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How to encourage your women to dress sexier

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Most men have probably thought this at one time or another. "Why won't she simply wear something more feminine? A least a skirt". Well the simple reason is that a lot of women are not comfortable about exposing their legs or other body parts and they would like you to respect that. Wearing loose jeans, loose fitting pants, sneakers and baggy sweaters will be comfortable for a lot of women and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Women who never wear heals tend to have beautiful and smoother feet compared to women who wear highs/stilettos/awkward shoes all the time. I always think that being with a women who wears boyish clothes is always something to look forward to in the bedroom, since its all going to come off anyway.


Getting her to dress sexier

Buying clothes for your girlfriend which you think are sexy yourself is not going to always work. In fact that could put a strain of your relationship since she is probably going to think that you are not satisfied with her current appearance. You need to let her know that you are 100% satisfied with how she looks however certain clothes will compliment her even more.

  • When she's figuring out what to wear for the day, she may try on and then put back the more feminine type clothes. This is the point where you need to quickly jump and and say "Why don't you wear those pants, they look good on you" or "That top is nice".
  • When going shopping never pick out something your self e.g. a miniskirt and say "Why don't you try this on". Walk around the store with her as she touches and feels clothes and quickly jump in and complement something which you feel is sexy.
  • Don't ignore her when she asks for your opinion for the non-sexy clothes. Don't give a negative opinion but at the same time you may not want to encourage her to buy such items.
  • When shopping maybe you can help her to find matching sexier clothes to go with items she has already bought.

Remember most women will only change their image if they feel comfortable with wearing something. Therefore a lot of encouragement and compliments is in order. Compliments shouldn't be just from yourself but from family etc..women are not dolls, forcing a women to dress a certain way will seriously backfire in the long run.

Try telling your partner how good she looks when her features stand out in a sexy way due to certain clothing.

Queen Latifah is one of the celebrities who paved the way for curvy girls in the world of stardom. She knows what to do to look good. Encourage you lady to find clothes that accentuate their best features like this dress with two vertical lines that lengthen the figure and creates the horizontal waist. The v-neck also helps to lengthen the neck and make the look more sexy.

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Hezekiah (author) from Japan on June 26, 2015:

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It's funny how some women are like that. My wife all the way here in Japan is similar. She rotates what she wears but some of the more sexier stuff, she doesn't wear too often. But I make a point to compliment her every time she does, to give her more confidence on that.

Jman on June 26, 2015:

I think that if a man is important to a woman she will desire to be desired by the man, which in turn makes it important for a woman to find out what the man likes on her. I love my wife, and when I tell her to wear something I like she gets very offensive. It's almost like she has decided to wear clothes that she knows I don't like on purpose. For instance, she has a whole closet of beautiful skirts and dresses, but she has this one dress that I can't stand. What do you know, her whole wardrobe sits there accept that one dress for the most part. She is slowly getting better and accepting my views on this. I always ask my wife what clothes she wants me to wear, I love her so much and want my wardrobe to mainly and only be a wardrobe that suites her desires so I can be her eye candy. I simply want it to go both ways. They say sex at night starts during the day. You turn on, flirt, and create tension during the day in order to have a crazy night with your wife/husband.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on April 05, 2015:

I believe the same thing.

Scouter on April 05, 2015:

If you girl doesn't want to dress a certain way, then there is nothing much that can be done. Women are not dolls to dress up.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on September 10, 2012:

Thanks Katie, that's a very good point. Comparison is never good.

Katie on September 10, 2012:

Never use other girls or ex-girlfriends as examples of sexiness. This just hurts feelings and will make the current girl in your life feel as if you are not satisfied with looks.

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