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What T-Shirts Look Good on My Body Type


If You Have Thin Shoulders

If you have thin shoulders, you need to focus on your shoulders. If you have any desire to stretch and develop your slim shoulders, then go for a T-shirt with a round neckline.

Round neckline t-shirt is best for your thin shoulders

#Round t-shirt shows off your entire body from shoulder to shoulder.

#Round t shirt will make you look curvy.

#Round shirt only makes you look and feel beautiful.

Hour Shaped Body

If your body is Hour shaped body then a tight fitting T-shirt suits you. If you are wondering what to wear with it then you can also wear it with a skirt or jeans. it attracts you extra.

# Fittings must be shaped.

# Try not to wear a wide t-shirt

# T shirt with a high neckline will also suit you.

Broad Shoulder Shaped Body.

Assuming you have broad shoulders, you should pay for a round neck t-shirt. Round neck t-shirts are exceptionally useful for broad shoulders.

#Your shoulders completely fall into it.

#it ​​will be ideal for your body

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If You Are Short

If you are short, you prefer the best t-shirt that you can tie at the front. Tied up makes you a lot more gorgeous, drawn in and lovable. You should try it.

# Try not to wear too much

# Sometimes use long t-shirts

#Shirt and short dress will be best for you.

Apple/Pear Shaped Body

In the event that you have an apple or have a pear body, wear a t-shirt that will make your shape beat rhythmically.

T-shirt must tight on your breast

The shirt should be open on the stomach.

If Your Chest is Small or Big

If small

A bend-ed T-shirt is preferred for you over keeping a pocket or popcorn.

If big

If your breast is big, pocket or popcorn T-shirt isn't for you।

Presently you should have known। What shirt you ought to wear for your body size and which not।

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