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How to Select and Wear a Scarf for the Winter Outfit?


I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.

Which Scarf Material is Right for You?

Just like clothing, scarf comes in a variety of different materials. The type of material that you pick depends on your budget, needs, and personal preference. The below table lists pros and cons for the most common scarf materials.

Scarf Raw Material Quick Guide

Scarf MaterialProsCons


• Comfortable • Breathable • Easy to maintain • Inexpensive

• Not the best for the environment except organic cotton


• Comfortable • Very soft and feels nice against the skin • Beautiful luster

• Expensive • Wrinkles easily • Fragile


• Breathable • Keeps you cool

• Wrinkles very easily • A little bit scratchy


• Comfortable • Soft • Keeps the person very warm

• Expensive • Piling • Fragile


• Comfortable • Keeps the person very warm

• Expensive • Slightly piling • A little bit scratchy if the wool is lower quality


• Wool like texture • Resistant to wrinkling

• Inexpensive • Doesn’t keep the person warm


• Inexpensive • Never wrinkles

• Not sustainable • Bad for the environment • Not breathable • Sticks to skin when weather is hot


Do you want to look romantic and chic just like a French girl? The neck scarf is a good fashion accessory for you. Not only does it keep you warm in cool weather, the neckerchief is for an incredibly fashion conscious lady. The neck scarf is perfect for a scarf loving lady that lives in a warm area such as southern California.

  • Pair a colorful neck scarf with a monotone top.
  • Pair a single color neck scarf with colorful top.
  • Pair a colorful neck scarf with a black and white strip top for a classic French girl look.

Wool Scarf with Winter Blazer or Coat

What if you live in a super cold area? Which type of scarf is right for you? In this case, you should go for a long and soft wool scarf. This type of scarf looks best when paired with a wool blazar. You will look super fashionable and also stay warm.

  • Gray scarf looks great with coats of any color
  • Oatmeal colored scarf is also versatile and goes with coats of any color except for oatmeal

Silk Floral or Colorful Scarf with Monotone Sweater

A sweater is a must have for fall and winter. It will not only keep you warm, but also make you look very fashionable. Sweaters come in many different necklines, colors, and designs. It's almost never enough to just have a few sweaters. Also, a scarf is the perfect accessory to go with the sweater.

  • Gray cardigan with any light color floral print square silk scarf
  • Monotone V-neck sweater with any light color floral print square silk scarf
  • Strap sweater with a monotone fringe long scarf

Turtleneck Sweater with Scarf Tied to Your Hair

Do you love to wear turtleneck sweaters in the winter? Typically, no one wears a scarf with the turtleneck sweater. However, you can use a thin and long floral scarf as a fun fashion accessory in this case. The scarf will not add warmth to your whole outfit, but makes the wearer more beautiful and chic.

  • Use the thin long scarf as a little headband. Tie a knot at the back and near the base of your head. This is ultra chic and feminine.
  • Tie a knot on top of your head in different ways to make yourself look super cute.

Don't Know How to Tie a Scarf? Try Infinity

Scarves made of silk, cashmere, or wool can be pricy. Teenagers or young adults might not have the resources to buy premium material scarves. Acrylic is a nice alternative to wool and polyester can mimic silk in appearance. What's even better? Buy infinity scarves because it's so easy to wear.


Use a Big Square Wool Scarf as a Poncho

A big square wool scarf is the ultimate accessory for very harsh and cold winter weather. If you are a tall and thin girl, this is the perfect way to make yourself look gorgeous. Shorter girls tend to get swallowed by very big and long ponchos. But not to worry, there are ways to rock the poncho if you are a shorter woman.

  • Wear a big scarf with fringes as a poncho for tall girls. Don't forget to pair it with booties to look even more chic and pulled together.
  • Add a belt to the long scarf poncho if you are on the shorter side. Along with high heels, this will elongate your legs and make you look taller than you actually are.

Head Wrap with Sunglasses

The scarf has multiple uses. It's not only an accessory that is used to wrap around your neck. You can also use it to accessorize your face! Think of the legendary actress, Audrey Hepburn! She uses a scarf as a head wrap. But are you afraid that you will not be able to pull off this look? Pair it with some oversized sunglasses for the ultimate chic and cool look! Best of all, this head wrap can keep you warm during the harsh winter weather!


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