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How to Avoid Holes in LuLaRoe Leggings? You Can't

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Once upon a time Tawnya fell in love with LuLaRoe clothing. After a 1 1/2 in the business, she realized what others knew and you should too.


What's the Deal with LuLaRoe Leggings?

Update 2/26/2019 - the honest answer? They're terrible. The sizing is nearly impossible to decipher. The patterns are crazy, include cropped images, weird seams, and so much more! As I suggested below, go ahead and google more about this situation. There's literally hundreds of results. I wrote this original blog in the company's heyday, but those days are OVER, and have been for awhile. Feel free to share your legging horror stories in the comments below.

If you google LuLaRoe leggings, you'll get a huge variety of results. Usually, there are ladies that wear nothing but buttery soft leggings, those that have never heard of the leggings or the direct sales company that sells them, and a few ladies who have nothing nice to say. With so many different opinions, it probably leaves you wondering - what's the deal with LuLaRoe leggings? I've created this blog to give you some honest answers! Before, we go any further, let me tell you I am in the queue to be a consultant for the company.

Since I'm in the queue, you probably think I'm going to throw a bunch of rainbows and unicorns your way and not answer the questions you really want to be answered. But, I promise you that's not true, I'm going to be honest. It's easy actually because LuLaRoe makes fantastic products. There are some negatives out there about "quality control," but I want to shed light on what is really going on, and for those that are worried about holes in their leggings, I want to give you peace of mind and tell you how to avoid them, and what to do if you receive leggings with holes or get holes in your favorite unicorn print.

Legging Holes Aren't a Flaw (Yes, they are)

Updated 2/26/2019

Holes, holes, holes! I drank the KoolAid people. I was going to delete this blog, but I thought it was important to show just how much the company has changed. When people complained of holes, I bought all the rubbish they told us about it and then sold these leggings to my customers. The majority of them were good, but the flaws are real. Fast forward to 2019 and the quality issues are out of this world. They blame it on Patrick leaving, but the truth is, the company is greedy and are interested in paychecks and not quality.

One of the things I commonly hear is, why do my LuLaRoe leggings get holes? Some will lead you to believe it's a lack of quality control or it's a design flaw. I understand where these presumptions come from, but neither is true. If you've never worn a pair of these fantastically soft leggings, you may not understand what I'm about to talk about, but if you have, you'll start to see the big picture soon.

LuLaRoe leggings are incredibly soft. I'd go as far as to bet they're the softest leggings you've ever worn. For me, this was definitely true. Every time I introduce someone to the leggings, their first response is "OMG, they're so soft." In fact, the leggings are so soft; it feels like you're naked. I swear I'm not exaggerating, but that's something you'll just have to find out for yourself. However, the softness is also what leads to what others describe as a "flaw."

Before we get into why some describe the leggings as flawed, I want you to know that this is not how I see it. I understand why the leggings can develop holes, but I'm totally willing to accept the risk. The process the company's factory uses to make the material super soft is called a brushing technique. The brushing technique accomplishes it's job, but can also make the material vulnerable to holes, especially near the seams. The good news is LuLaRoe is built on a culture of blessing others and promotes consultants to provide excellent customer service, so if you run into this problem, a consultant will totally have your back.

Recently, Patrick, the head designer at LuLaRoe, told consultants the damage rate for leggings is less than 1%. When compared to how many pairs of leggings are created and shipped every day, a 1% damage rate is pretty acceptable. He went on to say the company is constantly looking for ways to improve their techniques and encouraged consultants to handle any complaints about holes quickly and appropriately. In the meantime, I have several suggestions to help you prevent holes in your leggings, a quick way to fix pinholes, and encourage you to establish a relationship with a consultant who can help you.

Step 1: Wash LuLaRoe with Care

UPDATE 2/26/2019

This is only true if the leggings don't arrive already piled and with holes. It's a good idea to get measurements on leggings you are thinking of ordering too. Now, there's stories of women who wear a size 2 jean that can't even squeeze into a size OS.

One of the most important aspects of LuLaRoe clothing (this goes for everything - not just the leggings) is caring for it. Every piece of LuLaRoe clothing come with special washing instructions. For instance, it is recommended that you wash the clothing in cold water only and hang to dry. Always turn your leggings inside out before you wash them and separate colors you'd normally separate from others to prevent damage too.

Even better, is to handwash the clothing, but that isn't practical for everyone - so machine washing on a gentle cycle in cold water is the best alternative. The company also states that you should never dry your LuLaRoe clothing - or you'll be sad.

