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How To Remove Bad Smell From Your Smelly Shoes

There are so many ways to get rid of shoe odor.

There are so many ways to get rid of shoe odor.

Do you shoes often smell bad? Are you looking for simple ways to get rid of shoe odor? If you answered YES to all these questions, then it is imperative that you read on.

In this article I am going to show you some very simple ways to go about getting rid of bad smell from your shoes. I used to experience serious problems with smelly shoes, but having done the simple things mentioned below, smelly shoes became a thing of the past and my shoes now always smell fresh – even during the hot days of the summer.

Always wear socks

Failing to wear socks when wearing your shoes is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever do if your goal is to keep your shoes smelling good. Socks are very important in the battle against smelly shoes in the sense that they absorb sweat from your feet and prevent the sweat from soaking the inside of your shoes and making them smelly. You should know that the main reason why your shoes get smelly is as a result of sweat. Our feet are very sweaty, and when we sweat into our shoes, the place becomes an ideal place for odor-causing bacteria to thrive and pollute the insides of the shoes with unpleasant odor.

Stuff the shoes with newspaper

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that one of the best ways to get rid of shoe odor is by stuffing the shoes with newspaper. This is a very effective way of getting rid of unpleasant smell from your shoes. All you need to do here is to crumple newspaper and stuff the papers into your shoes. The newspaper stuffed in the shoes will absorb a significant amount of moisture from the shoes along with the bad odors. Leave the crumpled papers in the shoes for about 10 hours before removing them and you will be amazed by the fresh smell that will be coming out from your shoes. Normally what I do is before going to bed at night, I stuff my smelly shoes with newspaper, and by the time I wake up the following morning, the newspaper would have thoroughly absorbed the moisture and smell in the shoes making them smelling super fresh for me to wear to work.

Use alcohol to get rid of shoe odor

Another great way of getting rid of the foul odor from your shoes is to use alcohol to clean the insides of the shoes. It is very simple. Just get some cotton and dip it in alcohol and use the alcohol-soaked cotton ball to clean the insides of your shoes and leave the shoes untouched for some hours. The alcohol will kill all the bacteria in the shoes that cause the foul odor, thereby making your shoes odor-free.

Put your shoes in the microwave

While putting your shoes in the microwave in order to get rid of the odor might sound strange to you, this is another very effective method to achieve your goal of making your shoes smell good. Remember that it is moisture in the shoes that makes it a favorable environment for odor-causing bacteria to thrive. Putting your shoes in the microwave for about a minute or two will not only dry the shoes but it will also kill the bacteria responsible for the bad smell in the shoes.

Put your smelly shoes in the freezer

Believe it or not, but putting your smelly shoes in the freezer helps in getting rid of the bad odor. How does this work? When you put your smelly shoes in the freezer, the extreme cold temperature in the freezer makes it impossible for the odor-causing bacteria to survive and stink up the shoes.

In oder to get the best results, you should allow the shoes to stay in the freezer for about two hours before taking them out and allowing them to completely dry. When the shoes dry, you will be amazed by the what you see and smell!

NOTE: If you have food in the freezer, my advice to you is to first wrap the shoes in a rubber bag so that you do not contaminate the food there.


Wash your shoes if they are washable

If your shoes are washable, then thoroughly washing them and letting them dry is obviously the best thing you can do to get rid of any bad smell in them. If your shoes can be washed in a machine, then it makes things much easier for you since all you will need to do is just remove the laces and toss them into the washing machine. But if they are not machine washable, then you’d have to do the washing the old-fashioned way. You can use a soft brush or a cloth and scented soapy water to wash both the interior and exterior of the shoes. When you are done with the washing, just clean the shoes with a dry cloth and leave them to thoroughly dry. That’s all you need to do to make your shoes to smell good again. Of course this only applies to shoes that are washable. But whether your shoes are washable or not, using the method below will work wonders for you!

Use baking soda to get rid of the smell in your shoes

I can’t count how many times I have used baking soda to get the job done. Personally I think baking soda is the most effective natural way to get rid of shoe odor. It is simple. All you need to do is get some baking soda and sprinkle it in your shoes. Leave the shoes alone overnight. The next morning, when you wake up you'll notice that the unpleasant odor will be no more. Turn the shoes upside down and shake off the baking soda from them and you are good to go. As a matter of fact, this happens to be my favorite way of keeping my shoes odor-free.

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