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Why Do You Want to Be Beautiful?

The author is trying her best to not let the beauty standards on the internet and authentic world affect her way of thinking about people.

We live in a place where everyone wishes to fit in the beauty standards to be recognized as an attractive person. We are so used to having this toxic way of judging people that it has been normalized in many ways in our lives. Teenagers being bashed for not settling with the standard of what is deemed as beautiful. Youngsters becoming conscious about their bodies and opting for heavy unhealthy plastic surgeries. The first thing you see in a person consciously or subconsciously is if he/she/other is beautiful. You can't really tell me otherwise cause I don't think I will be convinced.

Lindsey evans

Lindsey evans

If you choose the first picture, it seems like a perfect shot for your selfies on Instagram stories. And if you choose the second picture, let me tell you that she is Lindsey evans; a former beauty pageant who was arrested for carrying marijuana.

In my opinion, beauty can not be correctly defined; it is subjective. What you might find attractive is not necessarily attractive to others. And just because a majority decides a specific standard that should be considered pretty and peasing does not mean you should blindly join in disrespecting your individual opinion.

Judging on the basis of External Beauty

People have unique body types, face shapes, lip structure, type of hair and hair colours and everyone must learn to respect the uniqueness of each soul. Judging people based on their external appearance is not always senseful.

Distinct features

Chiseled jawline

Prominent cheekbones

Plump lips

Purple hair

Big doe eyes

Pointed nose

Thin lips

Small eyes

Snub nose


I remember walking down the streets looking at middle-aged women and youngsters following a certain kind of style. The trends keep changing and so do the appearances and demands of these people. Younger me would follow up with the external elements that add up to our outfit cause I saw people appreciating it but not anymore . Because as I grew up I realised that everyone wishes to be loved and therefore the need to alter our external structures to meet the trending standards is felt. And with this realization, I came to the conclusion that caring too much about what is deemed attractive is of no help unless you feel happy. So, after all if being happy is the main objective then why to bother troubling yourself about the beauty standards you can do your own thing. By this I in no way claim that people who follow these trends are wrong because cosmetic surgeries are fine because you are doing what you think can make you happy, which is not wrong unless it is causing you any harm.

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So, it is necessary for you to realize that you are supposed to do things that make you happy and things that fascinate and interest you and not because a huge amount of people tell you to follow a trend. If following the trend makes you happy go ahead and do that. But keep feeling bad about yourself.

You have to be beautiful in your eyes and not anyone else's.

— Ishika mehere

Hope you have a nice day people. Love yourself and thank you for reading.


ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on June 28, 2021:

Maria bhati thank you for your comment I agree with what you said. Hope you have a great day ahead.

ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on June 28, 2021:

Thank you for your comment Daniel. I am happy that you have read the article .I completely agree that external appearances can boost self esteem and self love too. Hope you have a nice day.

MAB from Pakistan on June 28, 2021:

inner beauty is more important than outer. if you are happy and calm inside then you will notice an unusual glow on your face and grace in your personality. Interesting to read about beauty standards.

Daniel R from Chennai, India on June 28, 2021:

Yeah I do care for myself, which gives me self confidence to present myself

ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on June 28, 2021:

Tell me what you think about it.

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