:

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  • Cool Neutral Colours - Soybean, Eclipse, Sweetcorn, Brown Granite
  • Warm Neutral Colours - Terranium Moss, Toffee

These colours work well with each other and the more traditional neutrals.

Make sure you have the Six Key Basics first

If you have followed my advise above and removed all of your heavy winter clothes, you will hopefully be left with a rail of lighter coloured and lighter fabric clothes.

We will use these to form the basis of your new updated Spring / Summer 2019 wardrobe.

The next task is to make sure you have a collection of basic clothes in neutral colours which you can build upon. So, start by separating your clothes, by pulling out all items of clothing that are in a neutral colour and put them at one end of the rail.

As you have learnt from above, neutral colours for Spring / Summer include:

  • Navy, White, Cream, Tan, Camel, Taupe, Beige and Light Grey.
  • Denim

Now, check these neutral coloured items to see if they contain the following key primary basics of a Spring / Summer wardrobe, and put them together on the rail.

The Six Key Primary Basics

  • A trench coat - in one of the neutral colours. (The priority item if your Springs are wet.)
  • Spring Tops - 3 to 4 long sleeve cotton tee shirts for layering - in the neutral colours.
  • Summer Tops - 3 to 4 short sleeve tee shirts - in neutral colours.
  • Trousers - in the neutral colours
  • Skirts - in the neutral colours
  • Denim jeans or skirts in either a dark inky navy or a softer mid-tone denim.

Put these together on the rail. These items form the backbone of your wardrobe and are what makes it work. If you are missing any of these items, or feel that you don't have enough, create a shopping list and make these your priority items to buy.

Expand your core wardrobe with Secondary Basics

The eventual aim of this exercise is to help you create a capsule Spring/ Summer wardrobe that contains enough clothes to last you a week.

Once you have your Six Primary basics in your wardrobe, it is time to expand it by adding some Secondary Basics. These can be in neutral or plain solid colours (no patterns yet).

Go through the rest of your rail and see if you have any of these items. If you have, add them to your core wardrobe.

The Secondary Basics

  • Short and long sleeve T-shirts in basic colours
  • Cardigans - in neutral and basic colours
  • Spring Tops - Long Sleeve shirts and blouses - in basic and neutral colours.
  • Summer Tops - Short sleeve vests, tee shirts, shell tops, blouses - in basic and neutral colours
  • Jackets - smart jackets for work and a casual jacket for week-ends.

Check that all of your basics are good quality, in good condition and still fit you. If they need cleaning, wash them or take them to the dry cleaners. If they need repairing in anyway, do this as soon as possible, so that your basic wardrobe is ready for the upcoming season.

Make sure that you have enough clothes.

Now that you have your rail of basic items, the next task is to make sure that you have enough to last you a week. If you work full time, do you have enough clothes for work and the week-end? If you are a stay at home Mum or retired, do you have enough casual basics?

If not, make a note of what you need.

If you have more clothes than you need, weed the clothes out so that you are left with a smaller selection of your most beautiful clothes, the ones that fit the best, look great on you and are in the best condition.

Spring and Summer colours - traditional and the NEW Trend Colours for 2019

Now comes the fun part!

A stylish wardrobe usually contains some pops of colour and can be a cheap and easy way to update your wardrobe for S/S 2019.

Here I will show you colours that are traditionally associated with Spring / Summer clothes, Pantones new trendy colours for S/S 2019 and Pantones Key Colour for S/S 2019.

Here are the colours that are traditionally associated with Spring and Summer


  • Springs colours normally reflects natures new growth, so there is often a lot of yellowish greens.
  • Colours that reflect the first flowers of spring such as the yellows of daffodils and yellow and purple crocuses.
  • Coral and Turquoise
  • The nautical look - every year, many fashion retailers include a nautical navy, white and red striped look as one of their early Spring ranges.


  • Colours are often softer, like a rose garden or bold and bright like a tropical garden.

The Trend colours for Spring / Summer 2019

Pantone have identified a key colour for S/S 2019 and it will be everywhere:

Pantone's key colour for Spring / Summer 2019 is - "Living Coral" - a mid-tone orange based coral - perfect for Spring/Summer 2019.

You can easily incorporate this colour in your wardrobe in the form of a scarf, new lipstick or nail varnish. If your budget allows, you could buy a top , dress or handbag in this colour.

Pantone's other Trend Colours for 2019

Cool colours - Sweet Lilac, Pink Peacock, Jester Red, Princess Blue.

Warm Colours - Fiesta, Turmeric, Aspen Gold, Mango Mojito, Pepper Stem, Terranium Moss.

Update your wardrobe with the new colours of Spring / Summer 2020

Do you still have gaps in your wardrobe?

If after this exercise you still have gaps in your wardrobe, or wish to replace some items, take a look at what you need and add them to your shopping list.

Now that you know which colours are traditional neutral and basic colours for Spring and Summer and also which are the new trend colours and the Key colour - Living Coral, you may like to use them to round out your wardrobe and make it more uptodate.

Good items to buy in both classic and trend colours include cardigans, shirts, blouses, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts.

