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Hair dyes to colour your beard or moustache?

Stand out from the crowd

If you want to stand out from the crowd and enjoy expressing yourself in an artistic way, and if you have a beard or moustache, then why not colour it with a dye of your choice? I started dyeing my goatee beard green many years ago and have become known for this. It has got my photo in newspapers and even inspired an artist to paint my portrait. My coloured beard is mentioned in my entry in Wikipedia too.

There are cheap dyes like Crazy Colour and Directions that come in a very wide range and are easy to use. These dyes are semi-permanent and can be washed out or will fade on their own. This means you can easily change the way you look.

Bard of Ely as Green Beard

Green Beard and snow white hair

Green Beard and snow white hair

Green Beard performs Stand By Me

Bard of Ely as Green Beard at Flicks Bar, Tenerife

Bard of Ely as Green Beard at Flicks Bar, Tenerife

Bard of Ely with two green-bearded women

Bard of Ely with two Welsh women with green beards

Bard of Ely with two Welsh women with green beards

They call me Green Beard

I first started dyeing my beard green back in 2003 because I was a compère.and performer at the Green Man music festival in Brecon in Wales. Because of the theme of the event I thought having a green beard would be a good idea and it was. I was on and off stage all day and many people were complimenting me on my appearance.

When I returned to Cardiff I discovered that not only did the teenagers and children of the Ely estate where I lived approve but many other people I ran into said they like my beard too. I even had a woman behind the counter at my local bank say she liked it.

So because I am an entertainer and need as much publicity as I can get I decided to keep it. When I moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands it went down well there too.

At a local venue known as Flicks Bar I used to play at I became so well known for having a green beard that a lady called Vicky went as far as making green beard masks and handing them out to anyone who wanted to wear one to show their support for me.

I used to close my set with a cover of Stand By Me and invite the audience and bar-staff to come and join me on stage and help me out with the song. I once had the landlord. the MC, a barmaid and a whole bunch of people up with me and joining in on the song. My fans used to enjoy wearing green beards to show their support and have a bit of fun.

I got a job as a columnist for the Tenerife Sun newspaper and the editor wanted a photo of me with my green beard that he would run with every story of mine that was published. I was mainly writing about wildlife on the island and places in the countryside so a green beard fitted well with my image.

Children often used to shout out “Barba verde,” which is the Spanish for Green Beard.

The Turquoise period

Self portrait of the Bard of Ely in his turquoise period

Self portrait of the Bard of Ely in his turquoise period

A change of hair colour

I decided to change my colour at one point and to dye my hair too. I chose a turquoise dye in the Directions range and kept this look for a long time. A Spanish artist called Paco de Colmenar saw my photo at Myspace and painted an excellent portrait of me with my hair and beard dyed this colour. At another time I had my beard green and my hair a pale purple and he did another painting of me looking like that.

I have used photos of these portraits as my avatars and artist photos on websites. They say a lot about me and are great publicity.

When I was last in Cardiff, the city I am originally from, I was a guest on Steve Johnson's show on Cardiff Radio. I had a gig to play as well and had dyed my beard Spring Green though it looks far more like blue to me.

Anyway, the colouring went down very well with people at the time and I even had a homeless guy who was begging on the streets give me a thumbs up when he saw it. "I like the beard, mate," he called out and smiled. It is nice to know that by simply adding some colour to your beard and moustache you can brighten someone else's day up. People like to see cheery colours.

Bard of Ely on Radio Cardiff

Bard of Ely on Steve Johnson's show on Radio Cardiff

Bard of Ely on Steve Johnson's show on Radio Cardiff

Buy Directions hair colour

Using Directions semi-permanent hair colour

The Directions hair dyes are really simple to use. You simply comb them through your hair or beard and let them dry. You are supposed to rinse your hair after applying the colourings but I find this tends to make them fade too much.

You need bleached, blonde or grey hair for the colours to show up well. In my case my natural grey hair has become an advantage because I don’t need to bleach my hair before using the hair dyes.

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As the colour fades it is easy to simply apply some more of the shade you are using and if you get tired of the colour you have it will wash out if you keep shampooing it or you can put a new colour on top.

Directions hair dyes are sold in plastic pots and there is a very wide range to choose from. You can also get a special comb or brush to apply the dye with but I use an old toothbrush. It works for me!

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson is Weird Beard

Mark Hudson is Weird Beard

Celebrities that dye their hair or beards

Many pop stars and other celebs use flamboyant hair colourings to change their image and to stand out.

Scottish comedian, singer and actor Billy Connolly had his goatee beard a shade of purple at one point in his career. I decided not to copy that colour because people would say I was imitating him but I still have had people calling me “Billy.Connolly”

Musician, producer and songwriter Mark Hudson is well known for his appearances on the X Factor where he assisted Sharon Osbourne as the Vocal Coach for the popular TV series. Mark had his goatee beard and moustache in just about every colour you can think of at some point and his flamboyant appearance earned him the nickname of “Weird Beard.”

In the 1980s at the time of the New Romantics fashion and music trend, Boy George hit the headlines as the gender-bender frontman for the band Culture Club. George sometimes wore his hair in dreadlocks but he also dyed it in bright colours too like bright red he had when the group had a hit with War Song.

More recently the pop singer known as Lady Gaga has often had her hair dyed in bright colours to help add to her very flamboyant and eccentric image and appearance.

So if you want to follow in the footsteps of these stars why not try colouring your beard or hair with a semi-permanent hair dye?

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Culture Club - The War Song (Cotton Club)


Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on July 29, 2015:

It does dye the skin a bit depending on the dye strength. It will wash out but might be hard to get it all out quickly.

Ian Brocklebank on July 29, 2015:


Thanks for the article, it looks wicked. I want to do something similar for a festival and I'm wondering whether it dyes the skin underneath, ie. if I shave it off to look normal for work will my skin look normal or multicoloured and patchy?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 22, 2013:

Thank you for commenting! I hope he does give it a go!

Salini from India on February 22, 2013:

I loved your green beard! Definitely gonna ask my bro to try it... cos he is a daring one among the men in my family...:)

Thanks for sharing...

Have a great day...

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 18, 2013:

Go for it, Dale! Coloured beards are definitely approved in Ely. Last time I was there I was walking up a road and some teenage girls on the other side called out "We like your beard. It's lush!" When I first did the green beard all those years back it got a lot of noticeable approval too.

Dale J Ovenstone from South Wales UK on February 18, 2013:

Hey Bard I like the idea of colouring, for the past 3 weeks I have grown my very first goatee right on the end of my chin and proud to say, it is an amazing 1" in length, only last week I was considering dying my beard, as I attend a barbering course in Michealston Community College deep within the reservation of Ely asking the girls all about dye.

I like your multi coloured effect I may go for that myself, lucky for me too, my beard is a natural shocking grey, even though my hair is reasonably dark, folk seem to think I dye my hair lol.

Well written article thanks for sharing


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