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How to Get Strong & Long Nails Naturally Without Any Commercial Products

Every woman searching for healthy strong and long nail, so if you on of them you will found the answer in this article.

Nails the most thing that show how is your health And if any vitamins your body need it, so never ever skip any mark on your nails.


How can you get strong nails naturally ?

There's many ways to achieve your target easily.

First way - jojoba oil :

Use 3 drops of jojoba oil every night before sleeping on your nails and hand, It's strong moisture oil contain vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also it's contain Vitamin B-complex vitamins and vitamin E that helps in skin repair and damage control.

Second way - Garlic :

Garlic has the benefit that helps to promote nails by selenium, you have to rub your nails with garlic slices every day.

Garlic for nails

Garlic for nails

Garlic for nails

Best ways to whiten your nails

  1. lemon : rub the lemon to exfoliate and brighten your skin.
  2. Salt : scrub your hand with salt to softens cuticles and strengthen nails.
  3. Vinegar: soak your fingertips in vinegar to brighten your nails.
  4. Baking soda : make a nail scrub and use it on your nails directly.
  5. garlic : you can smash garlic and took the juice from it and make a nail serum to whiten nails and help nail growth

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