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How to Spot and Check out Perfect Gentlemen in 10 Ways

As a gentleman, I took time to discuss some ways to discern gentlemen of the millennia that have evolved to become stylish and refined

How to spot and check out a gentleman

How to spot and check out a gentleman


Gone are the days when gentlemen were known as people that work hard and open minded, dances well, assist woman with her baggage, and knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. This chivalrous man has become increasingly troubled and confused with the modern world in terms of looking good. No doubt it’s a charming skill to have but there are certain characteristics a gentleman needs to acquire to become more decent and debonair. Today, I present how to spot and check out the gentleman of the millennia that has advanced in fashion, styling and urbane to adapt to the modern lifestyle.

1. Haircut

When you come across a gentleman, one of the first physical impressions is his haircut. Every gentleman strives to keep a clean hair cut and hair style regardless of the season. A messy and unkempt hair makes a gentleman look scruffy and untidy. Whether you are putting on a trendy hair style or adorning a cool hairstyle, there is always a fitting style a gentleman chooses from to look good at all times. Trendy gentlemen will also take hair care seriously by making use of quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

2. Clean beard

Having beard can keep that particular area of the skin warm and from UV rays. However, a number of gentlemen also prefer not to have a facial hair, but regularly shaves in the morning to ensure the smoothness of the beard area. They also stock quality before and after shave for skin treatment. On the other hand, certain gentlemen that are spotting beards go the extra length to ensure that their beard gives them a stunning look and striking appearance. They take the extra care to ensure that the barber gives them a well-proportioned and well trimmed bears.

3. Underarm

A number of men keep hairs at their underarm for reasons best known to them. The men that grow armpit hairs or do not shave often may look a little gross. This underarm area plays an important part of bodily hygiene for gentlemen and makes them feel comfortable, when around other people; hence celebrities are notorious for spotting hairless and smooth armpits. Whether you are having it waxed, epilating, lasering, shaved wet or dry, keeping it hygienically clean is pertinent to everyday outing and guards against underarm embarrassment. Also gentlemen apply quality deodorant to keep the armpit dry and avoid sweating through shirts.

4. Wristwatch

The fundamental reason for wearing a wristwatch is for keeping time, although some men prefer not to put on a wristwatch just because they have a phone. Nevertheless, leaving the wrist bared during work hours and outings is said to be ungentlemanly. The ideal man knows that your wristwatch signals style and class, hence the gentleman matches his outfit with a wristwatch and ensures the time piece is working. They passionately know that an attractive and quality wrist watch speaks volume about the wearer, and rarely does he forget it at home.

Wristwatch has become a necessary clothing accessory for gentlemen

Wristwatch has become a necessary clothing accessory for gentlemen

Matching Shoe and Belt

Matching Shoe and Belt

5. Shoes

Who says that women are the only ones that get to enjoy beautiful footwear? The classic gentleman has improved drastically to have a collection of shoes in his closet with different textures, color and forms to suit every occasion and function. Whether you are rocking ankle boots, suede’s, trainers, moccasins, sneakers, loafers, and designer shoes etc, the gentleman finds a balance between cost and comfort to make the best choice that suits his particular outfit. Time has gone when men were only known for black shoes. Men are now aware that the correct selection of footwear is of utmost importance to adorn their dressing, and that shoes have got to look clean, polished and stylish.

6. Pedicure and Manicure

Every gentleman knows that pedicure and manicure are not exclusives’ of women. As a consequence, lots of men nowadays visit the beauty salon for a pedicure and manicure treatment to keep their fingers, and toes looking good. Although, a gentleman keeps tweezers, nail clippers and nail file at home. Notwithstanding, a regular visit to salon becomes a necessity having known that nails and toes are part of cleanliness and hygienic routines. Hence, they get hands and feet buffed and polished all the time to also prevent embarrassing moments at dinner tables, dating, courtship and piano classes.

7. Socks

As a boy growing up in the city, I observed certain rules of socks and shoe combinations from my father, for instance white socks are worn for gym. The perfect gentleman wears black shoe with any color suit as long as it’s worn with black socks; in addition, brown shoe is worn with any color sock but never worn with a black suit. Classic men do not wear socks to sleep, ensures that there are no holes and stains in his socks, and never wears socks and sandals together. Whether the socks cover the ankle or is below shoe-line is immaterial, an important tip is they take conventional style that matches socks with trousers and not shoe. More importantly is that the gentleman never puts on smelly socks, nor gaudy sock choices for official duties, and do not wear socks with shorts.

8. Belt

A gentleman considers his belts as an accessory and goes ahead to pick, and match the right belt to step up his game. They are also known to completely avoid wearing broken belts or worn out belts. Moreover, their belts are not shorter than their waist, neither do they wear belt lengths twice the size of their waist. Classic Men usually adorn simple belt style with silver framed buckle as their favorite, and often stick to tiny and narrow leather belts for formal occasions. They are also spotted wearing thicker belts for casual outings. A simple tip is that the gentleman ensures that the color of their shoe matches their belt as a golden rule. The classier men will ensure that their belt matches the finishing’s of their shoe, for instance wet-looking shoe matches wet-looking belt.

9. Fitting clothes

The first visible form of eye contact a gentleman makes with a stranger is his clothes. Gentleman is aware that he is judged by his dressing within seconds of being noticed by others. Hence, he would not opt for baggy clothes which hides body forms nor wear tightly fitted clothes (slim fit) to appear suffocating or putting on undersized outfits. Wearing properly fitted clothes creates a flattering silhouette and good body posture. He further–ups–his game by dressing sharp, which is to wear clothing’s that are free from stains, rips and tears and stitches. Moreover, dressing sharp gets him the advantage of being quickly noticed, likely valued, ideas and presence welcomed. Hence whether he wears a suit, T-shirt, Blazers jeans, Chinos, Khakis or Polo, he dresses sharp in properly fitted clothes that fits the occasions and creates self-confidence boost, comfort, positive attention and radiate self-respect.

10. Cologne

A gentleman considers putting on fragrance as an essential part of his daily lives. Ideally he does not go for the harsh perfumes neither would he desire the poorly scented fragrances, he finds a balance that speaks of his personality in how he is perceived and remembered by others. Cologne describes an invisible part of his personality that makes him attractive and more confident at social gatherings. Interestingly, gentlemen apply perfumes at warmest areas of their body, and at the pulse points which are the inner elbows, shoulders, neck, chest, shoulders and wrists. He selects just two points to make an excellent combination of moderation. So whether putting on designer colognes or niche colognes, the important thing is the gentleman makes sure that it does not interacts with natural oils from his body to give an offensive odor or displeasing scent.

Cologne for men

Cologne for men

Looking good on a workday

Looking good on a workday


Perfect gentlemanliness has evolved beyond courteous conduct, morality and honor. Men now devote quality time to project a superior standard of conduct that includes facial beauty, bodily neatness, ornaments, foot coverings and other bodily accessories. Moreover, the fashion and clothing industry has also bolstered this demeanor. Hence, until this fashion refinement and clothing correctness evolve into futuristic clothing of some sort, the facts described above will remain some major ways to spot and check out a gentleman of this millennia

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