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Halloween Face Painting- Step By Step Guide to Painting Fearsome Faces

Step By Step Face Painting Guide  for Kids of All Ages

Step By Step Face Painting Guide for Kids of All Ages

Halloween Face Painting

Painting Scary Faces for Kids

It always amazes me how face painting can change any outfit into a costume. Just look at a dracula costume and you can see that all you need is a little imagination. In a few easy steps you can turn an ordinary kid into a fully fanged vampire or a good or bad witch. Whatever suitable Halloween costume theme, you and your child are thinking about creating, remember that there is a way to paint their face so that anyone they trick or treat with will be challenged when trying to figure how which kid they truly are.

Shiver me timbers read on if you want a really good Halloween treat!

Face Painting Made Easy

Face painting is such a fun idea and it’s the best thing to do for a birthday party or a halloween party. Not only do kids love face painting, adults also love to have their faces being painted with all kinds of characters, symbols and patterns. it is make up or kids face painted creating the look is easy, but you have to remember that you have to take your time doing them to get the best results. Experimenting before easy tips and tricks that stand out on the trick-or-treat trail.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Learn How To Face Paint

Handy Face Painting Hints

It is better to use your finger to fill in large spaces, and the brush or applicator for the details.

Use your finger to apply the glitter.

Make sure you know how to mix the colors needed:

  • black and white for grey
  • red and yellow for orange
  • green and red for brown.

What You Need to Face Paint

  • Foundation makeup (often white, sometimes in a tube)
  • Four or more colored makeups
  • Black makeup pencil
  • Paint sticks or crayons in various colors
  • Application sponges
  • Application brushes
  • Step-by-step instructions with pictures
  • Or buy a Kids Face Paint Kits

Pirate Face Paint Step by Step

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

"Captain" Jack Sparrow

Blimey Mate Pirate Face Painting Guide

Blimey Mate Pirate Face Painting Guide

To Create that Pirate

You Will Need

  • Black and Brown paint -You can make the brown paint by mixing green and red with your fingers
  • A Red pencil
  • A Black Pencil
  • Brush
  • Sponge

Face Paint Crayons

Halloween Costume Ideas

Paint a Pirate Face

1-Captain Jack of the popular Disney Movie "Pirates Of the Carribean is in the sun all day so To recreate his look you have to make your skin look tanned. In one easy step, paint on the color brown color using the brush or your fingers.

2- Next you need to create the beard like The Curse of the Black Pearl. Using a coarse sponge dab on a stubble around the chin and above the lip using black. Just dip the sponge in the black paint. Keep it sparing as you want the beard to have a rough look.

3- What pirate doesn't have an eye patch. Easily make an eye patch by using the black paint. With your finger or a brush paint a square over one eye. Draw 2 lines on either side for the strap to keep the pirate patch on - now you have an eyepatch just like Jack.

4- With the black pencil, draw a moustache using swirly lines at the end of the pirates moustache.

5- Pirates need scary looking eye brows. Draw in bristly black eyebrows, then shade under your eyes in brown to give you a harsh appearance.

6- At "Worlds End' everyone has to have a tooth that is pirate like. Just color In a black tooth right in the front.

7-Draw some red scars above the patch on the eye. and small scratch like looking Make it look realistic by drawing little horizontal lines to make it look like stitches

Use White to highlight the scar above and voila your pirate face is ready.

Now just add something piraty looking like a stripy blue and white T-shirt for the Halloween costume.

For a look tie a bandana around your head add a clip on earring, and your your disguise is complete!

Witch Face Paint Step by Step

Face Painting Tutorial

Face Painting Tutorial

Easy Steps To Paint a Witches Face

Use pretty colors for your witch- they dont all have to be ugly and green witches on all souls night!

Use pretty colors for your witch- they dont all have to be ugly and green witches on all souls night!

Paint a Witch

Using a pale purple or pink colorr - shade in all around the eye lids.

Rub some of the same pink or purple around cheek area.

Paint on black eyebrows and add a creepy spider crawling down from one eye.

Using black eyeliner - out line the upper lid and end with a swirl.

Mix some black with the purple for a purplish lipstick

Kids Face Paint Kits - Rainbow Colors - Halloween Kit

Spiderman Face Paint Step by Step

Action Figures face painting guide

Action Figures face painting guide

What You Need

To Create A Spiderman Face:

  • Red, White, and Black Facepaint
  • Small Makeup Sponge (new kitchen sponge can be used)
  • Small Paint brush or Make Up Brush

Face Paint with Sunblock

Spiderman Halloween Costume Accessories


Step By Step Instructions

White Paint
Around the Eyes
Using a sponge, dab on white face paint to cover the eye area in a either circular, oval or in a teardrop shape.

Tip when Using White Paint it is a good thing to do a test on back of the hand before you apply to the eye area so that you can see how much coverage you are getting. You want the white to be as opaque as you can get it.