The reason you need to care for this clothing so carefully is because it's fragile. Throwing it in with your regular clothing and then putting it in the dryer can cause holes to develop and also ruins the buttery softness that fans of the brand crave.

If you follow the care instructions to a tee - you're LuLaRoe will last and you'll enjoy it every single time you slide it on.

Step 2: Put on LuLaRoe Leggings Like Pantyhose

Updated 2/26/2019 - This isn't true. It was at one point, but the leggings are basically made of stretchy toilet paper that can rip at any moment. In fact, the manufacturer probably included tiny pinholes in the fabric that will eventually tear and expose your goodies at the worst moment possible.

Another way to prevent holes is to treat the LuLaRoe leggings like pantyhose. You wouldn't rip a pair of pantyhose up your leg, or you'd expect to get holes, runs, and snags. The same goes for LuLaRoe leggings and all leggings for that matter.

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Instead, you should always put leggings on like you would pantyhose. Gather the material in your hand, insert your foot, and slowly work the legging up your leg. When you get one leg in, work on the second, and then slowly pull them up around your waist. Never, never, never yank on your leggings. If you do, you'll be sad and disappointed when you find a pinhole forming at the seam.

What to Do (if) WHEN You Find Holes in Your LuLaRoe Leggings

Updated 2/26/2019

The very best way to avoid the leggings debacle is not to buy this ridiculous clothing to begin with. If you find holes in it, take it as a life lesson. The company is crap now. The poor consultant you bought them from is probably trying to figure out how to bail without going bankrupt, and you'll get absolutely no help from corporate. You can probably get the consultant to send you another pair of leggings, but it will be the same crap, just a different day.

Now that we've talked about how to avoid holes and why holes can occur in LuLaRoe clothing, it's important to talk about what you should do if you receive leggings with holes or if you develop a hole in your clothing. First, I want to tell you how important it is to establish yourself with a dedicated consultant. There are many consultants out there, customers have tons of choices, and because leggings are created in limited edition batches, Lula addicts often buy from a handful of consultants. It's great, really, but you have to make sure you keep track of who you buy your LuLaRoe clothing from.

For instance, buying used LuLaRoe from Buy/Sell/Trade sites offers you zero customer service. The same goes for unicorn trading and buying anywhere other than directly from a LuLaRoe consultant. When you buy from a consultant, they're happy to help you return the leggings. Due to the nature of the prints, it's almost impossible to return a pair of damaged leggings and get the same exact print. But, what most consultants will offer you is a credit for the damaged leggings.

It's the customer service that impresses most new LuLaRoe costumers and it's what keeps the veterans coming back week after week. If you dig deep into some people's bad experience with LuLaRoe, you won't be surprised to find out, the leggings in questions weren't purchased from an actual consultant. Another popular reason leggings end up getting holes is because they weren't cared for properly. Buying from a consultant gives you better peace of mind, and it helps support small business at the same time.

How Can You Save Your LuLaRoe Leggings?

Updated 2/26/2019!

The real answer - you can't. Throw them in the garbage, wear them to bed, or set them on fire in protest, but forget about buying another pair. The quality is absurd at the time being and no one has time for "growing pains" or whatever KoolAid-laden garbage the Mentors and corporate are trying to offer. Whether it's being sprouted as 1.0 or 2.0, don't believe the hype. It's garbage!

Okay, so you found your unicorn. It's a bear pattern that you've been hunting for forever. But...when you get them, you notice a few pinholes near the seam. What do you do? If you contact your consultant, she or he will help you return them and offer you a credit, but like we mentioned above, the chances of finding that pattern again, especially from the same consultant are slim to none. However, there are a few tricks to save the leggings and ensure you can enjoy the unicorn print you sought for months.

If you look for solutions on Pinterest, you'll find dozens of options. I was a fan long before I signed up to be a consultant.

My personal stash consists of about 60 leggings, and I have holes in three pairs. One pair was my fault because I fell in the driveway and the other two pairs had holes show up mysteriously after a couple wears. I tried the remedy in the video below, and it worked great. I used the iron-on tape and ribbon method and it worked great. I wash the repaired leggings like I do all my others and let them hang dry. The only way you'd ever know the leggings were repaired is if you saw them inside out in my laundry room. It's my personal recommendation for anyone that doesn't want to give up the leggings they dreamed about for a credit with their favorite consultant.

