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How to Get Started Selling on Mercari


It's easier than you think!

To start on Mercari all you need is a phone! Download the app. Find things laying around your house that you dont use anymore, and of course, you'll need a camera.

Mercari makes it easy and simple to ship once you've made a sale. They have shipping options that allow the shipping label to be emailed to you. You just print and slap it on your package!

You can choose to ship it via USPS, FedEx or UPS. If you do not want to use a prepaid label you may also purchase your own label. You just upload the tracking number! Note that if you do opt to ship it yourself, you are not covered by the Mercari guarantee. Should something go wrong, ie lost or damaged package you will be out the cost of label and the item.

What sells?

Just about everything! From toys and collectibles to clothes and shoes, there is a buyer out there!

Clothes you dont wear anymore? Toys your kids dont play with? Shoes they've outgrown? Old video games? These are all popular items you can list for sell!

The minimum price you can list an item at is $5. You can either offer free shipping (you personally eat the cost of shipping) or have buyer pay shipping. I recommend the latter. With Mercari's fee structure it puts more money in your pocket.

How to ship an item

It all depends on the shipping carrier you choose.

For USPS you can order free shipping supplies. If an item is a First Class Package (under 1lb or 16 oz<) you can use (or reuse) any cardboard box or polymailer bag you have available. Note that you can not use USPS supplies for first class packages. They can only be used for priority mail items (items over 1 lbs).

USPS packages can be left at your mailbox, dropped off at a post office or you can even schedule a free pick up!

For FedEx or UPS you can use any box to ship. (Just not USPS supplies of course!) You can drop off FedEx items at any local walgreens.

UPS items may be dropped off at any CVS location. The drop offs are free of charge with your prepaid label!

How to get paid!

Mercari makes it simple to have the money direct deposited into your bank account. It is free to transfer any amount over $10. It typically takes 3 to 5 business days.

Once the item is received by the buyer, they have 3 days to look over the item and accept it. If they do not accept the package within 3 days Mercari will autorate the transaction, releasing your funds!

Why I recommend Mercari

Mercari is the perfect place to get rid of things you dont need anymore and to put some cash into your pocket! You will typically get more for an item on Mercari than you would a yard sale. You are opening yourself up to buyers all over the United States!

Are you ready to try Mercari? Get a $10 credit when you sign up Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. https://merc.li/fR2PYQb

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BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 06, 2020:

Interesting. Something maybe to check out.

I don't think I have heard of them before, but your article makes it sound easy enough to use.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 06, 2020:

Interesting article. Is it only for US? I could not make out from the article about the countries it covers.