Red Paint
Cover the rest of the face in red. Also this is a good time to even out the white on the eyes.


Create the SpiderMan 'Web'

Dipping a black brush into your black make up or face paint start just to the right of the center of the forehead and curve in to line the inside curve of your white shape. When you reach the nostril, curve outward to pass the corner of the mouth, ending at the chin.

Repeat on the other side of the Face

Add a line above each white shape, then under each white shape as though the line had continued through the white area.
Add three more lines for the webbing trying to keep the lines toward the middle of the face. Face painting does not need to be perfect once you get to this part you will see the Web forming so just go with a creative hand!

Finally, outline your white areas with a thick black line.

Spiderman Costume Accessory

Vampire Face Paint Step by Step

tutorial for face painting a scary Vampire

tutorial for face painting a scary Vampire

Vampire Diaries

Easy Step By Step Face Painting Guide

Easy Step By Step Face Painting Guide

WaterProof Face Paint with Sunblock

Step By Step Directions

Paint A Vampire Face

Step 1: Cover the face with a light base of white. You want an ashen type of layer.

Step 2: Next using a damp sponge contour the following areas lightly with black the white can be still in sponge from step 1 -

  • The hollow part of the eye socket
  • Under the cheek bones,
  • Around the temples.

Step 3: Above and below the eye lids paint some red paint.

Step 4: using black paint on a brush or a crayon make the triangle shape eyebrows For added attention try a widow’s peak by making a triangle in front at the hairline. This works best with dark hair or a vampire wig, of course.

Step 5 - Make vampire fangs and then paint a thin lower lip, avoiding the fangs.

Step 6 - With red face paint, create drips of blood running down from the fangs.

Kids Face Paint Kits & Crayons

Halloween Costume Tip

A beautiful vampire costumes can be created with a white shirt, black pants, a black cape and a a set of scary looking fangs. I am sure you have most of the items listed above all you need to add is the make up and a good set of fangs!

Skelton Face Paint Step by Step

Scary Skeleton Face Painting Made Easy

Scary Skeleton Face Painting Made Easy

Easy Step by Step How to Paint a Scary Skull

Easy Step by Step How to Paint a Scary Skull

You Will Need

To Paint A Scary Skeleton

Black Make up or Face Paint
White Face Paint

A Red Paint Crayon
Red Face Paint with A Make Up Brush

Paint a Scary Skeleton

Remember that when painting your childrens face it is not important that it is perfect. Try your hand and let your imagination add to these simple steps when painting a scary skull face.

Step 1- With your finger or a sponge apply white paint all over the facial area.

Step 2- Take your black crayon or apply with a brush and paint in the eye sockets, the hollows under the eyes and cheeks, the shape of the skull, the nose area and the outline of the lips

Step 3- Use a fine brush to paint in cracks on the skull surface around the forehead and eye sockets.

Step 4- For a really terrifying finishing touch, you could also paint your child’s eyelids in white, then draw in black eyeballs and red veins.

Face Painting Must Haves

Step By Step Cat Face Painting

Kitty Cat tutorial

Kitty Cat tutorial

Kitty Cat Face

Kitty Cat Face Painting Ideas for kids and adults

Kitty Cat Face Painting Ideas for kids and adults

Paint a Black Kitty Cat

Cats are one of the most often requested face painting designs.Take your kitty cat makeup to the next level with this terrific easy to follow visual video guide.Creating the perfect cat face requires a few basic supplies and a little creativity.

Exclusive Cat Face Painting Kit by Snazaroo Face Paints is a great buy. The paints are are hypoallergenic and one of the world's safest face paints, meeting US FDA, Canadian, and European standards for cosmetic safety. You can be sure that this face paint comes with a Child Toy Safety Rating. Snazaroo paint is non-toxic and easy to use face paint that is water-based, fragrance-free and wash off easily. White Snazaroo Face Paint gives brightly colored, totally opaque coverage

Face Painting Cat Tutorial

Fantasy Black Cat Face Paint Step By Step

Avatar Face Paint

 Easy to create the Na'vi people from the Hit Movie Avatar

Easy to create the Na'vi people from the Hit Movie Avatar

There is a Zinka color for all and every Halloween Costume Character Face Under the Sun

There is a Zinka color for all and every Halloween Costume Character Face Under the Sun

Cool Face Paint with Sun Protection

Zinka's Colored Sunblock

Makes face Painting Easy

ZINKA nosecoat first came out in 1994 when it was popular for surfers and athletes to cover their noses for protection from the sun. Made with zinc oxide ZINKA's colored sunblock is back and better than ever with two additional colors that will sure get you look noticed this Halloween. Use it as a face paint is not just for people (think surfers and artists) to put the colored product on their noses.

Buy the basics and you can create all the great face painting looks you have seen here. If you want to use the make up you already have, I suggest you purchase white and red and they can be used all year long as a great sunblock!

