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How to tie and wear a long rectangular / oblong scarf in different ways.

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How to tie and wear long rectangular / oblong scarves.

There are many different ways to wear a long rectangular / oblong scarf, yet most people only know of one or two ways. However, long rectangualr scarves are highly versatile and can be tied in a variety of ways to produce stunning results. I have found several clips on YouTube on ways to wear long oblong scarves. The techniques are simple, yet the results are stunning.

The scarves provide not only warmth but also a splash of colour and style to outfits. When worn with a jacket, they fill in the neck area and add a touch of glamour and sophistication. All of the styles can be worn with casualwear or work/office and eveningwear. The trick is to choose a scarf in an appropriate fabric, such as cotton for casualwear and something more silky for work or eveningwear.

I have put together the best YouTube clips that demonstrate ways to tie long scarves. The clips are in order of the weight of the fabric as different fabric weights produce different effects.

The clips start with a scarf in the lightest most sheerest chiffon, then proceed through long scarves in silk and then ends in heavier weight fabrics.

I hope this provides you with the help you are looking for on ways to wear a scarf.

How to tie and wear a silk long rectangular scarf

The next YouTube clip shows the tying of a long scarf in silk.

Whilst still a fine fabric, the silk is a little bit heavier than the previous chiffon scarf and therefore can hold more of a sculptural shape such as the pretty double bow at the end.

How to tie a rosette scarf using a long silk scarf

In the following YouTube clip, a long silk scarf is again used and cleverly twisted to create a rosette effect.

This scarf tying technique is so easy to do.

The rosette effect is beautiful and is guaranteed to bring you lots of compliments.

How to tie a long silk scarf and cotton scarf

In this clip, two weights of fabric are used.

The first is a two tone coral silk scarf that is really pretty and tied in the simplest of ways.

The second scarf used is much wider and made of cotton and as a result can be used in a more sculptural way.

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How to tie a long scarf in a heavy weight silk

The scarf in the next clip is of a heavier weight silk and there are two tying methods

The first is a perfect way to wear a scarf to show off an evening dress as it is worn draping down the back.

The second tying technique if perfect for wearing with a jacket.

How to tie a wide rectangular scarf in three ways.

The last scarf is a rectangle in a light weight fabric but is much wider in width.

Here three ways of tying are shown, the first two are very simple and the last one is also simple to tie, yet the result is beautiful and great for wearing with jeans and other casualwear styles.

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toknowinfo on March 06, 2011:

Thanks for this great hub. I actually got a number of scarves that were my mother's and I have been wanting to wear them. Thanks for the tips. All the best to you.

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