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How to Always Look Elegant & Classy

What is Elegant & Class

Why do you want to always be put together, polished, classy, or elegant? Because you want to do this for YOURSELF! Mostly you have to do things for yourself not only it`s going to make you feel good, confident it`s going to add that little PEP IN YOUR STEP.

Being comfortable with yourself, feeling ease in your skin and the outfit you`re in. It's pretty much an extension of who you are.

You have to find your style & not only your fashion style but your style is a person. People do not remember what you do? But they do remember HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL that is class. No matter how rich you are you cannot buy class.


The Basics Simple & Effortless

The basics are to keep simple by keeping it simple in that footrest THE LESS IS MORE comes into play. I feel you can easily go from a day event to a night event, you can always look polished and put together by keeping things simple. Some great examples of simple styles are jeans & shirts you can dress them up with a blazer or with a heel. Apply it to yourself if you want to have that simple, easygoing but elegant style.

Being elegant has nothing to do with MONEY. I know people that are on a strict budget they are students & still look amazing because they know how to pair things & keep it simple, & I know people that have a lot of money & wear designers still don’t look put together. Class is an attitude, is a mannerism, is the way you talk & walk or you kill yourself in public.


So many people underestimated the power of grooming. I`m not talking about putting on a full beat of makeup. I`m talking just simple grooming standards. Brush your hair, groom your nails that you can have a natural manicure, wash your face moisturize, put on some lip balm those are things that you need to do for yourself & I promise you they make you feel better, they boost your confidence. Even if you staying in some time & feeling little black just by brushing your hair, refreshing your face with a splash of water, putting some moisturize, even put on some of your favorite scents or lotions it just has a way to make you feel WORTHY. You are telling yourself I`m worth it of this self-care I`m worth it of my time or I love my body. It`s self-love & it`s so important

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Usually, an elegant look will have one nice accessory it`s the centerpiece, that's why when you go to a table there is a centerpiece, not 15 of them you want all the eyes on that centerpiece. It can be a unique piece of jewelry, your centerpiece could be red bold lipstick, a bow on your hair, or an interesting braid in your hair. It doesn`t have to be something super loud but is something unique that catches the eye.

Keep your Makeup Clean

This a double meaning as clean your makeup. Clean your makeup clean means keep your things tidy & organized it also going to make you feel good to have space around you nice & neat and also keep your makeup clean as in don’t turn it down. Go for moisturizing to dewy glowy look, take care of your skin more than just covering it with makeup because if you have good skin can put just a little bit of blush bronzer, lipstick and look fantastic. The skin is your canvas if that looks good you can do minimum work with that.



Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 08, 2021:

Wow! A great work of art here on how to look good every day. It makes a woman feel wonderful indeed. I like your ideas and this is part of what I do here.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 07, 2021:

"Class is an attitude." I totally agree and you have given very good counsel here. Thank you.

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