Choose from 10 Halloween colors

blue,black flesh,green, pink, red, white, yellow, orange,green

Halloween Costumes

The Best Face Painting Kits

The Best Face Painting Kits

Kids Face Painting Kit for Halloween and Theme Parties All Year Round

Kids Face Painting Kit for Halloween and Theme Parties All Year Round

Kids Face Paint Kits

When you want to face paint your child for Halloween, but not sure how? Maybe a face painting kit could be your answer. The kids Face painting kits here contain everything you need for a all Halloween designs you have seen here . These kids kits include the kid safe face paint and step-by-step instructions. Great for Halloween and even more all year long when you need a great idea for kids parties and plays. Face paint kits make Halloween face painting easy and so much fun.

Snazaroo Face Painting Kits

Most Helpful Customer Reviews


Nice facepaint,,, doesnt 'crack' once on. A little goes a long way. We used it for halloween and the kids looked great.

Face Painting

Do's and Dont's

Just remember

This is for kids 2 and over - and always test a small spot before applying face paint to children

DO - Apply the make-up to clean bare skin. Don’t moisturise first.

DO - Have your kids put on their Halloween costume first this way there is little chance of them don’t smudging the make-up.

DO - Have them sit somewhere like a kitchen chair so you can work around them.

DO -Using a damp sponge will help in avoiding streaking or that caked on look..

DON'T - Make it too thick -You want the paint to be like a thin beauty cream.

DO - Use a makeup brush or a face paint brush for outlining and fancy designs.

DO - The face lines and fancy designs that require a brush - do them as the last step.

DO -The best detail or lines work are achieved if you use a thin make up or paint brush. Any that are shaped into a point are really good.

DON"T - Use a used brush or Just make sure it is perfectly clean before you start.

DON"T - Scrunch your eyes -There are a lot of facepaint designs that require painting around the eyes, so it is beat to tell your kids that they need to close their eyes gently, no scrunching them up (unless asked :) – or they’ll smudge the paint.

Alex Face Paint Studio

when you want to really do up Halloween this year let Alex Face Kit help you to paint anything you imagine. This fun set comes with all of the supplies you and your child need to create scary or beautiful face painting masterpieces. It comes in an easy transporting carrying case.

Moms - This Face paint washes off easily with soap and water.

Alex Face Painting Sets

More Halloween Costume Fun

After the Halloween Party

The kids have had many treats and now it is time to make sure they do not wake up with out any tricks so make sure that you:


  • Simply wash with soap and water: these paints are specially made for the skin - they are not toxic and will come off easily. If some traces remain, use some baby oil or any make-up remover you have,


  • These face paints have been made especially for you and your friends.
  • Be creative remember you dont have to get it perfect, half the fun of Halloween is let your creativity flow.
  • Practice does make perfect!
  • Happy Halloween Have Fun And be Safe!


Donna Cosmato from USA on October 28, 2011:

Wow, what a wealth of information! We bought a face painting kit this year but I wasn't really sure how to proceed...now I know what to do and what not to do. Awesome hub, I voted it and shared it virally.

Chin chin from Philippines on October 27, 2011:

I really like this hub. I was just thinking of doing face painting on my kids come the day of their Halloween party in school. Will bookmark this hub so I can come back and copy the design. I like the pretty pink witch design.

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 20, 2011:

Simone Smith - the skeleton face is a great one.. but somehow I see you as the pretty witch ;) May your Halloween be filled with more tricks than treats!

drbj and sherry from south Florida on September 20, 2011:

Great ideas for painting a fearsome face, Shari. Now I need some tips for covering up a fearsome face. Any suggestions? Whoa, just had a newsflash. A mask could work. :)

Robin Edmondson from San Francisco on September 20, 2011:

These tips are all so fun! It is always amazing to me when I watch face painters at fairs or other kids' functions. They are so quick and precise and add the special touches at the end - like glitter for our girls - that make the whole thing look polished! Great useful Hub for Halloween! Thanks!

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on September 19, 2011:

Wow, I LOVE this! I totally want to do the skeleton face. Great Hub!!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 18, 2011:

jimmythejock - just make sure when you start paintiung baby jason he doesnt react to any of the paint... especially if he has dry skin like his dad ;)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 18, 2011:

randomcreative - hope you like these Halloween face painting ideas so much that you paint your face this year!

Jimmy the jock from Scotland on September 18, 2011:

Love it Wave, the avatar one looks tricky though I am no artist so would probably turn out more like a smurf if i tried it lol.....jimmy

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 18, 2011:

Great hub! Very detailed. Thanks for the information.

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 17, 2011:

Safer and oh so much more fun! With the right tools and paints and a little practice the end result comes from having a blast doing it!

FloraBreenRobison on September 17, 2011:

face painting is a lot safer than masks because the children can still see where they are going.

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