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How to Dress Like a Skinhead

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Some people who are into the Skinhead culture don’t know how to go about dressing themselves as such. For those of you who are interested in delving deeper and perhaps even becoming a Skinhead, this guide will give you all the information and tips you’ll need for Skinhead style!

Please be aware that this article in no way, shape or form advocates white supremacy or racism and only provides information on the clothing style of the Traditional Skinhead culture, also known as working class skins and even SHARP’s (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, aka Two-Tones or Trojans). To learn more about the differences between Traditional Skinheads and the white supremacist neo-nazi’s who call themselves “Skinheads”, please read this article.


The first thing that most people notice when looking at your typical Skinhead are their braces, also known as suspenders in America (throughout the Skinhead world they're known as braces, so it's best to stick to that term). These are usually about 1" thick and come in many different colors, though most Skinheads go for black or red. It's entirely up to you on what color you'd like to wear, so pick something that goes best with the rest of your clothing. It's worth noting that depending on your location, some people play the "Laces and Braces" color game, so it's always wise to start out with black just to stay neutral -- real Skins could care less about colors, though. Also, if you're wearing braces, it's good to know to leave the belt behind -- wearing both a belt and braces may have other Skins laughing at you.


Polo shirts and button-downs are what every true Skin has in their wardrobe, though they're very partial to specific brands.

  • Polo Shirts: When it comes to polo shirts, Fred Perry is the brand of choice. Almost all, if not every, polo worn by a Skin is a Fred Perry polo. These shirts are distinguishable by the lines on the arms and collars, and the logo crest.
  • Button Downs: Ben Sherman is a major name for these shirts. They come in both long sleeve and short sleeve, and most Skins opt for the short sleeve shirts.

Besides those, sweatervests and the occasional cardigan can be seen in their closet, and just like every other human in this world, plain ol' t-shirts!


Wear pants that fit. Levi 501 jeans are classic, but overall it doesn't matter too much about what brand you're rocking as long as you don't look like an idiot. Skins often like to roll their jeans a bit as it shows off their boots, plus it just looks cool. It's wise not to tuck your jeans into your boots because not only does it look strange, but it also gives off a sort of neo-Nazi air that wont be well received by other Traditional Skins.

While braces, boots and jeans are the standard Skinhead wear, most Skins nowadays have a larger wardrobe than just that.

While braces, boots and jeans are the standard Skinhead wear, most Skins nowadays have a larger wardrobe than just that.



Bowlers, porkpies, cabbies, and scally caps are the most worn hats by Skins, and it's easy to see why as they're so stylish.

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No Skinhead is complete without a pair of boots! The most worn brand among Skins are Doc Martens. Simple as that. Black is possibly the best color to stick with since not only does it go with absolutely everything, but also because it's the most neutral color. Like I stated earlier, colors don't matter to a true Skin, but some places play color games.


Flight jackets are classic Skin wear, especially when they're covered in patches. Why cover it in patches? Not just because it looks cool, but also because it's how you can show other Skins which side you're on -- for example, if you're a SHARP, it's wise to have a SHARP patch sewn on there somewhere to let them know you're one of the good guys. Denim jackets are also worn by many Skins, and just like above, cover these in patches and buttons as well!


When it's time to step out of your normal threads and into something a bit more fancy, Skins know class and can dress quite sharp! Taking a hint from their early Mod roots, tonic suits are the formal wear of choice here, being well fitted and looking great.


For the Girls

Of course, you can't forget about female Skins in the scene! Just like their male counterparts, girls can pretty much follow the same dress code as them, but with a few added bonuses;

  • Shirts: Aside from polo shirts and button-downs, cardigans and sweaters are also staples in the female Skin's wardrobe. Fred Perry is usually the brand name of choice here, though other brands are fine.
  • Shoes: Besides boots, girls often wear loafers. Men do too, but usually those are reserved for social outings when it's needed to be dressed up. Other small black leather shoes are fine as well.
  • Mini Skirts: Typical female Skin wear, borrowed from their early Mod roots. Jeans are just fine though, and are worn just as often as mini skirts.


Ian Barron from Indiana on January 01, 2019:

Just an interesting note to add a lot of SHARPS will wear yellow laces to differentiate from the undesirables of the movement from what i've heard

Lestat on May 01, 2012:

R.A.S.H and proud :)

Judi Brown from UK on April 18, 2012:

We've got one lone skinhead at the school where I work at the moment. I love the fact that he stands out from all the other baggy, saggy jeaned guys.

Interesting hub, voted up.

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