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How long should one use a toothbrush

Joyfridah is a dental technologist from Kenya Medical Training College. She loves writing.

Should manual toothbrush be disposed?

Our oral health is as important as our general hygiene. Most of us use manual toothbrush to clean our teeth. Here are reasons as to why we should use our brushes for only three months! In a span of three months most of us get common cold or a flu, most of the virus remains on the toothbrushes. To avoid re infection we replace brushes. Toothbrush collect dirt and dust from the environment at the brush holder, hence not hygienic use for long.

Most toothbrushes are not durable the bristles wear out in a span of three months. The bristles do not clean efficiently as a new one hence risking having diseases such as dental caries, oral thrush, gingivitis and so on.

It's important to replace our toothbrush within three months for better oral health.

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