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How to Find and Trim Split Ends in Your Hair

split end

split end

Split ends make your hair look damaged and frizzy. Unfortunately it is all to easy to get split ends. Thankfully there are some easy ways to find them, trim them and prevent getting more. Getting rid of spit ends can be like giving your hair a complete make over. Learning how to do this at home will save you time and money.

Hair Scissors

Hair Scissors

What you will need

  • One sharp pair of hair cutting scissors
  • One comb
  • Some hair clips to separate your hair into sections
  • One mirror
Trimming the ends

Trimming the ends

Trimming the ends

Trimming the ends of your hair will get rid of split ends and prevent more from developing. The ends of your hair usually are the most damaged since they have been on your head the longest. This means that they have been subjected to the most brushing, heat styling and tangles. For the best results try trimming the ends of your hair once a month.

How to trim your ends

First make sure you have a pair of sharp scissors that are meant for cutting hair. Using dull scissors may cause more split ends.

  • Separate your hair in easy to handle sections. I usually create four sections but I have fine hair. You may want to create more sections if you have thicker hair.
  • Hold your hair so that you can easily see the split ends.
  • Trim about a quarter of an inch above the split area. Do not cut your hair at an angle this could cause more split ends in the future.


It is okay to go slow especially if this is your first time cutting or trimming your hair. If you feel uncomfortable doing this on your own you could ask a friend or family member to help. If you don't like the freshly cut look when you are finished trimming you can cut your hair upwards. Only a little at a time and just at the ends. This could cause some splitting down the rode but I choose to do this just a little bit each time that way my hair does not look choppy or freshly cut. It is truly a matter of preference though.



How to find the rest of them

Trimming works great but split ends do not always occur just at the ends of your hair. If you want to try to get rid of all of them then it is important to go over the middle section. There are two ways you can do this. Twisting your hair and dusting your hair.


  • Take a small section of your hair and twist it around until it is like a small rope.This will make the split ends pop out.
  • Once you spot the split end trim it about a quarter of an inch above the split.
  • Then take the section of hair you finished and clip it to the side.
  • Repeat this process to all of your hair.


  • Take a small section of you hair and put it between your index and middle finger starting at the top of your head.
  • Run your hair through your fingers slowly
  • You will see the split ends when your hair is moving between your fingers.
  • Trim the split ends about a quarter of an inch above the split.
  • Once you have completed a section pin it out of the way.This way you don't go over the same hair over and over again.

Both of these methods can be a bit tedious and time consuming but they work really well. If the strain on your eyes or hands is to much ask a friend or family member to help you trim the split ends.

I found this video to be really helpful

Conditioning hair

Conditioning hair

combing through hair

combing through hair


Proper prevention will keep you from spending an hour trimming split ends and from spendy salon visits. There are lots of simple ways to prevent split ends.


Make sure that you condition your hair. Especially the ends. Using a leave in conditioner or a conditioner made specifically for the ends helps the best. You can also use egg whites to put the protein back in your hair to keep it healthy and strong. Shampoo in the egg whites leave them in for about a half an hour and then rinse them out.

Avoid heat styling

I know this is not always possible but as often as you can get away with it try not to use straighteners or curling irons. If you must blow dry your hair put on a low setting and on cool or warm if you have that option. Damage from heat can cause split ends. It is best to let your hair air dry as often as possible.

Brushing and Combing

Don't brush your hair when it is wet! This causes your hair to break and split. This is when your hair is the most vulnerable. If you have to get through tangles while your hair is wet then use a large tooth comb. Brushing is best done when your hair is dry. Remember to always brush from bottom to top to prevent ripping through your hair this prevents split ends also.

Hair cuts

When getting hair cuts try to avoid getting your hair cut at an angel or with a razor. These both cause split ends.

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