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How to Make Your Skin Look Fresh and Healthy

Ankica is interested in healthy way of life, and in natural products.

Want great skin? Let's see what we can do!

Drink a lot of water, go to the sauna, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and put them on your face from time to time, don't eat too much sugar, stay active...

But what is the most important thing we can do for our skin?

Keep it clean! And remove our make up before we go to bed.

Doesn't sound too difficult, so let's try!

Pure skin

We're all tired sometimes, and we just want to go to sleep, without cleaning our face or brushing our teeth.

Let's not do that!

All the impurities will remain on our skin, and it will be impossible for it to breathe, and to regenerate during the night, as it should. Consequences: we'll get old much faster! Not something we want?

Just think how great the skin will be in the morning if we make that final effort, and remove our makeup. Any micellar water will do, and after that we can use some facial wash.

But, how do we clean our body skin?

There are so many products, but the best thing you can possibly do for your skin, is to use the sauna from time to time. Some people like to go to the sauna once or twice a week, and for some of us, once or twice a month is enough. Every single pore on your body will be clean!

First time I went to the sauna, I didn't even know about this effect, and when I realized how pure and soft my skin is, I just kept on using the sauna on a regular base, and now, I know that it is the best thing ever I can do for my skin. And not just for skin, but we'll talk about that some other time. When we start to sweat, our body will detoxify by opening skin pores, and removing all of the impurities. The thing is, that the most of extra blood is directed to the skin, and thanks to that, our skin becomes great, radiant, and finally, we get an amazing, velvety complexion.

Fruit, vegetables, milk and honey makes the skin amazing!

After the sauna, it is great to put some face masks on, because your skin is clean, and it will take all the good nutrients from the masks. Also, you can put some body butter or a body lotion on your body skin, and the effect will be surprisingly great!

Let's make it even healthier, and make our own facial masks, and body butter!

There are so many great things in our kitchen, and our gardens that we can use as beauty products, so let's try!

Facial masks:

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1. Apples can always make your skin look fresh and toned, especially if they are still green and sour. Of course, we can't find them all year long, so any apple will do. Just cut an apple in a thin slice, and just put them on your face, and keep it for about 20 minutes.

2. Honey and sour cream, or honey and Greek yogurt is the best thing you can use for your face skin during the Winter, and cold weather. It will feed your skin, so it won't get red and dry right after you go out. It also helps to prevent wrinkles.

Just make sure that you put about a tea spoon of the sour cream, and a half of a tea spoon of honey.

3. Grapes will help a lot if we want to hydrate our skin! We can just massage our face with some grapes, and leave it through the night, or we can leave it for as long as possible during the day. Our face will be fresh, hydrated, and ready to go!

4. Apricots works amazingly good when we need to feed and to hydrate our face. This fruit is perfect, and so tasty, and when you make masks in your kitchen, maybe it's not bad to have some extra ingredients around, because they are all so tasty! Also, you can mix apricots with sour cream, again.

5. Body butter is simple to make, and great for your skin. To make this, we usually need to mix some oils, like coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, jojoba oil..., and some essential oil we like the best.

Healthy food for healthy skin!

Can we eat junk food and lots of sweets, and have a great skin?

Maybe when we're very, very young, but even then, we can have problems with our complexion if we don't eat right. It is simple: if you want to be healthy, give your body what it needs! And if you want a beautiful skin, give your skin nutrients it needs!

One of the best things we can do for our skin is to avoid industrial sugar. Sugar makes the surface of our skin stiff and inflexible, because it damages collagen and elastin.

Instead of that, our skin will be grateful to us if we use fresh fruit, in order to provide vitamins and enough water. So, we'll eat something sweet anyway, and it will be healthy!

We should always drink lots of water, and green tea is a great choice, too! One of the best drinks for our skin is a homemade tomato juice: it is high with Lycopene, which has an anti-glycation action.

Fresh and cooked vegetables should definitely be on our tables every day, they are great for our health in many ways, and they are perfect for our skin!

Don't avoid fats, but it is the best to use healthy fats.

Let's have beautiful skin!

It is not hard, or complicated, let's start today!

Be healthy, be happy!

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