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How to Repair Your Damaged Hair at Home

Damaged Hair - Tips and Home Treatments

Many women, at the altar of beauty, often sacrifice the quality and health of their hair. What does this mean; In order to make frequent changes to our hair, to have them dyed and stylized, etc., we use on a daily or very frequent basis various products, tools that burden our hair and in the long run they destroy our hair.

Damaged hair usually comes from frequent and intense use of high temperature (contact with chemicals (bleaching, dyeing, perm, etc.), but there is always the possibility of a natural cause.

Perchance if you have burned hair that are almost ruined it is difficult or time-consuming to restore it permanently and to completely fix hair damage. But you can limit the damage with simple solutions with no cost. It just takes time and patience.


Damaged Hair-5 Recovery Tips

  1. Get rid of the damaged parts

One of the first steps you should follow when having damaged and burned hair is to refresh them by cutting the burned edges and of course if you have split ends that is very likely to get rid of it too. Get advise from your hairdresser on how much you should cut your hair and clean the damaged parts. You will not need to cut them too short so do not be afraid, just a freshening on your edges that is definitely the most damaged spot.

2.Stay away from heat and chemicals

If you're used to having your hair always perfect styled, it will cost you a little but it's the only way to save your burnt hair and limit the damage they have suffered. For a few months, you will need to stay away from using strong heat on your hair (dryer, straightener, curling iron, etc), hard dyes and other chemical treatments.It is not necessary to use any of the above to have nice styled hair.

3.Use Proper Hair Products

It is important to use on a daily basis the proper shampoo and conditioner, especially for damaged hair to be able to help them recover, preferably with more natural ingredients. There are special moisturizing shampoos for repairing damaged hair as well as special conditioning products that you can apply after shampoo to your hair. It is very important to apply once a week a hair mask with natural oils that penetrate and nourish your hair.

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4.Take care of the hair hydration

For damaged hair it is important to hydrate the hair and maintain the necessary moisture. Try to apply to your hair on a daily basis a moisturizing cream or a specific hair serum that will contribute to this purpose. Surely the recovery of the damage will take time, but if you have patience you will see a big difference in the result.

5. Avoid frequent hair washing

Frequent shampooing makes our hair dry, something we do not want in already tired and damaged hair. On the other hand, we actually want them to keep their moisture and not to get dry. So, it is good to be a little cautious about how often we wash them. It does not need daily shampooing.


3 Homemade Therapies

1. Homemade hair mask
For burned hair and generally damaged hair, you can easily create a natural hair mask in your home. You will need coconut oil and aloe in gel form. Of course, if you have a pot of aloe leaves in your home, it is better to get your material directly from your plant. You will take a small amount of these two ingredients and mix them to make a uniform mixture that you will apply as a mask to your hair. You can apply it on your hair twice a week.

2. Natural treatment with olive oil
Olive oil is a product we all have at home and we have not appreciated it as much as we should. You should know that it offers nourishing hair and very good moisturization, it's a must for burned hair that you want to bring back to life. You can apply a small amount of olive oil to your hair, then cover them with a towel or a plastic cap and let them have an entire night to act. Of course, the next day you will wash them for the oil to go away and you'll see a difference.

3. Homemade toning lotion
You can stimulate your damaged hair by making a natural lotion in your home. You will mix a portion of water with a portion of maloxide and apply it to your hair by spraying it with the mixture after washing before they get dry. This lotion will add shine in your hair, leaving unnecessary remnants of products you have used.



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