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How to Grow Black Hair Naturally


The topic of black hair growth have always been an avenue for debate. Many naysayers believe ethnic or black hair textures have difficulty maintaining positive growth. The notion is far from accurate.

The rise in natural hair growth among black women and men have debunked such a theory. Hair growth is a natural process which requires a great diet and good hair care products and maintenance.

The most important thing you will need is a strict beauty plan. Today, I will share some important tips that will give you a head start in maintaining healthy hair growth. Now let's take a look at how to grow your hair naturally.

Treat Your Hair

The first thing you will need is a great shampoo. Black hair needs nutrients for it to maintain healthy growth. Try a shampoo that is loaded with healthy hair vitamins and oils such as Almond oil, Olive oil, vitamins B5, B3 and Biotin. Stay away from sulfate shampoos and products. Sulfates only destroys black hair by stripping it of its nutrients causing it to become dry and damage. You don't want this happening to you so avoid it at all cost.

The next step is to invest in a good deep conditioner and leave in conditioner as well. This process will help you lock in moisture and prevent split ends and dryness: make sure your parting your hair into sections when applying leave in conditioners or products: If you don't have a dryer you can sit under, try a shower cap to lock in the leave in product in your hair overnight.

Amazing Hair Growth Products

Isoplus Natural Remedy Olive Oil & Lanolin conditioner Anti- Breakage Scalp Therapy. Grows hair like crazy in just a few months

Natural hair oils such as cocunut oil, Jojoba oil, Moringa oil, rosemary oil, avocado oil, hempseed oil and olive oil are amazing for black hair growth. These oils speed up the growth of your hair while adding a incredible amount of nutrients to your hair.

African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage leave in conditioner. This stuff works great as a detangler and leaves hair very soft and beautiful. Plus it's inexpensive.

SheaMoisture is a good line of hair care products for black hair. You can purchase their products on

Jostylin hair care products. Her hair oils are amazing. It will grow your hair thick, naturally and extremely beautiful

Biotin Shampoo. Helps to promote hair growth. It is all natural shampoo with great essential oils and nutrients

Carol's daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo, conditioner and shine Smoothie. The best 3 products ever for damage or dry hair. Leaves hair super soft and gorgeous. Also supports hair growth. Carol's daughter is a great line of professional products for black hair

Edens Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner. An inexpensive products that works wonders on dry and damage hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Mango and lime. Good product that promotes hair growth

Say No to Chemicals, Relaxers and Heating Products like flat irons. Wear protective hairstyles

If your goal is to naturally stimulate hair growth definitely avoid putting chemicals such as Bleach, relaxers and hair colors or flat irons on your hair. These products will only hinder and prolong your progress.

Many relaxers are known to cause hair breakage and hair loss. Flat irons also greatly contribute to split ends and dryness. Don't punish your hair with these products. Try investing in natural hairstyles such as Bantu knots, crochet's, box braids, a Fro, twists or wigs.

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There are numerous beautiful braiding hairstyles for black hair. It may cost you some money if you're not a brad-er, but your hair will eventually thank you for it.

Stay consistent with your beauty and Hair Routine

The best way to see results from trying something new is to stay consistent. It's the only real cure for hair loss or damage. I highly recommend Carol's Daughter shampoo, conditioner and smoothie hair mask that I previously listed. It will give you a great start on your journey to healthy and beautiful hair.

Isoplus Olive oil and lanolin anti breakage hair conditioner/ grease is another amazing product worth giving a try. I once knew a lady with cancer who had went through chemotherapy and lost most of her hair. She started using this stuff and her grew to her shoulders in about six to seven months. Olive oil is a powerhouse ingredient in growing natural hair. I have included this Olive oil product in my list of great hair products, definitely give it a try. Stay positive and put your hair in a protective style weekly. I would recommend washing your hair every 5 days: This will also help to promote hair growth: If washing your hair every five days dries your hair out then do it weekly. It will help to get rid of dirt and unclog pores: If you stick with this regiment for six to eight months, your hair should start to show tremendous growth. Remember, to use a deep conditioner as well at least once a week


Change Your Diet.

Many people find it difficult to eat healthy but it's very important to do so. Your hair is also affected by what you eat. There are some great foods that can aid you in growing your hair naturally. Beets, Almonds, Greek yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, pineapples and green leafy vegetables are high in nutrients that are needed for healthy hair growth. Try including these foods into your daily diet by making a raw smoothie to get the maximum amount of nutrients from these awesome fruits, nuts and vegetables. Let YouTube be your guide. There a number of smoothie videos for hair growth on the website:

Protein is another important nutrient needed for hair growth. Eating foods such as salmon, avocado, tuna and cod fish will aid you immensely in your journey to longer hair: also try taking liquid biotin or a vitamin E supplement . Remember, a healthy diet will definitely deliver faster and better results in reaching your hair growth goals. Challenge yourself. You will be happy with the results.

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