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How to Get the Tiktok "Clean Girl" Look

Anna Livia is a personal style enthusiast who does not let her "worst dressed" status on a Jubilee ranking video kill her vibe.


How to get the TikTok-Famous "CLEAN GIRL" Look

For better or for worse, TikTok isn’t going anywhere. And it’s influencing several aspects of Millenial and Gen Z Life, from impacting the way we view political issues to making us wish we lived in a cottage full of baby ducks (hey, it’s a nuanced platform!).

One of the most recent clothing and makeup trends on the clock app is the #cleangirl look, which showcases hygienic hair, light-colored, classic clothing, and a barely-there, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it makeup look. Here’s how to get the TikTok-Renowned “clean girl” look for yourself.



When it comes to clean girl attire, the Plain White T’s shouldn’t just be in your Spotify rotation. Terrible jokes aside, this look is about cultivating an air of freshness and timelessness. A crisp white shirt and a pair of high-quality jeans provide the perfect base for the clean look. Looking clean isn’t about showcasing designer handbags or donning the trendiest things on the market. It’s about embracing your sense of style while adding a timeless Americana air.

Matching sets, and minimalistic sets are also acceptable.



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I love a glammed-out face just as much as the next girl, but for my timeframe (and my wallet), the clean girl look is a welcome change. Clean girl makeup takes cues from the “no makeup” makeup look, with a hint of foundation, concealer only where necessary, cream blush, a couple swipes of mascara, and groomed brows. Heck, most Tiktokers sporting clean girl makeup don’t even use eyeliner or a brow pencil to achieve the effect!

Notte bene: you don’t have to have flawless skin to have a clean girl look. Sure, good skincare is ideal, but by incorporating a couple products to nix excess shine or brighten up the undereye area, you’ll be reel ready in no time.



While there may be some nuance as to what styles could constitute this look, a squeaky clean, slicked back ‘do is your best bet. And if you’re a bit on the oilier side like me, this means washing and drying that head of hair every day without fail. My philosophy is- even if it's not fancy, at least it’s clean! This is where those Etsy hair clips can achieve their full potential. Clip back any stray strands, plait your hair in one slick braid, and let your fresh makeup and to-die-for scent steal the show! Speaking of which…



There are few items that I’d recommend a fellow twenty-something spend full price on. But perfume is one of those rare things that is truly worth the price. For pennies a day, a few spritzes of your signature scent could make a killer first impression on everyone you meet.

It goes without saying that the clean girl smells as lovely as she looks. After her daily shower and plenty of antiperspirant, she mists just enough of a crisp, high-end perfume all over her. This scent is on the lighter side, perhaps with a few notes of tuberose, orange blossom, and jazmine. My personal favorite is Burberry Her Eau de Parfum. It’s light, layerable, and the slight musky base balances out the lighter berry and floral top notes.

Full disclaimer, I tweaked this description from the Sephora website.


Accessories + Special Touches

Finally, any clean girl wouldn’t leave the house without her delicate gold jewelry and a pair of spotless white canvas shoes. A clean girl doesn’t douse herself in drip, and she’s keenly aware that the “less is more” principle is one to live by. If you want to get in the clean girl zone but are lacking the ambiance to get started, play some bossa nova, jazz, or low fi. Tom Misch’s 2018 album Geography is a great place to start. When in doubt, take a few moments to clean up your bedroom, let in some fresh air, and treat yourself to a bouquet of white tulips every now and then. You’ll likely feel calmer and more productive as a result!



The Clean girl look is all about looking and feeling put-together and polished. The clean girl look is accessible and achievable- all you have to do is keep a solid grooming schedule, create a few clean outfits from minimalistic pieces you already own and have an eye for simplistic elegance. And as always, when in doubt, Pinterest is your friend.

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