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How to Wash New Bath Towels and Make Them Even More Absorbent

How to Wash New Bath Towels and Make Them Even More Absorbent

Put the towels in the washing machine, add washing powder and detergent, choose the amount of water, the cycle, and that's it. Contrary to what many people imagine, washing towels is not that simple, as this task requires a series of very special care. And that's why today's post has tips on how to wash new bath towels and make them even more absorbent.

Wash the Towel in Cold Water

The feeling that new towels repel water instead of absorbing it is quite common, isn't it? To prevent this from happening, the recommendation is to wash them with cold water. The hot water, in addition to removing the shine, dries the fibers and the grammage of the towel, making them hard and reducing their absorption. But remember to wash the white towels separately from the colored ones, or they may stain.

Control with the Amount of Washing Powder

Using too much laundry detergent does not make the towel cleaner, as is believed. In the long term, the accumulation of these products causes the fabric of the towel to clog, making it rougher and preventing the water from being properly absorbed. Therefore, try to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and always use a small amount of washing powder.

And the Fabric Softener?

Did you know that fabric softener covers the surface of towels with a thin layer of substances that make the fibers hydrophobic? Therefore, try to avoid using this type of product. But if you can't do without the appearance of fragrant and soft towels, use them in very little quantity. Some manufacturers recommend that it not be used for the first five washes and then be interspersed after every two washes.

Watch Out for Sharp Objects

Both inside and outside the washing machine, be careful not to leave hard or sharp objects near the towels, as they can pull and damage the lint on the fabric. But if that happens, cut the pulled yarn without any problems, as the towel won't come apart like knitting.

White Vinegar Can Be a Good Ally

White vinegar is a great tip on how to wash new bath towels, as it has acetic acid, an excellent substance for killing bacteria and drawing moisture out of towels while softening them. Therefore, at the last rinse, add a glass of white vinegar to the softener compartment.

Dry in the Shade

In the sun, towels dry faster, but they also get rougher, as their fibers can wrinkle and dry out. In this way, always hang them in the shade, which is the best place for these fabrics to rest.

And Avoid the Iron

If you are used to ironing your towels, be aware that this action can greatly harm your product. High temperatures destroy fiber and leave towels dull. Steam iron, in turn, can cause mold in the product due to the moisture it produces. However, if you prefer to iron the towels anyway, try to adjust the iron for cotton clothes and avoid leaving the steam on.

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