Update your wardrobe with prints.

The next way that you can refresh and update your wardrobe is with print.

Each season has its own prints and there are several new prints that have been identified as key trend prints for S/S 2020.

Traditional Spring / Summer Prints:

  • Spring - Polka dots, nautical stripes and spring florals.
  • Summer - Summer florals and tropical prints
  • The new trend prints for Spring / Summer 2020 are abstract prints, pretty florals and digital prints.

Take a look at your wardrobe and see if you have any clothes in these prints. If they still fit and are in good condition, add them to your new wardrobe.

If you are still short of clothes, add what you need to your shopping list and think about buying them in a Spring / Summer print.

Prints in Spring / Summer colours are a quick and easy way to update your wardrobe. Look out for printed clothes such as shirts, blouses, t-shirts, dresses and skirts. If you are really brave you could try printed trousers.

The $1.00 tip - instantly update your look with nail varnish

As promised, here is the $1.00 tip.

Nail varnish is an inexpensive and easy way to update your look for Spring / Summer 2020

Costing around $1.00, an inexpensive bottle of nail varnish in a Spring / Summer colour will instantly update your look.

A classic nail colour for Spring is coral. It is pretty and fresh and looks great with the neutrals such as navy, cream, beige, camel, khaki.

Coral nail varnishes can be found in two depths of colour, a light pretty shade or a strong and bold coral.

To be really up to the minute, you could buy a nail varnish in 2020's trend colour -"Living Coral" - a mid-tone orange based coral colour.

If you like colour, try to find a shade of nailvarnish similar to Pantone's colours for 20:

Pantones cool colours for 2020 - Sweet Lilac, Pink Peacock, Jester Red.

Pantone's warm colours for 2020 - Fiesta, Turmeric, Aspen Gold, Mango Mojito

If you prefer neutral colours try:

Pantone's neutral colour for 2020 - Soybean, Eclipse, Sweetcorn, Brown Granite, Toffee.

I am sure that you will agree that a nail varnish is a great way to cheaply and easily update your look for Spring / Summer 2020.

Update your accessories

Another cheap and easy way to update your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2020 is with accessories. They are often the last layer and finishing touch to your outfit. If you can’t afford to buy new clothes at the beginning of the season, a new accessory, can bring your look bang up to date.

First start with the basics:

The KEY accessory for Spring / Summer is a pair of sunglasses. Choose your first pair in a neutral colour such as black, brown or tortoiseshell for a chic and stylish look.

Other basic accessories are:

  • Classic Shoes in neutral colours such as Ballerina flats, loafers, sandals, canvas shoes.
  • A basic everyday bag in a neutral colour.
  • For jewelry, there are classics such as gold or silver chains, hoop earrings or ropes of pearls.

Once you have acquired these, you can then add accessories in the colours and prints of S/S 2020 such as:

  • Sunglasses in a trend colour.
  • Scarves - silk or cotton scarves are a great way to update your look by adding a splash of the current seasons colour or print to your outfit. Wear a new scarf with your raincoat, tied to your neutral handbag to update it, wear it with a neutral outfit to add a splash of colour or on the belt loop of your jeans.
  • Pretty coloured ballerina pumps - in a traditional or trend colour.
  • A handbag in one of springs traditional or trend colours.
  • Trend accessories - for Spring / Summer 2020 statement necklace are a popular and trendy accessory.

Update your make-up

After winter and the first rays of sunshine and warm weather, it is nice to freshen up how we look. An easy and inexpensive way is to buy a new lipstick or eyeshadow in a soft or fresh Spring / Summer colour. Again it is cheaper than buying new clothes.


  • Traditional colours for Spring / Summer are coral, red and soft pinks.
  • New trend colours - choose a lipstick in one of the new Pantone trend colours such as the colour of the year "Living Coral"
  • The other Pantone 2020 colours that are suitable for lipsticks include:
  • Cool colours - Sweet Lilac, Pink Peacock, Jester Red
  • Warm colours - Fiesta, Mango Mojito


  • A classy look is to wear a neutral eyeshadow.
  • Pantone's 2020 Neutral Colours suitable for eyeshadows include:
  • Cool colours - Soybean, Brown Granite, Eclipse, Sweetcorn
  • Warm Colours - Toffee, Terranium Moss

For a fun and on trend look, add a touch of one of the new Pantone 2020colours to your eyelid:

  • Cool colours - Sweet Lilac, Pink Peacock, Jester Red, Princess Blue
  • Warm Colours - Pepper Stem, Fiesta, Turmeric, Aspen Gold, Mango Mojito

If you like really colourful eye make-up, you may also buy eyeliners or mascaras in these colours.


I hope you found this article useful. Often the most stylish women are not those who spend a great deal of time or money on their wardrobes, but are often the ones who have a small well thought out wardrobe that suits their lifestyles and regularly edit it and update it with a few well chosen key items and accessories.

Often all you need is a new basic neutral garment to expand the possibilities of your wardrobe, or a new lipstick, nail varnish, scarf or cardigan in a fresh new colour to update it and ring the changes.

I hope you enjoy updating your wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2019.

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