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How To Improve Your Skin Tone And Look Younger In Less Than 60 Minutes  You don't need salon treatment just do it yourself!  You don't need salon treatment just do it yourself!

This stuff is Amazing!

Skin care is something we all try to do every day. We use face creams, toners and all the new brands to try to improve our skin. But there are a few things that you need to know about how your skin works.

For starters, the more cream that you apply to your face, the saggier it gets. The moisturiser liquids are not so bad, its the thick face creams that are the problem.

The skin on our face is actually attached to the muscles underneath. In other parts of the body, the muscles slide underneath the skin, but on the face the muscles actually help to keep the skin tight.

As we use creams, especially thick face cream at night, it tends to make it sag a bit like soaking a sponge with water.

To make our facial skin look better we need to change our beauty routine.


How many of us actually really scrub our faces before we go to bed and in the morning? I know we all take showers or have a bath, but not many people actually give themselves a real facial scrub every day.

This is just for starters. To make our faces spring back up instead of letting gravity pull down the skin, there are a few things we should do.

I recently went and had a facial at a salon. I had never ever tried it before, so it was all knew to me. The point was, apart from feeling totally relaxed for an hour, it opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong.

Of course we can't all afford beauty salon treatment. This was a one of for me, because of the cost, but it did show me a few things that I decided to try at home. And guess what? It really worked!

Home Facial Kit Made From Things Around The House

Most people believe that to have great skin we need to use expensive moisturisers or face creams. Its actually been clinically proved that all the expensive stuff we put on our faces are only as good as the cheaper ones.

Even the adverts on TV these days have added a small get out of trouble line at the bottom of the screen. It states:'This cream will have a temporary effect'. Don't get me wrong, some of the face creams really do make a difference. I have been using the same one for years and its great.

But like an artist painting a picture, you have to have a clean canvas.





Gorgeous warm face pack!

Gorgeous warm face pack!

Home Face Lift

You don't need to buy expensive home facial kits. Everything you need you can find around the home.

If you do this at least once a week you are going to notice one heck of a difference.

First of all get all of the ingredients together and head for the bathroom. You will need:

  • Salt
  • 2 Flannels
  • Chair
  • Towels
  • Sugar and Spice facial mask
  • Light moisturiser
  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Facial steamer or hot water and towel
  • Cucumber
  • Glass or bottle of water
Give that skin a scrub!

Give that skin a scrub!

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First of all wipe of all your make up. Then really give your face a good clean. Most people think that soap is a swear word when cleaning your face. This is just a fallacy.

Soap is one of the best things to make your skin tighter. But that's not what its for to start with. Using soap will really give your face a good cleansing. It takes of excess oil that cleansers leave behind.

Turn on the taps in your bath or sink. We need lots of steam. Not just to steam your face but to circulate around the room.

Now, get a flannel and dunk it into hot water. As hot as you can put up with. Add a dollop of salt to the flannel.

Start scrubbing your face in circular motions. Don't drag the skin because it will start to make it wrinkle and you could scrub too hard. We don't want cuts and bruises!

Just keep scrubbing all the way around, including your neck region. You will feel your skin begin to tingle, this is great, but if it starts to smart then you are using to much pressure.

Don't forget the eye area. Just be really gentle. The skin around your eyes will probably be the most caked with makeup. So it's a good idea to use the salt on the area, just take it easy.

Put on that face pack!

Put on that face pack!

After you have finished to salt scrub, rinse the flannel and soak it once again with the hot water. Sit down on the chair as near to the steam as possible, but don't lean over it. Put your head back and place the flannel over your face. Then relax. Try to keep it in place for at least ten minutes, topping up the hot water intermittently .

After ten minutes, take the flannel away and open the sugar and spice face mask. I chose that one because its scrummy delicious! When you first apply it, it takes you by surprise because its hot! Somehow putting it on damp skin makes it warm up and your face feels divine when its rubbed in. Or use any face mask that you feel comfortable with.

Sit back in the chair and leave it on for another ten minutes. The warmth of the mask will bring the blood up to your face and you will feel a lovely warm tingle to your skin.