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How to Use My Perfect Eyes Correctly

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist. Evie has a passion for fashion, hair, make-up and skin-care.


How To Apply My Perfect Eyes Without The White Residue

This seems to be a sticking point for many people trying this for the very first time. They try and try and although the product does exactly as it says, it tends to leave a white powdery residue for some.

Why Does This Happen?

If you don't thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply to clean dry skin then this will happen. I cleanse with a mild cleanser first. I then use my Paula's Choice toner that removes any grease and leaves the skin perfect and ready for the product application.

When Won't It Be Effective

If like me, the lines around your eyes only appear when you smile, then My Perfect Eyes will not help these lines at all. In fact it will make them appear worse.

So What Exactly Is It For?

It is ideal for bags under the eyes. In fact it is amazing for them. I bought some for my husband who has very baggy under-eyes. Bless him, he'll love me for saying that! He does not do skin care as a rule, but he could not believe the results.

The videos you see online are completely legit. Although it took quite a bit of training by me to get him to manage applying it without the residue.


Deep Laughter Lines Should Be Avoided

You see these deep laughter lines? These will NOT be improved by My Perfect Eyes. The muscles still have all of the movement as before so there is no way that these lines cannot show.

If you apply the cream to these lines expecting them to be improved then you will be disappointed. The company do not suggest it is any good for these deep lines. The claims they make apply to static fine lines and wrinkles and puffiness.

Does It Improve Static Wrinkles?

Yes it does. It almost completely corrects them. It creates a clear mask that smoothes fine lines completely.

I use it on my crows feet and above my eyelids and it completely clears them for the whole day.


Can It Be Used On Forehead Lines?

Absolutely, and this is where I wear it every day. I used to have botox but since discovering My Perfect Eyes, I swear by it over any invasive cosmetic treatment.

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It gives the effect of botox without the heaviness. I can still lift my brows and move my muscles but it smooths the static lines to perfection.

With My Perfect Eyes Applied To Dry Cleansed Skin


Application - How Much?

You only need to use the tiniest amount. I mean tiny! Dab the plastic pallet onto the back of your hand and use your finger to feather it out, either form the corner of your eye or from the centre of your forehead.

Next pat it into the skin and wait for a minute before applying makeup over the top.

Oil Free Products Only

You cannot use the product with an oil based moisturiser or foundation. It will cancel the effects out immediately.

I use just a mineral SPF 30 underneath and then I apply a Bare Minerals powder once the product is completely set into my skin. I favour this rich cream from JASON. It feels really moisturising and you only need a tiny amount.

If you have particularly dry skin then you might notice the difference and may not like the finish.

For me it's a small price to pay and I do have fairly dry skin. I have perfected the application process over time and just make sure I moisturise well in the evening before bed.


I do absolutely adore My Perfect Eyes. I see so many comments online about the white residue issue and the fact that it makes non-static lines look worse but they do give instructions about the best ways to use it for the most effective results.

My advice would be not to give up right away. Yes it is tricky to get the application right. But like anything worth while, the effort to get it right will pay off. Your skin will look younger.

I haven't found anything that works so well. On top of that it's an instant fix!


Evie Sparkes (author) on July 03, 2020:

I used to get the residue but it seems to be down to how clean your skin is and how much you use. It did take quite a while to get it right. You hardly need any product. You might be using a little too much. Another tip is the add a couple of drops of water to the bottle and shake it well.

Katie on July 03, 2020:

I always end up with white residue an it pulls my eyes down I look scary

Evie Sparkes (author) on April 20, 2020:

It would flatten them at first but as you talked and smile they'd come back as they are too strong. It really only works for lines that don't move too much :)

Anna on April 16, 2020:

Would this work on nasolabial folds? The lines going from the side of your nose to the side of your mouth?

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