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How to Look Taller (19 Easy Ways)

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Growing up, I was always the shortest child in the classroom. Now, as an adult, I'm still rather short. I'm barely five feet tall. It didn't take me long to realize that there are certain things that tend to make you look shorter, and some that can make you look both taller and slimmer. I've personally tried all of these tips to look taller, so you can trust that they are going to work.

Wear Clothing That Fits

If you wear baggy clothing, it will make you shorter. This is particularly true if you wear oversized shirts. These can also make you look like you weigh a bit more than you actually do when compared to clothing that actually fits you properly.

Vertical Stripes are a Great Idea

When you want to create the illusion of height, don't wear horizontal stripes. These will make you look shorter and wider. Instead, opt for fashionable pinstripes. This will instantly make you appear taller. If you want your legs to look longer, make sure that your pants have stripes.

Pick Up Nude Shoes

Dark shoes can make you appear shorter when compared to light colored shoes. If you can opt for nude. White, pale pink and other light colors are also great ideas.

Dress for Your Body Shape

We all have different body shapes. If you have an apple shape or round upper body, yet dress for a pear shape it can both look bad and make you look shorter. Dressing for an apple shape when you have a pear shape can lead to wearing clothes that look baggy because they are not designed for your body shape. Instead, carefully consider your body type and try clothing on before buying it.

Tuck in Dress Shirts

Long dress shirts should always be tucked in if you would like to add extra height. If you don't it will make you appear shorter just like wearing other baggy clothes does.

Shorter Jackets

Long jackets will have the same impact that long shirts will. Instead, opt for jackets that are waist length or shorter. The shorter the jacket is, the more it will create the illusion of more height.


Wear Low Rise Pants

Wearing mom jeans might hide your belly, but they are also making you look shorter. Instead, pick up a pair of low rise pants. Pants that rest on your hip bone create the illusion that you have a longer torso.

Buy V-Neck Shirts

The little bit of extra skin that you show with this type of shirt will help create the appearance of height. You can accomplish this same look by unbuttoning the top of a button up shirt as long as it still looks appropriate.

Smaller Bags Make You Look Taller

Large handbags can appear to overpower a person that is not tall. Instead, make sure that the width of your new handbag is shorter than twelve inches. Avoid tote styles that are relatively large. Even if they have a small width, the additional height of the bag will make you look shorter.

Go With Monochromatic Outfits

Pick up some black pants and opt for a lighter shade of black. Grey is another color that you can easily pull off! Remember, a monochromatic look simply means wearing various shades of one color for your entire outfit. Don't forget to pick up a heeled boot in the same color!

Avoid Pants That are Too Long

It can be hard to find pants that are the right height when you're vertically challenged, but if you let them drag along the floor it will make you look shorter. Instead, take them to a professional and get them hemmed. They can cut the extra inches off the bottom so that they fit you perfectly.

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Try a Crop Top and High Waisted Jeans

The one time that mom jeans will not make you look shorter is when you pair them with a crop top. Showing a tiny slither of skin will make you look taller, and the high-waisted jeans will guarantee that you aren't showing too much skin.

Wear Knee High Boots Properly

Knee high boots can either make you look taller or make you look shorter depending on the rest of your outfit. To look taller, make sure that your shirt is just above the waist button of your pants. Avoid wearing baggy or oversized shirts with knee-high boots, and make sure that your pants are slimming. You should wear leggings or skinny jeans with this outfit.


High Waisted Jeans Can Make Legs Look Longer

Wearing high waisted jeans with a shorter shirt can make your legs look longer without shortening your torso too much. Keep in mind that you want to make sure that your entire outfit is designed to make you look taller, so high-waisted jeans with a short top are a great outfit idea.

This same idea applies to skirts as well. Consider wearing skirts and shorts that are designed to button at your waist instead of riding along your hips to make your legs look longer. Make sure that they are shorter in length as well to instantly create the illusion of more height.

Don't Let Pants Sag

If your pants are too big in the waist, they'll sag down. This will make them appear baggier in the crotch and the legs of the pants can drag the floor. Not only does this look sloppy, but it can also make you look shorter. Instead, pick up a black belt. Black matches almost everything!

Wearing Heels

Shoes that are designed to make your legs look longer are always a great choice. High heels are the obvious choice. To add to the illusion of height, pick high heels in a color that matches your pants or tights.

Form Fitting Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts should hug your body a bit if you're a petite woman. Consider wearing what most people would consider a mini skirt instead of a longer skirt. Because you're on the shorter side, you can pull off this look without looking inappropriate. An A-frame skirt is another great idea!

Avoid wearing dresses that are too baggy or long. This can make it look like the dress is overpowering you. The baggy fabric will make you look shorter, too.

Avoid Wide Belts

Belts are the perfect way to create a cinched waistline if you're wearing a dress that isn't form fitting. However, it's important to choose the correct belt. Wide belts will make your frame look shorter than it is. Instead, select slim belts that are in the same color as your dress to appear taller.

Accessorize the Top Half of Your Body

Wearing accessories higher on your body will make the eye travel upwards, resulting in the other person taking in more of your height. Overall, this helps you look taller.

That means that you should avoid adding pops of color or accessories on your bottom half, such as brightly colored shoes or ankle bracelets. Instead, wear hats, necklaces, and beautiful earrings to accessorize your outfits.

While you can't help how tall you are, there are certain things that you can do to look taller. Use as many of these tips as possible to make yourself appear taller to other people.

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