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How to Wear a Fedora: For Women

Although "The Fedora" is generally thought of as menswear, or menswear-inspired womens-wear, it is actually quite mind-bogglingly (what a tongue-twister of a word!) the opposite. The fedora, going way back to the late 1800s, originated from a play, as a fashion item for women. Soon after, beginning in the 1910s it became a fashion staple for men. Luckily for both sexes, the fedora today is deemed acceptable wear for both parties. Hasn't gender-bending come a long way?

Fedoras for women!

I'm aware that although I've been raving on about the gender equality of fedoras, I'm choosing to concentrate this article on women rocking fedoras. Once you master the art of pulling off a fedora, these will become a staple in your wardrobe. (Trust me, I started out with one measly fedora which has now become four!)


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, (even with men) is ill-fitting fedoras, or hats in general. Finding the perfectly fitting fedora is key to pulling off the look. When choosing a fedora, be sure that the inner rim goes snugly on your head. You may need to experiment with many fedoras, especially if you find that hats often fit you strangely. I have a weirdly small head, so most hats completely overshadow my entire head. You want a snug fit, but not too tight; you don't want any ugly marks on your forehead!

Experiment with the angles too. One of the trendiest ways to wear the fedora now is by wearing it at a tilt slightly to one side. Don't change the position of the fedora, simply angle it.

Lastly, don't wear the fedora too loosely on the top of your head. It looks extremely uncomfortable to others because it looks like the hat is about to fall off at any moment!

Fashion Quick Tip:

The very best thing about the fedora? You can look amazingly pulled together and hide your bad hair day! No more bad hair days for all!


What to wear with a fedora!

Now that you know exactly how to choose the perfect fitting fedora, here are some ideas on how to rock the entire look. The best advice I can think of is to stay away from the costume-y looks; you still want to look fresh and modern.

One of the best looks I've seen is taking the fedora back to it's twisted origins. Kate Hudson (at right) is working two hot trends with her fedora: vintage and menswear-inspired. I'm absolutely in love with her straight-leg trousers; the creases are so old-world. And, she even pulled off the entire look with some sexy men suspenders and vintage oxford shoes.

One of the easiest ways to rock the fedora is by pairing it with neutrals. Try it today!

One of the easiest ways to rock the fedora is by pairing it with neutrals. Try it today!

Shop Stylish Fedoras!

Go for a spring look. There's nothing more chic than super white summer frocks & shorts paired with a straw fedora! Viva la sun!

Go for a spring look. There's nothing more chic than super white summer frocks & shorts paired with a straw fedora! Viva la sun!

Lindsay Lohan loves her fedora & blazer!

Lindsay Lohan loves her fedora & blazer!

Go Classic

The most classic way to sport the fedora is with a tailored blazer! I absolutely love this look combination; and best of all? It's completely versatile! Make the look more casual by pairing it with relaxed skinny jeans. Going out? Dress it up with colors or a more tailored pant.

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Here are some look ideas:

*Neutral fedora, denim jeans, crisp white blazer.

*Colored fedora, black pants & tuxedo blazer.

*Black fedora, neutral pants, colored blazer.

*White fedora, white pants, bright blazer

The possibilities are endless!


Go Fedora Sexy!

Most celebrities are seen wearing the fedora with casual outfits. But Victoria Beckham is not most celebrities. When Posh Spice sports a fedora, it's class and sexy all the way. She mixes rich patterns and fabrics and loves super high heels. One of my favorite V. Beckham fedora outfit is the one pictured at right. The fitted trench looks superb with her fedora! And the sex appeal is there; I mean who knows if she's even wearing anything underneath that thing?!

I've saved my fave fedora-wearing fashionista for last. This lady can wear a fedora with any outfit imaginable. In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker can wear any crazy imaginable fedora with an outfit. Check out all the ways SJP rocks a fedora. My fave? The pink fedora! (shown below)


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sherry on February 19, 2019:

This post is about fedoras. But more than half the hats are trilbys.

Yena Williams (author) from California on May 27, 2011:

anglnwu: I didn't think I'd look great in a fedora, but then I tried one and loved it! Have a great Memorial Weekend.

anglnwu on May 26, 2011:

Who knows fedoras can be that stylish? Love your ideas, got to learn how to rock them.

Yena Williams (author) from California on May 25, 2011:

Tracy Lynn Conway: Oh, SJP is just brilliant with her outfits, and fearless too. Yes, fit should always come into play when it comes to dressing! Thanks.

Niki Hampton: Thanks so much!

Londonlady: Because of the various florals (yellow, pink, green) I would pair it with either a neutral colored dress and sandals. Or go the opposite way and pair it with crisp white tailored slacks and a white blazer. Have fun with that fedora!

Deya Writes on May 25, 2011:

Love this hub! I have a fedora that's an off white color and has a band of colorful pink green and yellow flowers all around it, but I can't seem to match it with ANYTHING! -_-

Niki Hampton from Oregon on May 25, 2011:

Love all the pics and info. Fedoras are so sexy, especially on women!

Tracy Lynn Conway from Virginia, USA on May 25, 2011:

Great hub! SJP always makes dressing look effortless although it is probably far from. That pink fedora is my favorite too. Your advice about fit is good, this is true about clothes too. Voted up and useful.

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