LuLaRoe Happiness Policy and Customer Satisfaction - Isn't Supported by Corporate

Edited 2/26/2019

This was genius marketing on LuLaRoe's part. Buy our crap, we'll guarantee happiness. No, it didn't work like that. What happened was consultants like myself were inundated with ridiculous requests, expected to find solutions out of our own pocket, and then wait until we had at least 15 of these bogus items to send to the warehouse for a backoffice credit. The credit took forever to get, and items were out of stock so often there was nothing to use them on. I started refusing to honor the policy, which I was told was my prerogative and then shunned by leadership. was a "Hail Mary" move by LuLaRoe and it worked for awhile.

Oh my goodness! Look at how much has changed since I originally wrote the article. One thing I didn't anticipate, but should have in hindsight, was the amount of negativity this article would be met with. I understand it! When others see someone or a company excelling and leaving their competitors in the dust, they're going to last out. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't approved some of the awful comments that have been made, but I'm going to address concerns here.

When LuLaRoe announced their Happiness policy and limited warranty, it was supposed to be a great thing! It is a fantastic thing. Most consultants have been replacing and offering exchanges for their VIPs all along. Sometimes without being reimbursed by LuLaRoe at all. With the Happiness Policy, it's now even easier for consultants to make customers happy and to improve customer satisfaction.

It's also been twisted in the media as to why LuLaRoe did this. The media wants people to believe that the policy was put in place because LuLaRoe knew the "leggings ripped like toilet paper." This was taken out of context and wildly misconstrued. The original statement was made by a blogger who exaggerated her statement in attempts to go viral. As the media usually does, they ran with it and reported it, which was inappropriate. The real story is that yes, the leggings can get holes. What leggings can't? The only way LuLaRoe could guarantee their leggings would't rip is not to make them anymore. Because if they changed their process, the leggings wouldn't be as soft as others. From someone that lives in LuLaRoe leggings, but has tried all the others, I'm happy that they are standing by their product and keeping them soft for everyone.

If it's your opinion that I've been "brainwashed" or that I should "put down the Kool-Aid" as one commenter eloquently suggested, I would recommend you just move on. If you have 5 pairs of leggings out of 12 that have ripped when we know the damage rate is significantly lower than that, than maybe you should evaluate who or where you are purchasing these items. If it's from BST pages or Ebay - you're on your own. If you purchase directly from a consultant, you'll be well taken care of. So now, I'll get off my soap box - feel free to make comments - but know if they're unfounded or wrote simply to "stir the pot" - I won't bite.

LuLaRoe Addicts and Newbies Weigh In

TC2 Offers More Options to Legging Lovers - But they Don't Fit

Edited 2/26/2019

I was so excited to offer TC2 leggings to plus-size customers. For awhile, they were great. There only seemed to be about four options - no matter how much I ordered, but customers liked them. Fast forward to now and there isn't a TC2 customer I've met that can actually wear the new size. Why, you ask? Because the sizing is terrible.

With the addition of the Happiness Policy, LuLaRoe has proved that it listens to customers and wants everyone to enjoy the buttery softness of their leggings. At their recent convention, the apparel company introduced several new products including a new leggings size.

We all know that one size is designed for 0 to 10/12ish. The other leggings size is TC, which is also subjective, but usually fits sizes 10ish to 20ish. The sizing isn't exact because women aren't all made the same. Plus size women now have another legging size to choose from, which is TC2. Women sizes 18+ will soon be able to choose larger leggings than the existing TC.

With an even bigger selection of legging sizes to choose from, LuLaRoe is attracting more women to the brand. Blessing families, blessing lives, and now taking steps to make sure everyone that wants to try or buy LuLaRoe clothing has the opportunity to do it makes this amazing company stand out in a crowd.

© 2017 Tawnya

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Joeyyyyy on November 28, 2019:

Yessssss. I have about sixty or more pairs and I swear I've had more than ten rip across my butt within the first thirty minutes of wearing them, and It isn't because of size. I am so nervous to wear them out now because it's happened in public a few times. Woooh lemme tell you. I got a nice butt but I'm not trying to show it off to everyone and their moms.

Tawnya (author) from NE Ohio on November 09, 2017:

Thanks for the comments, Fern. It's not a pyramid scheme. It is multi-level marketing, but the FTC's definition of a pyramid scheme doesn't apply to LuLaRoe.

Don't feel bad for me, or anyone else in this business. We all do it for our own reasons. I'm an educated woman, working my business, and making money for my family. I always have more than one egg in my basket and land on my feet.

