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How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately and Naturally

Nazmun Nahar is a beauty enthusiastic who has experience in beauty and fashion.

We all face the most annoying thing called"Hair Loss". We want healthy and thick hair. Yet we face hair lose everyday. We really need it to stop. I used to feel fear when I see lots of hairs are coming out of my head. I thought I would go bald. Nevertheless I wasn't blad though my hair became thin and unhealthy. I have tried henna and honey pack. It didn't work. I also tried yogurt pack. It never worked for me. It didn't even make my hair look healthy. I didn't use chemical products such as shampoo and conditioner because I was already afraid that I will go bald and If I used shampoo or conditioner,I feared that It will just make my hair worse. So I needed a healthy routine for my hair and I learned many things to take care of hair. Thanks to hair care specialists and bloggers. I have taken a list of what to do and what not to do. More about how to care my hair.

I will share my tips and tricks with you. I hope this will be effective as I tried this on me.

Last year,2020, I lost all my hope on my hair. My hair was thin compared to my other friends. My hair looked unhealthy. The texture of my hair was worsening. I felt ashamed to go outside without wearing any hijab or scarf. People would look at my hair and ask me why my hair looked so funny. I was so pissed off by those hateful words. Of course I needed to take care of my hair and I got to go to the salon. But I had less time to do so. In that case I could only think of a simple home remedy. Very simple yet effective remedy was the thing for me. I jotted down the things that I can't do and things that need to be done. The results are much much better than I expected. I got rid of excessive hair loss. My hair was growing faster than before. It's much longer now. I think I'm way more stupid cause I didn't implemented these earlier.

Don't shampoo your hair too often

Don't shampoo your hair too often

Things You Shouldn't Do

  • Don't use shampoo too much

It's the first thing you need to stop right now for the seek of your hair. Every hair specialist would recommend you to stop using too much shampoo. Not only it makes your hair unhealthy, it also makes your hair way more rough. The hair loses its good texture. Using excessive shampoo can dry out all the natural hair oil and makes it dry and rough which eventually slows down natural hair growth. So the hair grows more slowly. We should be careful using shampoo. My hair suits any kind of shampoo. But there is shampoo out there which is categorized for every hair type. It includes oily, dry hair and normal hair. You can choose your own.

Say no to chemical conditioner

Say no to chemical conditioner

  • Don't use too much conditioner

Well,you could say why conditioner, conditioner gives our hair a lively vibe and makes it more silky. Yes, using conditioner can be good but too much conditioner can cause hair loss. Of course you don't want to be a bald woman at an early age or otherwise,do you?

We are craving for thicker,longer, healthier and faster hair growth. The conditioner can give our hair a healthy vibe for a while, not permanently. You should remember this contains chemicals that are not good for your hair when you use it too much. Another thing is why not go for a natural conditioner, that will be more suitable and better compared to the chemical one.

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  • Don't dye your hair

Dyeing hair is cool, right? You can see how you look good with colorful hair. Remember this is also included in the chemical products category which is not good for hair at any cost. But hey you can go for a colorful wig. You can definitely see yourself in a colorful hairstyle. Cool!

The fact is people are busy dyeing their hair. They know it is not good for hair and still they are not going to stop it. I have never ever done it. I don't know why people don't go for a wig instead of dyeing their hair. Even celebrities are in love with dyeing hair when they know it's not good.

If you really think of your desired longer, thicker, healthier and faster HAIR GROWTH,you should never think of dyeing.

  • Don't use electric machine to style your hair

Honestly I love natural hair. No dyeing, no styles. Just leave as it is. I have never used a straightener or curler machine to style my hair. I love my hair just as it is. Natural hair looks more better. Electric machine can cause the breakage of your hair and increase split ends. If you really want to use straightener or curler, you can do that once a month or occasionally.

  • Don't use hot or steam water

Bathing with hot water can be good as it increases circulation of blood in the skin and helps our body to relax. You can see people go to the sauna for a steam bath to relax. Which is good for the body and mind. But for hair? Hair is sensitive and we should care for it with caution. Never use hot or steam water for the seek of your hair.

Additional Tips

  1. Use shampoo twice a week,not more than that.
  2. Use a natural conditioner. Coconut oil acts as a perfect natural conditioner. You can go for it or otherwise there's alternative oils such as olive oil,mustard oil. These natural oils can perform as conditioners and these are better than chemical conditioners.
  3. Use essential oil.
  4. Wash your hair with cold water instead of steam or hot water.
  5. Drink lots of water daily. Drinking water is good for the hair as well as our body.
  6. Eat healthy food and vegetables. Diversify your food. Add meat along with veggies. Healthy food is good for both the hair and the body.


For longer and healthy hair you need a lot of care and time. Try all the above mentioned tips consistently and wait for the best results. It can take at least two month. Be persistent.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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