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How to Find Your Skin Type


Have you ever stood in a drug store and just starred blindly at all of the creams, washes, lotions, serum etc. They are made for every skin type, but what if you don't know your skin type? I am here to help you with that! I will tell you how to find your skin type with one simple test.


So this is what I call "The Test" basically it is what you do to find your skin type.

Start off by washing your face with a face wash for normal skin. Now it is very important that you use a face wash for normal skin. Using a different kind of face wash (i.e. for dry or oily skin) will not result in the correct results.
After washing your face, pat it dry and leave it for one hour. Do not apply an lotions, oils or serums. Go and relax for an hour, don't do anything that is going to cause you to sweat.

How does it feel? After an hour your face should feel one of three ways:
Oily - You will see visible oiliness on the face.
Dry- It will feel very tight and may even begin to flake.
Normal- Feels exactly the same as it does every time you wash it.
Combination- Usually with combination skin you will see a lot of oiliness in your t-zone and then some dryness on the cheeks.

Once you figure out what kind of skin you have, head to your local skincare store and pick up some products that where made for your skin type.


Please keep in mind if you are having severe skin issues please talk to your dermatologist. This "test" helped me a lot, but it may not be for everyone.

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