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How to Remove Strawberry Legs Naturally

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The appearance of dark black or red spots on our legs can be identified as strawberry legs. There are some basic reasons and causes of strawberry legs. It has no side effect on our body but the appearance is not so good and is a reason because of which many cannot wear revealing dresses of their choice or flaunt their legs. It causes a lot of embarrassment to those who have and can also cause loss of confidence in some people.

Causes of Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs are caused due to build-up of oil, dirt or bacteria in the hair follicles. When you remove the hair of your legs, the follicles come in contact with oxygen and turns dark. Ingrown hair is another reason for strawberry legs.

Some of the major causes of strawberry legs are:

  1. SHAVING: There is no harm in shaving but the way you shave your legs determines the quality of your skin. If you just shave your legs without any shaving cream or moisturizer, it will definitely cause dark spots and ingrowth.
  2. CLOGGED PORES: After removing your body hair your hair follicles are exposed. Lack of cleansing and exfoliation cause dirt and bacteria build-up in your follicles.
  3. INGROWTH: If your hair growth after shaving/waxing is not proper, it grows up inside your follicle and remains under your skin. This is called ingrowth.

Remedies/Treatment for Strawberry Legs

Treating strawberry legs is easy if you do it the correct way. If you religiously follow these tips, you will definitely get rid of this forever.


Dry scrubbing is very easy and the most effective method to prevent and get rid of strawberry legs. You will easily get dry scrubbing gloves/brush online and is very affordable. As the name suggests, you just have to use the gloves/brush on your dry skin. Do not wet your skin. Just rub your skin very gently in circular motions all over your legs. That’s it, so simple. Do this 2-3 days in a week for best results. Apply moisturizer or oil after scrubbing. Definitely do this before the hair removal process. It will make hair removal easy and also prevent ingrowth. If you include this in your skincare routine, you will never face the problem of strawberry legs.

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Exfoliation is very important as it helps to clean your hair follicles and prevents oil, dirt and bacteria build-up. You can use any body scrub available in market or prepare your own natural scrub. One of the most effective scrub which I always use is Baking soda and lemon. Just add lemon juice in baking soda and use the same lemon to scrub the paste on your skin. Baking soda is a great exfoliator and it helps in cleansing skin. It is very safe to use on your skin but always do a patch test before using anything. If this does not suit your skin then you can use the mixture of coffee powder and sugar powder. Add a little honey to the mixture and scrub it on your skin.


As I said earlier, the method of hair removal determines the quality of your skin. If you just wet your skin with water while shaving, it can cause ingrowth and dark spots and razor bumps. To avoid this, use a shaving cream or body lotion. I personally use conditioner on my skin before shaving. This helps in softening of hair and easy removal thus preventing ingrowth and clogged pores.


It might seem like less important but is equally important to achieve soft and even-toned skin. Dry skin can cause rough, uneven skin tone and dark spots. Always use a moisturizer which suits your skin the best after exfoliation or your bath. Moisturization keeps your skin soft and also prevents oil build-up. This is the most important step.


These are very simple and easy but equally important to help you achieve even toned legs. Do give it a try. If you follow all these remedies regularly, you will see noticeable results in 2-3 weeks and will never have strawberry legs ever.

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