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How to Wear a Headband: Headband Styles

Headbands have been one of my favorite emerging trends. Although it peaked a few years back, I predict it'll be back before you even know it. The idea that headbands are for little girls is ridiculous; headbands can bring elegance, class or fun to any style or look.

Here we'll teach you how to wear every style, size and type of headband with your unique face shape and/or hair style. Yes, your hair can sometimes dictate what kind of headband you'll be wearing. I promise you'll be obsessed with headbands by the end of this article too!

Headbands with bangs

Paris Hilton is a HUGE fan of headbands. I can only imagine how many she owns (And yes, I'm jealous)! Headbands are a fabulous accessory for women who sport bangs. It adds another level of dimension to your hair. It also works as a nice divider between your bangs and the rest of your hairstyle.

Style Tip: The thicker (the more space the bangs take up) the bangs, the bigger the headband you can go. Most bangs are pretty lengthy so wide headbands look great with them. If you have thin, long tendril bangs, go THIN! Be sure to comb down your bangs before putting on the headband. If needed, pin your bangs in place before putting the headband in place.

Headband with an updo

A headband is a great way to "dress-up" your hair for evening. And because updos are mainly for evening/formal/special events, the headband is perfect! Many celebs, like Salma Hayek, have been wearing very thin headbands. Hollywood elites love the multi-strand headband look with lots of bling.

Because it is for an event, wearing jeweled headbands will class it up a bit. Be sure to decide whether you are doing a "loose" or "tight" hair look because in-between will look like your hairband is slipping and moving around. When going with tight hair, you can push your headband quite a bit, but with a loose look, you want to keep the headband close to your forehead. Use lots of hair spray and for extra security, use bobby pins to pin down the headband.

Go Hippie with Your Headband

It's fun to be whimsical at times, and why not with your headband? Go for a flexible or cloth headband that isn't too thick! I love how Misha Barton wears hers. It should be across the top to mid forehead but definitely not too low!

Try The Headband Look at Home!

Paris Hilton Is My Headband Idol!

Get Hair Off Your Face!

This is the most common hairstyle I use with my headbands. (Most likely because I'm lazy). This is the perfect look for days when you are in-between hairstyles, in-between hair cuts, and even for in-between hair washing days! Use a hairspray to comb back hair into a medium-height ponytail. Slip on a medium-thick headband. Push it on your head from the very front, to push your hair into place!

What an easy, very polished look you can have even on your days off!

Headband tip: When buying, make sure the headband itself isn't TOO tight; You don't want to leave impressions and have a headache at the end of the day!

Try a Scarf Headband!

Scarf headbands are so gorgeous and vintage-y. I can picture it ruffling in the wind while driving off in a convertible. Scarf headbands are best for narrow faces, because on larger faces, they accentuate the face shape and make your face look bigger.

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The best way to achieve this look is to create the "parts" near the front of your hair. Pin down both sides securely with bobby pins. After all, the scarf will just cover them anyway. Use your hairspray liberally when doing this! Tie your headband in place and spray again. Want volume like Nicole Richie? Use a John Frieda root lifter to spray under your roots.

Get Your Own Headband!


Yena Williams (author) from California on June 18, 2011:

randomcreative: Thanks! I love all her headband looks!

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 16, 2011:

Great tips for headbands! The Paris Hilton thing cracked me up. Who knew she could rock that so well?

Yena Williams (author) from California on January 31, 2011:

GmaGoldie: Ooh I never considered mink headbands. It sounds absolutely luxurious! I would love a soft fur headband...

Thank you so much for the compliments, I always enjoy your thoughtful comments!


Ps. Yes, the brunette is 5'2" Salma Hayek!

Pps. Bridal tiaras are more a hair accessory rather than a headband. However, with an evening gown, tiaras are still appropriate!

Kelly Kline Burnett from Madison, Wisconsin on January 31, 2011:

Absolutely delightful! Headbands have never been my thing - except for the winter head bands. Decades ago my best friend bought me a mink head band. My friends loved it, my business associates thought the conservative business suit gal had gone completely mad. Now fur head bands - mink and beaver and beaver became big after I had a custom beaver sheared band made.

I just replaced my mink head band and learned the price for mink is going through the roof because mink is the in thing for new elite in China.

Mink is much better for a headband because it wears better. Beaver is a little too soft.

You are right - Paris Hilton does head bands well.

Very well done Hub. Very fashion forward. Voted up and awesome!

PS Who is the brunette - Salma Heyak? The 5'2" beauty I just wrote about?

PSS It appears the briadal tiara is headband too? True?

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