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How to Use the Neutrogena Wave for Facial Skin Care

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Your facial skin care routine could be at least ten times more effective using the Neutrogena Wave!

Your facial skin care routine could be at least ten times more effective using the Neutrogena Wave!

In this article we will be looking at the original Neutrogena Wave and comparing it to the newer, Neutrogena Wave Sonic and letting you know the benefits and advantages of each as well as the drawbacks (if any).

The Neutrogena Wave is Neutrogena's original power cleanser which uses gentle vibrations to leave your skin feeling smooth and noticeably softer after just one use.

Neutrogena's website states that the wave will clean much more deeply than more traditional cleansing products, thus removing more residue from oil and makeup and the grime of daily life. However, despite this really deep cleansing action it the action is so gentle that the product can be used every day without problems.

The Neutrogena Wave is an inexpensive and effective way to deep cleanse your skin.

The Neutrogena Wave is an inexpensive and effective way to deep cleanse your skin.

How To Use Neutrogena Wave

  • Attach a new disposable pad of your choice from the three options available - it is easy to fix to the attachment head.
  • Pop the head of the device under a gently running tap as this will activate the foaming action of the pad.
  • Press the power button to turn on the device and then gently massage it over your face, paying particular attention to any problem areas such as the forehead, sides of nose and the chin.
  • Be careful to avoid the delicate skin under and around your eyes.

Happy customers leaving Neutrogena Wave reviews at Amazon and elsewhere, have reported the deep cleansing effect and that their pores have looked smaller and tighter after using this device on their facial skin.

Great Ergonomic Design

I love the ergonomically design of the WAVE, it fits neatly and comfortably into the hand and you don't feel it's going to slip out of your hand even if your hands are wet.

The water-resistant casing of the device means it can be safely used in the shower - but it is probably best not to take it into the bath with you in case you drop it as it should not be immersed in water because it isn't waterproof.

It uses soft-textured cleansing pads which lift out dirt oil and grime from deep inside your pores.

It is a great product for anyone suffering from mild acne (although Neutrogena do advise that you should consult your dermatologist if you have severe acne or very blemished skin).

Disposable Cleansing Pads for The Neutrogena Wave

You need to use a new foaming cleansing pad every time you cleanse your face. The pads are designed to be use one time only and they are disposable. Each new Neutrogena Wave contains 14 of the cleansing pads but refills are readily available and inexpensive in refill packs of 30.

Depending on your skin type and requirements, you can choose from two different types of pads

  • Deep Clean Foaming
  • Gentle Exfoliation

Because the cleansing pads are single use and disposable, the Neutrogena Wave is pretty much maintenance free. All you need to do is to give the attachment head a clean about once a month (which is easy to remember to do if you just do it every time you finish a pack of the refill pads). You just flip off the attachment head with your thumb and give it a thorough rinse under the tap before popping it back into place.

The Neutrogena Wave is inexpensive to run as it only uses a single AA battery. The original kit comes with a non-rechargeable battery but you could swap this for a rechargeable one if you wish.

The Neutrogena Wave Sonic has two speeds for everyday cleansing or really deep cleansing and will leave your face feeling glowing and cleansed.

The Neutrogena Wave Sonic has two speeds for everyday cleansing or really deep cleansing and will leave your face feeling glowing and cleansed.

The Neutrogena Wave Sonic

This device has even more impressive cleansing power than the original vibrating Wave device!

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Whereas the original Wave cleans up to 10 times better than manually cleansing your skin, the sonic can outperform it by cleansing up to 50 times better.

It allows for deep cleansing combined with a gentle massaging action and exfoliation at the same time.

Depending on your requirements, you could choos the lower of the two speed settings for your everyday cleansing needs and the higher speed for a really deep cleanse.

Features of The Neutrogena Sonic

  • The cleansing head has two speeds for cleansing - choose either everyday (slower) or really deep (faster).
  • The Sonic is water resistant and can be used in the shower.
  • The Deep Clean Foaming and the Gentle Exfoliating Pads work with this device too.
  • The Sonic runs on two AA batteries, not a single one as in the case of the original.

How To Use Neutrogena Wave Sonic

Use in exactly the same way as the original Wave - the only difference is that you have a choice of two speeds. Clean the head attachment in the same way too.

Pros and Cons From Neutrogena Wave Reviews

The Original Wave is around half the price of the Sonic - but you only have the one speed and it does not have the really deep cleansing action.

The following are a selection of the comments gleaned from the hundreds of reviews of both the Neutrogena Wave and the Sonic.

Pros ReportedCons Reported

Leaves skin feeling wonderfully smooth and soft

Initial difficulty locking the battery into place.

Great for deep cleansing pores and clearing blackheads

Refill pads do not come in a re-sealable pouch

Great for improving skin texture and smoothing rough skin patches

Pads do not foam as much as in the commercial

Gentle action does not irritate sensitive skin

For men, it is best to use immediately after shaving

Great ergonomic shape to hold in the hand

There is no holder to store the device in after use

The facial equivalent of the difference between using a manual and an electric toothbrush


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Thanks Marcy, I know what you mean! I find skin care is becoming more important as I get older! Thank you for the pin and share too!

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I've been thinking of getting one of these 'systems,' but haven't learned enough about them. Thanks for this super-informative hub! Lord knows, I need to start working on good skin care - NOW! Voted up, shared and pinned!

Alison Graham (author) from UK on May 18, 2013:

Thanks Dreamhowl, it is a good price and the refills are not expensive either - I think the Neutrogena Wave would be ideal for travel too as it is small and convenient to pack.

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This looks great! And it is fairly inexpensive - I might look into this in the future. Voted up!

Alison Graham (author) from UK on May 12, 2013:

Hi Deirdre, thanks for your comment - glad you found the article helpful and hope you enjoy using your Neutrogena Wave!

Deirdre R on May 12, 2013:

Great article! I have one of these sitting in a drawer - you've encouraged me to start using it!

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