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How to Look Slim, Shapely and Curvy in 2012 Without Serious Weight Loss or Exercise

Top Tips for Ladies to Look Fabulous Without Effort!

Listen up girls. Our goal is simple. We want to look and feel great in 2012. Let's loose those extra pounds we gained over Christmas. But we will not be dictated to by the fashion industry or by the opinions of man or women kind.

Therefore, forget about scales and tape measures, because our goal is about appearances and not statistics. Here I will share with you 5 ways to look fabulous without too much effort.

Remember, our aim is to maximise our visual impact on the world and look hot regardless of our true body parameters. We are therefore firmly in the illusion business so no more living on only a saucer of beans a week or burning off the calories in expensive gymnasiums.

Thankfully, the dominance of wafer-thin Twiggy (the first supermodel) back in the 1960s is finally being put to rest. Twiggy (incidentally now more well rounded and still modelling for Marks and Spencers) has been succeeded over the years by a whole procession of scarecrow models on catwalks.

Today we are finally seeing the emergence of models who look like real people and celebrities with shapely curves.

The misguided fashion designer argument that thin models make the clothes hang better is finally being put to rest. Surely clothes should be designed to fit real women? Am I being dim or isn’t this a fundamental principle of marketing?

The Hour Glass Figure and the Virtue of Being Shapely

Nigella Lawson, Christine Hendricks and others have established that having a figure and being pretty is far more important than being built like a teenage boy. By a figure I mean that your boobs and hips/bottom are far wider than your waist.

In the 1950s people talked about the hour glass figure; an ideal shape for women was often stated to be 36/24/36; in other words, 36 inch bust, 24 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men and Firefly, looking Fabulous and Shapely

Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men and Firefly, looking Fabulous and Shapely

5 Tips for the Lazy Girl's 5S Look

Hopefully we have moved on from those politically incorrect days of beauty parades and Benny Hill. The vast majority of women today don’t just dress up to attract men. We aren’t that shallow are we ladies? No of course not!

Anyway, virtually every heterosexual man I’ve ever talked to prefer their women to be shapely rather than skinny; in other words, more Christina Hendricks and less Victoria Beckham.

Before we get on to our list of ways to achieve our goal, here are some general principles. Lets seek short cuts to looking great and avoid expending too much physical effort or cash in the process!

Here then is the lazy way, via 5 tips to the 5S look.

5S? I hear you say; Think Shapely, Sexy, Sensuous, Seductive and Sensational (but not too slim!)

Twiggy in the 1960s

Twiggy in the 1960s

ONE - Dieting

OK, so lets get the unpleasant stuff out the way first:

  • Don’t waste money on diet food or pills. Just eat more healthily.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • Cut down on unsaturated fat.
  • Eat less meat and try to stick to white meat like chicken and fish.
  • Greatly reduce your intake of cakes and chocolate.
  • Reduce your portions at each meal.


Lets move on!

Footsteps Pedometer App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Footsteps Pedometer App for iPhone and iPod Touch

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TWO - Exercise

Lets think briefly about Weight Loss via exercise (this is the last unpleasant suggestion, I promise). Just don’t go overdoing it. You don’t need a Gym membership. If you are a real fanatic then you could do a little jogging to burn off the spare calories.

Walking is better. It doesn't mess with your hair like running does.   You can leave the car at home and get to know your neighbours. Start by setting yourself an achievable goal of say 5 miles a day.

Buy a cheap pedometer or a pedometer App for your phone. I can recommend Footsteps for the iPhone or iPod Touch, for example.

Walk to the local shops, or catch a bus to town and then walk back. OK so if you live in a shack in Death Valley then this may not be such a good idea!

One of the benefits of gentle exercise like walking is that your body doesn't realise you are losing weight and quite happily lets the calories go. If you exercise like an Olympic athlete, however, your body gets anxious and hangs on desperately to your fat reserves!

Demonstration of the how vertical strips give an impression slimness

Demonstration of the how vertical strips give an impression slimness

THREE - Illusion

Right, so we've done the hard bit (diet and exercise). Now for the interesting stuff. How can we make sure we look thinner? Start by hanging out with people bigger than you are. More seriously, know your own body and where the weight is.

