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How to Apply Eye Makeup If You Wear Glasses - Look Sexy Behind Those Lenses!

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Looking Good in Glasses

Look Sexy in Glasses with the Right Eye Makeup

Look Sexy in Glasses with the Right Eye Makeup

Make Your Eyes Stand Out!

Wearing glasses shouldn't send your beautiful eyes into hiding! While a gorgeous pair of frames draws attention to the eye area, they can also cast shadows which cause the eye area to look tired and washed out. By selecting the right products and following the steps below, your eyes will draw the attention they deserve.

Step 1:

Dab concealer underneath eyes, in outermost corner of eyes, and under brow bone.

This brightens up the entire eye area, which can often be shadowed by wearing glasses. An excellent one to try is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer – it blends easily and does not settle into wrinkles. Select a concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone to combat any shadows that your frames or lenses may cast on the eye area.

Step 2:

If you have combination or oily skin, swipe a powder primer over closed eye lids.

The oils in your skin cause eye makeup to fade and smear. This step will ensure long-wearing & crease-free eye shadow. One of the best eye shadow primers is Mattify Cosmetic’s Ultra Powder for Oily Skin. The oils that build up on your skin throughout the day are the main culprit for creased eye shadow. The Ultra Powder absorbs oil and helps eye shadow adhere to your lids, for longer wear. If you have an oily complexion, you can also apply the Ultra Powder as a primer before foundation & as a setting powder afterwards.

Mattify Ultra Powder / Primer for Oily Skin

Step 3:

Use a highlighter in white or light beige on the inner corners of eyes and under brow bone.

Again, since glasses cause shadows around the eyes, this step will lighten up your entire eye area. Blend until just a barely-there shimmer is visible. For dry skin, try Bobbi Brown Cream Eye Shadow in "Sandy Gold". For combo or oily skin, try Mattify Cosmetic’s Long Lasting Eye Makeup in “Snow Bunny”.

Apply winged eye liner to help eyes stand out behind glasses.

Apply winged eye liner to help eyes stand out behind glasses.

Step 4:

Line your eyes with a liquid or pencil liner.

This is an especially important step, as it defines & frames the eyes. You can apply liner all the way around eyes, or just on the upper lids. To create an elongated look, wing the liner out a quarter of the way past the end of your upper lid. This is essential if you have down-turned or almond shaped eyes, which can often look sleepy behind glasses.

Before creating a smoky eye, gently line the inner rims of your lower lid for a sultry evening look. Two great eye liners are Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liquid Liner(perfect for the winged look) and Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Liner (long lasting and water resistant, for lining inner rims). Liner application helps define the shape of your eyes so they don't get lost behind those lenses!

Apply a vibrant eye shadow color next to your liner for an eye-brightening effect.

Apply a vibrant eye shadow color next to your liner for an eye-brightening effect.

Step 5:

Apply the eye shadow of your choice.

For daytime, you may want to stick to neutral beige, brown or peach shades. For night it's fun to create a bold grey, black or navy smoky eye.

When you wear glasses, don’t be afraid to play with color! A striking teal blue stripe close to your black liner, or a shimmery green eye shadow can look playful and vibrant behind lenses. Just be sure to apply bright or dark colors to LIDS only – placing them too close to your brows will result in an overly crowded & dated look.

It’s best to use eye shadow with a bit of shimmer or sheen, as it brightens your complexion and stands out behind glasses. Matte eye makeup tends to look muddy and drab.

Curling your eye lashes adds an instant lift

Curling your eye lashes adds an instant lift

Step 6:

Curl lashes and apply mascara.

If you take time to do nothing else, at least curl your eye lashes and apply mascara. Straight or droopy lashes cause you to look tired and force your glasses to stand out more than your eyes. Curling them is an instant uplifting solution, and will always make you look more vibrant, alert and happy. Those with oily skin will find it helpful to use a waterproof variety, as it will hold the curl and will not smear throughout the day. Try L’Oreal’s False Fiber Lashes for added length and volume. If you find that your mascara extends your lashes too long, so they swipe up against your lenses, go with a volumizing formula instead of the lengthening variety. Try Cover Girl’s Lash Blast for thick flirty lashes.

Any additional tips for making eyes stand out behind glasses? Let us know in the comment section below!

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anastacia Da Silva Bom on June 01, 2015:

Thanx for this hub...when going out I didn't wear my glasses cause it covers my eye make up but now I will use these tips...please more tips if you have more..thanx

SopranoRocks from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA on February 23, 2012:

Yay for this HUB! I hate contacts but wear them when going out because I love my eye make-up. I will get much use out of your tips. And you play Second Life too so you must be a cool chick =)

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