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How to Make a Homemade Spongebob Costume

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How to Make a Homemade Spongebob Costume


Spongebob is a craze among the younger generation of today. What with the cute yellow body color, big wiggly eyes, brown squarepants, stick legs, and the creative and an air of confidence attitude; Spongebob is a hit. That is why there is no wonder that many parents of today are going crazy on making their kids some attractive Spongebob costumes where kids can wear on a birthday party, costume party, or even when the kid just wants to pretend that he/she is Spongebob Squarepants.

                There are some varieties of Spongebob’s costumes which you can select for your perfect masterpiece of a costume. You can either cover the whole body with fabric and foam, or use a much cheaper and more convenient cardboard box. You can also cover the whole body of your child with his/her head safely inside the box for a full Spongebob look, or you can opt to create a costume in which the your child’s head is popped out at the top, and the arms and legs on their appropriate holes. And this kind of Spongebob costume, the one where we use cardboard and the head popped out, is what we will be learning how to make in this article. So, get your tape measures, rulers, scissors, cutters, cardboard box, paint, and anything that you think will be needed in this fun project and get started making your child happy.

                Let us start by creating the almost rectangular body of Spongebob. In this step, we will need a cardboard box and a roll of masking tape. You know for a fact that Spongebob’s body is like a rectangle but is a bit wider at the top. Get your measuring tape and measure the length from the top of your child’s head to the mid-thigh or until the knee and measure the width from one shoulder to the other. Note: the width should be adjusted to several more inches for a comfortable fit. Record it on paper to make sure you will not forget the measurements. Now, cut two pieces of cardboard using the measurement you took and make sure that you add a few inches of width at the top to create the Spongebob illusion. After that, cut two narrow pieces of cardboard with the same length as the wider pieces of cardboard. Put the pieces together using a masking tape or a stick glue, or rugby. Remember to keep the bottom part of the box uncovered for that will be used as the entrance for your child’s body. After that, try it on your child to know the proper place for the arm holes and the head hole. Draw the holes and then cut them. Next, use an empty cylindrical cologne bottle or a mineral water bottle for the nose. Attach it to the appropriate area using stick glue and a glue gun.

                Now it is time to paint the body. You will need yellow, white, black, brown, darker yellow, red, and blue acrylic paints. Paint the top two-thirds of the body with yellow. Next use a darker yellow paint to paint the sponge whole all over the top body part. Use white to paint the eyes. Use the same white paint to paint his teeth and shirt. Remember that the shirt should be painted directly below the yellow paint covered area. Then paint the bottom part, the one without paint, with the color brown for his pants. Once the first layer of paint is dry, use the red paint color to draw in his mouth and tie and use the black paint for Spongebob’s eyelashes and belt. Lastly, use the blue paint to draw in his wiggly eyes.

                Once you have the main body dry, you can now ask your child to wear it. However, in order to complete the whole Spongebob look, some key accessories might be needed. Wear black shiny black shoes, yellow socks that will reach the knees. And in order to cover your child’s arms with yellow, make him wear a long sleeved shirt colored yellow.

                After you have all the additional accessories and everything you wanted to add to the costume, your child is now ready to parade in your masterpiece. If you wanted a different Spongebob look, you can surely design one on your own. You can opt to keep your child’s head inside the Spongebob body box, or use fabric and foam for a better spongy effect to the whole costume. But still, any labor of love is a perfect costume for a child.


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