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How to Treat Dark Underarms and Armpits at Home

Dark underarms and armpits can be most embarrassing for you if you prefer to wear sleeveless dresses. Almost majority of us suffer from this problem. So here are some of the effective natural ways in which you can lighten your armpits and underarms.

Underarms Whitening Natural Home Remedies

Underarms Whitening Natural Home Remedies

show off your underarms with ease now

show off your underarms with ease now

Causes of Dark Underarms:

The skin of our underarms is highly sensitive and there is excessive pigmentation because of melanin deposition. Sometimes this is due to hereditary but at other times it is also caused due to too much shaving of underarms, waxing and bleaching too. Rubbing antiperspirant many times may also cause skin darkening.

How to Treat Dark Underams and Armpits

Exfoliation is the key: Yes you heard it right, it is not just your face which needs to be exfoliated but even your underarms at least once a week. At times dark skin is caused due to clogged pores which occurs due to accumulation of sweat and dirt. So scrub the area gently in circular motions. You can buy a good scrub from drugstore or else make your own at home. Just take olive oil and brown sugar and rub the area softly.

It is believed that applying a moisturizer (non comedogenic) also helps in skin lightening. It reduces the clogged pores of the skin.

Change the method of hair removal: If you have been shaving your underarms then it is better to apply hair removing creams because shaving does not help to remove the hairs completely from the roots. You can even opt for waxing as a good option.

You also need to change your deodorants or antiperspirants which might be causing skin darkening. When you buy look for those products which are made for sensitive skin. They will work better for you.

lemon and honey works best for underarms whitening

lemon and honey works best for underarms whitening

5 Home Remedies for Dark Underams

There are some of the most effective home remedies for underarms darkening. But you need to remember that these do not act as a miracle, rather take time. So you have to apply these on a daily basis for many months to get the best results.

Lemon is considered to be highly effective in skin lightening, since lemon is natural bleaching agent. Just take a slice of lemon and rub it under your arms.

Turmeric for Underarms: You need to make a paste consisting of turmeric, lime juice, and curd. Mix well and then apply on the underarms. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash, doing this daily will make you see the difference soon.

Sandalwood for Whitening Underarms Naturally

Sandalwood for Whitening Underarms Naturally

Sandalwood for Skin Lightening: Sandalwood too works well when it comes to lightening of underarms. Just take sandalwood powder and mix little milk to it and apply. This will work not just in removing the skin discoloration but also ensures that your skin remains soft and fresh.

Yoghurt for underarms: Yoghurt is one of the most tried and tested remedy for underarms. Mix thoroughly gram flour with yoghurt and then apply. If done daily this will naturally whiten your underarms.

Cucumber and Honey: The juice of cucumber mixed with honey can also serve well in skin lightening of underarms

If you are looking for some effective and quick fix remedies for underarms whitening then you need to buy any of these underarms whitening creams.

Daggett & Ramsdell Under-Arm Lightening Cream

This is meant for all skin types.

It helps in fading skin discoloration.

Meant to be used for sensitive skin.

It is irritation free.

It keeps the skin moisturized also.

Authentic Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm Cream:

This is dermatologically tested whitening cream meant for underarms as well as inner thighs.

It helps in controlling melanin production.

You can even apply it to your elbows, knees and thighs.

Armpit / Underarm Cream - Brightens and whitening skin tone:

It is a nourishing skin cream meant to lighten your underarms and armpits.

It contains yeast extract, mulberry leaf extract, vitamin E which leaves a soft smell.

Just apply it daily in morning and evening for best results.

make your underarms light with creams

make your underarms light with creams

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Rameesa on August 13, 2014:

I read y to use

harmony155 from Atlanta, Georgia on July 09, 2013:

I've had this problem but was fixed when I had laser hair removal done on my underarms... the laser bleached my underarms!

Sleepylog from Australia on May 21, 2013:

The darkness isn't actually the skin, it's the remain hair part of the hair follicle that isn't removed with things like shaving or hair removal creams. Nothing will remove the darkness under you skin unless you remove the entire hair by waxing or laser hair removal or using something like an epilator.

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