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How to Eliminate the Frustrations of Shaving Legs?

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Dull Razors Will Cut You Easier While Shaving


I Use To Get Frustrated When It Was Time To Shave My Legs or Armpits.

Whenever I would take a nice relaxing bath, I would plan on shaving my legs and armpits as well. I always seem to get frustrated with different things when it came time to start shaving my legs. This hub is going to give some shaving tips to all of you women who have the same frustration about shaving. Do you get annoyed when you go to shave your legs and you reach for the shaver to only see that it is rusty and dull? Well, my tips via this article will help you eliminate rusty and dull razors.

I also get frustrated to find long hairs from my head that appear on my lathered legs full of shaving cream. Taking a bath is supposed to be relaxing and non-stressful. However, when I find a dull or rusty razor and I have long annoying hairs on my legs it becomes very irritating. So I have come up with a couple of shaving tips to help become less frustrated when having to shave my legs or armpits. I also find it frustrating when I get out of the bath and see blood dripping from my newly shaved legs. Have you ever cut your self shaving and the small cut wouldn't stop bleeding? It really bugs me when that happens. It ruins the whole process of taking a nice relaxing bath when you get dressed and see blood seeping through your clean pressed pants. Does any of this sound familiar to you women out there?

Tips For Shaving Your Legs.

Get rid of those shaving frustrations. These are some of the steps I take now to eliminate shaving frustrations. I believe taking a bath should be a stress-free experience.

  • Eliminate Rusty and Dull razors! How to stop razors from becoming dull and rusty? I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and he gave the audience a great shaving tip. He said to eliminate the rust on razors by making sure the razor is dried after each use. Some people believe that razors can become expensive therefore reducing the amount of rust on razors will help you save money. Dr. Oz stated that you need to rinse and disinfect your razors and then blow dry them so that they don't become rusty and dull. Nobody likes a dull razor. This will eliminate those frustrating shaving cuts as well as keep them as good as new. You can disinfect the razors by pouring rubbing alcohol or mouthwash over them.
  • Avoid long hairs on your smooth and lathered legs. I use to apply shaving cream on my legs and always found long hairs from my head all over my hands and legs. This was very frustrating when it was time to shave my legs because long hairs would be all over my layer of shaving cream that was on my legs. These long hairs would get tangled up in the razor and it wasn't fun pulling them off. I learned a great tip to avoid long hairs all over my legs. I learned to shave my legs first before washing and conditioning my hair on my head. What use to happen is I would shampoo and condition my head of hair first and then shave my legs then long hairs got all over my hands and then on my legs. Shave your legs first to avoid the long hairs everywhere.
  • Stop the bleeding from cutting yourself shaving. Those little shaving nicks are very annoying. Even if you are using a razor that isn't dull and rusty, you may still accidentally cut your legs shaving. So how do you stop the bleeding? Since we are usually limited to the bathroom after cutting our legs shaving and can't escape to the first aid kit right way. There is a new tip that helps stop the bleeding. Take some toilet paper and put pressure on the cut, wipe away most of the blood and then dab some toothpaste on your cut to reduce bleeding. This should stop the bleeding long enough to get a band aid so that the blood doesn't leak through your pant leg. This tip can also be used when men cut their faces shaving.

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