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How to Give Your Man a Pedicure

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Man Feet and Nails

Man Feet and Nails


  • Foot Tub
  • 2-3 hand/bath Towels
  • Exfoliating foot/sugar scrub
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle stick/pusher
  • Cuticle scissors/clippers
  • A foot callus file
  • Ped egg
  • Big Nail Clippers
  • Multi-section nail file
  • Lotion
  • Epsom Salt
  • Peppermint/Lavender/Lemon oil (Optional)
  • Brown Sugar
  • Mexican Vanilla
  • Olive Oil
  • Clay foot mask

Men’s Scary Feet and Nails

Ever crawl into a nice clean/warm bed with your husband only to be scratch attacked by his horribly scary man feet and toenails? I don’t know why, but the men in my life always have the roughest, toughest, meanest, and ugliest feet around; seriously, their nails will cut you if you get to close. I am still working on my husband’s feet; he seems to like his calluses as if he worked really hard for them or something, but I am determined to conquer those feet and nails at some point. If your man has a similar foot and nail condition than giving them an at-home pedicure is the best way to start attacking the issue head-on.

Playing Footsie

Playing Footsie

Step-by-Step At-Home Pedicure Tutorial

The following is a Step-by-Step tutorial that will take you through exactly what you can do in order to turn your husband’s nightmare feet into something a little more soft and manageable. Pedicures are not just for women, men have feet and nail problems too and often they probably need it more than we do.



1. Soak

For the first step prepare a bathtub, foot tub, or wide bucket with warm/hot water and soak your husbands’ feet for a good 5 to 10 minutes. You can add Epsom salts to the water to soothe tired and achy feet. Lavender Epsom salts are my personal favorite because they help soothe and relax both you and your husband. You can also add different essential oils to help penetrate the feet with a great smell, some essential oils you can use include; Peppermint, Lavender, Wintergreen, and Lemon.

Foot Bath

Foot Bath

Foot Scrub

You can buy a foot scrub or you can make your own using some of the following ingredients: brown sugar, Mexican vanilla, lemon/peppermint/lavender oil, and olive oil. Simply mix these ingredients (choosing one oil, or Mexican vanilla for smell) in a small bowl with a spoon and you have your very own homemade sugar scrub perfect for rough and callous feet.

2. Slough, Scrub, Exfoliate and Massage

Using a ped egg, or a rough pumice stone, lift one of his feet out of the tub and start sloughing off the dead skin. Pay special attention to the heel and the bottoms of the toes, these areas are usually the most rough. When you have finished with one foot, place it back in the water and take the other one out to do the same. It is a good idea to do this step while the feet are still damp and have been soaking for a while because the dead skin becomes soft and ready to slough away. After sloughing away as much dead skin as you can manage, it is time to give his feet a nice scrub. Using the sugar scrub you bought or made at home; take one foot out at a time, take a small palm full of sugar scrub and apply it to his foot in circular motions all the way up to his calf. Apply a bit of pressure and this becomes a really nice foot massage as the scrub is working to exfoliate the feet. Once you have finished place the foot back in the bath and do the same to the other foot. You will probably need to replace the water after you have washed the sugar scrub away.

Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Foot Mask Application

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3. Soften

Lift one of his feet onto a towel, pat dry, and then apply a palm full of your foot clay mask. The video to the right shows this procedure for those who would like to see how it is done professionally. Again, apply a bit of pressure and it becomes a wonderful foot massage. Once you have finished applying the mask you can cover the foot with a clay mask bag or simply use ceran wrap, do not wrap too tightly. Once the plastic is around the foot you can then wrap the foot in a towel to keep the warmth in the foot/calf. Do the same to the other foot and let them sit for a few minutes to really soak in the clay.

4. Fine Foot File

After the clay has done its job you will want to wash his feet off again, you can now put the tub/water away. Now it is time for the fine-tuned foot filer. You can get a fine foot file at the store or on Amazon for pretty cheap. Do the same thing you did with the rough sloughing, circular motions paying special attention to the heels and bottoms of the toes.

5. Clip/File/Clean

Now it is time to clip/file and clean the toenails on your man’s feet. Depending on how tough his toe nails are you may be in for a bit of a struggle, but the soaking, scrub, and clay should have helped to soften them up. Start by clipping his nails as straight across as you can, leaving a little bit of white. Next use a file to shape those toes up and to get rid of rough edges. There is usually a small pointy piece on your nail clippers; use that to clean underneath his toenails.


6. Care for Cuticles

The next step is to take care of his cuticles. Use a drop or two of cuticle oil on each toenail and rub it in with your fingers to make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies. Using your cuticle stick/pusher softly push back the cuticles to the bottom and to the sides of the nails. Next you can use the cuticle clippers/scissors in order to remove hangnails and other nail or cuticle pieces that may be hanging off the sides.


7. Multi-Section File/Buff/Shine

I love using these multi-section file/buff/shine files for my fingernails and toenails; you can use one on his nails too. Just use each side and follow the numbers. By the end he will have nicely filed toe nails that have been buffed and shined to perfection.

8. Moisturize

Your last step is to moisturize his feet with a lotion, preferably one without alcohol which will make them dry out, in order to lock in all the moisture his feet have just been exposed to. You can turn this into a mini-massage as well. My husband likes to use the O'Keeffe's foot cream regularly after his pedicure.

Father's Day

What better Father's Day gift than something you can do at home instead of going and spending a ton of money? If your man is a father you can give him a pedicure as a Father's Day gift you will both appreciate.

Guy Feet

Guy Feet

Don't Want to Touch Feet? DIY Tutorial for Him

If you can't stand working on your husband's feet, have him do it himself by watching/following this extremely easy step-by-step tutorial.

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