Use this information to help you dress. If most of you is lower down (below the waist) then wear darker, plain trousers or skirts. Blacks, browns and navy blue are relatively slimming colours. Also wear pencil or A-Line skirts instead of mini skirts.

If most of your womanly flesh is at the top (above the waist) then consider drawing attention lower down with patterned or brighter coloured trousers or skirt and wear something plainer and darker at the top.

Similarly heavy looking rings can make your fingers seem dainty and big chunky bracelets will make your arms look thinner. Long pendant earrings will make your neck appear longer and therefore thinner.

Finally high heels and vertical strips can give the illusion of extra height and are therefore slimming. Illusion is cool isn't it? No its not cheating at all.

Esbelt Padded Briefs to Shape and Lift Your Bottom

Esbelt Padded Briefs to Shape and Lift Your Bottom

FOUR - Shaping

This is where we rearrange what we have to make it more presentable. Typically we use control pants or even a corset to make the waist smaller and move the ‘spare’ flesh to where it looks more appealing. This is not unlike rearranging the furniture to create more space in a living room.

You can also add a little shape to even things up using, for example, bottom shaping pants. These padded briefs will instantly transform a flat, shapeless bum into a curvy South American bottom (as seen in Rio during the carnival season).

These garments are often known as Magic Knickers and brands include Spanx. Incidentally, the worst product name I came across was 'Magic Sticky Bum Bottom Booster Pads'!. Sticky Bum sounds quite revolting. Please don't go to the store and ask for them by name!

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in Mad Men, giving us some attitude!

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in Mad Men, giving us some attitude!

FIVE - Attitude!

Adopt a positive Body language and smile a lot (men like that). But don't smile too much or they might be put off because they think you a little odd.

Learn to walk well. Practice your posture. Keep a straight back and take confident strides, swinging those lovely hips (hopefully you still have hips left after the amazing Coole 5 Steps Program).

Dare to wiggle. Practice looking confident about your appearance. Don't be afraid to pout and simmer a little. Think Siren.

There you have it. 5 simple ways to look fabulous without getting into a sweat or breaking the bank. And without being a slave to tape measures or weighing machines.

All you need now are a few simple additions to your wardrobe. For example, some bottom shapers or slimming pants. Also do a little more walking and remember the confident smile and the swaying hips.

Yes you are looking and feeling slimmer and sexier already! And the good news is that I didn't charge you a penny!

Nigella - Well Rounded, Shapely and Not Afraid to Eat!

Nigella Lawson (not taking dieting too seriously!)

Nigella Lawson (not taking dieting too seriously!)


NightFlower on January 18, 2012:

I would much rather be curvy than boney anyday sort of like Jennifer Hudson. Even when she was fuller she had an hour glass figure. The same with Monique who's very shapely with her weight loss, not thin (could use a tad more up top) but very shapely. I don't think skin and bones is the least bit attractive so I really like this article

erikasreview from Lancaster, CA on January 18, 2012:

Great way to make us curvy girls feel even more confident and sexy. Great post!

cynthia on December 11, 2011:

i like this second to none is splendid.

Gina Coole (author) from London on July 02, 2011:

Thanks for your kind comments, rosarionet!

rosarionet on July 02, 2011:

I truly love the posting along with your present site in general!

Gina Coole (author) from London on October 18, 2010:

Glad you liked it, Mi19!

Mi19 on October 18, 2010:

positive....thank you !

Gina Coole (author) from London on October 15, 2010:

Thanks for this Anath. I like 'decorative'corsets (fun lingerie rather than serious corsetry) but have never tried the real thing - I know women who've tried them say, like you, that they really do feel great.

Anath on October 14, 2010:

Love this lazy guide :-)

Corsets work wonders for a woman's shape, just make sure that you wear a good quality corset to achieve an hourglass figure. Cheap corsets are usually useless for shaping a body, they are more of a "decoration" but seriously well made corsets can severily alter a woman's shape and they feel fantastic!

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