Whenever a business is thriving, there are people that want to take advantage of it. We live in a litigious society where people feel justified in suing for any reason. The lawsuits aren't a secret. The company has been very transparent with this. Have you seen the piece from CBS? I'm confident LuLaRoe will weather this storm.

Have a beautiful day.

Fern on November 09, 2017:

You DO know this is a pyramid scheme, right...?

I want to feel bad for you but honestly, it’s glaringly obvious you might be stuck in this for a while.

What’re you going to do if the lawsuits go through and LuLaRoe is sued or shut down?

Amy on July 11, 2017:

Thank you so much for having this video and information available. I am new to the product, but have fallen in love with it. I am one of those who is the 18 to 20 size and I have always worn TC. Of the 28 pairs I have bought since May 2nd this year a few have holes. I am not going to ask for a credit, though I am grateful for that option, I just want to do a simple repair. So thank you again for keeping this info available even when you got negative comments.

:) Amy

Shopping the Roe on May 29, 2017:

I really wish you would have mentioned buying the correct size. I see soo many of the pictures of chicks wearing Leggings that have a big hole in them and it's clearly a picture of someone who has on OS but really needs to wear TC. I am a consultant and every pair of leggings that I have had to exchange were from a customer who bought OS but should have bought TC. Most of these were because the customer isn't Tall so she thought she couldn't wear TC even though she is a size 12 and up. Some exchanges were because the customer is right at the 10/12 and bought OS because they liked the print but that particular pair of leggings doesn't have the stretch that most Leggings have so the customer forced the pair of leggings on. Buying the right size of leggings is 90% of the problem from what I have seen and from my experience. But why do bloggers never mention this? Because nobody wants to bring up the issue that some fabrics just aren't as stretchy as others? LuLaRoe should definitely come up with an in between size. They should also change the name of the Tall Curvy. We can all understand why someone who is 5'5 and a size 14 would not think they should buy TC. At 5'5" they are not Tall but they are too big for OS. Lularoe has kids leggings covered in sizes but why not the adults sizes? I have been wearing nothing but Leggings for over 2. 5 years. I wear both OS and TC because I a size 10 and 5'7". However I can't wear all of the OS because some don't stretch enough and I can't wear all of the TC because some are cut bigger with super stretchy fabric. I've had several exchanges because the customer ordered thru the mail and got the specific fabric and cut are wrong on that particular pair of leggings. But my biggest complaint that I hear is from women in the size 18 and up to 22. Not every pair of leggings will fit these ladies. I have had several exchanges from the size 18 and up due to holes. The OS and TC are both being worn by ladies that just shouldn't have tried to wear that particular pair of leggings or shouldn't wear the Leggings at all because the sizes just don't fit them. It's all due to the cut and stretch of the fabric. Alot of size 18+ ladies usually end up returning their Leggings because they just can't get them on at all, even though the sizing charts from LuLaRoe say they should be able to wear those Leggings. So the only answer to this sizing problem is for LuLaRoe to get an in between size and stick to one fabric instead of the 20+ plus different fabrics that I have seen and held that all have a different stretch and weight to them. Why isn't there an in between size?

Tawnya (author) from NE Ohio on March 31, 2017:

Kelly - thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry that happened to you and I can understand your frustration with holes in the leggings. As I explained in the article above, the process that makes the leggings so soft, also makes them prone to holes.

The only way to truly avoid holes is to stop producing leggings. LuLaRoe's design team is constantly working on ways to improve their manufacturing process. In the meantime, your consultant should exchange your leggings for FREE.

It's also important to know that not all leggings will rip or get holes. I have over 60 pairs and only had holes twice. If you don't want to risk holes before going out again, you can do the rip test.

Simply run your nail across the leggings from the inside. If you have a pair that may rip, your nail will likely go through them without having to push at all. I urge you to give LLR and the leggings another chance.

Kelly on March 25, 2017:

I am new to LLR. I recently hosted a party for a friend and received a pair of black leggings for free from her for hosting. I wore them for the first time tonight and realized while my husband and I were out at dinner them at they have several holes in them. One on the side of my hip (which luckily my shirt I'm wearing tonight covers up) and several smaller ones right at the crotch seam. So while I was very excited earlier tonight because they are like butter, my first experience is not great and I wouldn't pay for any again.

Tawnya (author) from NE Ohio on March 02, 2017:

Any store like Wally World should have it in their craft section. That's where I got mine. But make sure you're iron is set appropriately or you'll end up melting the leggings.

Kelly on March 02, 2017:

Where did you buy the iron on tape at?

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