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How to Wear Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are not just a shoe trend for men. Oxfords are a great trend for women as well! The greatest thing about the Oxford shoe is the versatility and comfort! I love the Oxford shoe just as much as celebs do because of the comfort you can have along with style. I've been seeing a lot more celebs sporting flat oxford shoes.

I like to categorize the way to wear oxfords into two categories; Masculine and feminine. Like many other fashion trends of this millennium, oxford shoe styles were originally made for men, but have since been transitioned into women's wear. So they're very easy to incorporate to create both feminine and masculine looks. Here I'll show you how!


Oxford Flats

Because of the oxford's unique shoe shape, it can see a bit tricky to wear. However, once you are able to match the appropriate bottoms, oxfords will be in your regular outfit rotation.

Wear your oxfords girly: Try a pair of delicate or feminine oxfords. Think lace, floral printed, bright-colored and pointy. Pair these with a fabulous floral sundress or layered skirt. Keep the look low-key with a tank and cardigan.

Wear your oxfords manly: Try an oxford with classic lines and a shape reminiscent of the men's oxfords. Keep the toe squared and think of dark colors, canvas, cotton, and navy. The less delicate details the shoes have, the better. Pair them with super dark or super light colored skinny jeans. Try a long but fitted cotton tee along with a vest. This is a super cute look, inspired by showing off a masculine edge.

Note: Oxfords commonly come with a rounded or squarish toe. However, recently designers have come out with pointed toe oxfords, which I'm not a huge fan of personally, but are one other style option.

Oxfords the Celeb Way!

Celebrities have been all over this fabulous shoe trend. Celeb fashionistas like Rhianna and Taylor Swift have been sporting oxford flats with tights and leggings. I love how Taylor experiments with colors by going for delicious honey colored oxfords and pairing it with rich purple textured tights. Rhianna keeps the look simple with plain black leggings and suede pointy oxfords. The pointy shoe helps elongate your legs. The only celeb caveat I see? Wearing leggings without any booty coverage! Oh no!


Try Oxford Heels!

Oxford Heels: Oxford style heels are a fabulous fashion statement to make. I love mixing and matching the genders to create a well-balanced look.

Oxford Heels Outfit Ideas:

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* Try a "masculine" oxford heel with a fancier evening or cocktail dress. It will inspire an unexpected balance between the two genders. Inspire even more jealousy by carrying an uber feminine purse and keeping the hair up in a chic business-like bun.

My friend recently wore hers with a short tie!

* Go for the feminine sky high oxfords. Pink? Great! Suede? Fabulous! Glitter? Perfect!! Because you're going uber-girly with the shoes, keep the outfit manly. Try a menswear inspired button down with some crisp white yacht shorts. Keep the shorts an appropriate length. Add masculine details such as a nautical themed belt or jewelry.

More Oxford Shoes Ideas!

I love how Ashley Olsen put together two cool fashion trends in one outfit. (Casual chambray shirt with classy oxfords.) Mini skirts are one of my favorite ways to wear the oxford shoe look. Taylor Swift is shown here again with another pair of sweet oxfords! Go for some masculine looking oxfords and pair them with a gorgeous dress. Go uber girly like Taylor and try a floral one!

Sport Your Own Oxford Heels!


Nicole S Hanson from Minnesota on April 05, 2013:

Very cute! I just love oxfords, they're so classic chic.

Wendygrrl on April 21, 2012:

I'd wear those in guy mode too! {;o)

Yena Williams (author) from California on March 06, 2011:

@pmccray: Thanks! I love the oxford look as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

pmccray on March 04, 2011:

I do love the oxford look and it's very chick in a heel. Thanks for this great hub. Voted up, marked beautiful and shared.

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