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Infected Nose Piercing Symptoms- Treating a Ring Bump (Bubble) with Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt

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Piercing a nose in Jalalabad


You can learn how people who have an infected nose ring treat the bump with apple cider vinegar. Infections of this nature are not always associated with piercings and can be avoided if a fresh piercing is properly cared for.

However these infections are fairly common. While you can treat infected piercings with antibiotics, there are also several things you can do at home to speed up the healing process.

Nose piercing gold stud

Nose piercing gold stud

Nose piercing gold stud

All types of infections can result from a piercing. Since the skin has to be broken in order to complete the procedure, you will always have to deal with bleeding and follow your piercer's instructions carefully to avoid serious problems

Getting Nose Pierced + AfterCare Experience

Always choose a qualified piercer whenever you want to have any type of body modification done. Whether you plan on a common ear piercing or are interested in a tongue or nose piercing, you should ensure that their facility is hygienic.

Some diseases, such as hepatitis B and C, can be transmitted from one person to another if hygienic practices are not followed with the equipment that is used. Safe studies usually have an autoclave and staff wear new gloves for each procedure that they do.

Piercing a nose in Jalalabad

Piercing a nose in Jalalabad

Piercing a nose in Jalalabad

H2ocean Sea Salt Spray - Heal Infected Nose Piercing

Customer Reviews - H2ocean Sea Salt Spray Swollen Nose Piercing

" After one application, it immediately cooled my bad ear and by the end of the day the ear was less red, was cool to the touch, and the swelling went down almost completely"

"This spray gets the job done. It soothes pain, thoroughly cleans, reduces redness, can be used with any peircing & at the same time heals! I love this stuff & recommend!"

Mother and child in Mumbai

Mother and child in Mumbai

Mother and child in Mumbai

Apple cider vinegar can work as an astringent and an antibacterial when applied topically. When a bump forms around the piercing on your nose, it is often a sign of infection.

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If the bump forms within a few days of getting a piercing you should act quickly to prevent it from getting worse. Usually, once you start cleaning the wound as instructed by your piercer, the bump goes down. If you do not notice any signs of improvement, you should see a doctor.

How to Clean Your Nose Piercing

Infections that are not dealt with properly can result in serious injury. You may even get excessive scarring and be unable to wear your favorite jewelry again. Never just ignore a fresh piercing or ignore your piercer's instructions for caring for the piercing. Make sure you clean it as often as they tell you to.

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar

Apple cider vinegar should be mixed with salt and the solution should be applied to a soft Q-tip, gauze or cloth and placed directly on the infected piercing. You should mix a half cup of apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of salt. Warm the solution before using it.

How to get rid of an infected nose piercing with salt water

Medicated Sea Salt soaks- Infected Nose Piercing

Medicated Sea Salt soaks- Infected Nose Piercing Review

"Recently got an Industrial Piercing that got infected after 3 days. It was Swollen, Red, Angry & painful. I followed the piercer's instructions to do the saline spray twice a day with my sea-salt soak but didn't work or calm it down. It actually made it worse. I was petrified. Went on Amazon for a solution and came across this life saving Gem. On the first night of use drastically felt a difference. I could feel the salt penetrating the wound. It's been 5 days and swelling, redness & pain is now gone."

Sea Salt Soak a Nostril Piercing


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