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How to Get a Bengali Look( Makeup and Saree)

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The Bengali Culture

India is rich in culture. Different states have different types of traditional dressing. I will discuss the West Bengal culture today.
Bengal is situated in the eastern part of India. Women in Bengal are known for their big bindi and banarasi saree. Men also wear traditional costumes such as the kurta. Lungi, a variant of the sarong, is widely worn by Bangladeshi men.I will share how you can create a Bengali look at home i.e.- the saree draping, jewelries and the makeup as well. This look not the traditional bengali look but is inspired by the women who lived in large manors (Thakurains).

The Bengali look must contain gold jewelries or gold plated jewelries. The saree should contain red and golden zari work as well to get that bengali look.

The Bengali Makeup

Things Required:

  1. A red Lipstick ( I used the Faces Canada bombshell red- 09 )
  2. Aloevera Gel or Primer
  3. Foundation
  4. Eye Liner
  5. Highlighter
  6. Pink Eye shadow or Blush
  7. A Mascara

Follow These Steps:

  1. Wash your face properly and apply aloe vera gel or primer on your face.
  2. Apply foundation on your face and conceal your dark spots and blemishes.
  3. Put the pink eye shadow or blush in the inner corner of your eyelids.
  4. Apply the eyeliner as shown in the photo.
  5. Don't forget to put mascara on your upper and lower eye lashes.
  6. Color your lips with red lipstick.
  7. Use this red lipstick as a blush as well. Dab it properly on your cheeks.
  8. Use this same red lick stick to make that round bindi on your forehead.
  9. Apply little bit of highlighter on the nose for the perfect shine.
  10. You are done with the makeup.
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Apply the eye shadow and eye liner as shown here.

Apply the eye shadow and eye liner as shown here.

Drapping The Saree and Jewelries.

Things Required:

  1. The saree and blouse.
  2. Safety Pins
  3. Peticoat or Body shaper.
  4. Gold plated or gold earings and necklace.


  1. Wear a body shaper or petticoat and your blouse first.
  2. Start tucking your saree from the right side of your navel to the left side.
  3. Keep tucking your saree until around your hip.
  4. Then, go to the other end of the saree and start pleating it.
  5. Pleat it neatly till your right leg and secure with a pin.
  6. Place the pleated end on your left shoulder and make sure that the pallu (the pleated end of saree) should touch the ground at the back.
  7. Now, bring the pleated end from behind from the right side and put it on your right shoulder from the front.
  8. Pin it on the backside of your blouse by leaving a little bit of the end of the saree on the right side.
  9. Then undo the pin on your left shoulder and pull the saree in the front until it comes to the level of your feet.
  10. Once you do this, pin it again on your left shoulder.
  11. Now, from the right side pull the extra saree on your left side from behind.
  12. Then, make wide pleats i.e. from one end of your waist to the other.
  13. Tuck the pleats in and make sure it touches the ground.
  14. You are ready in your Bengali look.
  15. Wear your gold earrings and necklace to compliment your look.
  16. Use the red lipstick to make small rounds on your upper part of the palm.
The Bengali look

The Bengali look

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