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How To Have An Emo Hairstyle For Men

Emo Hair

Do you ever look at pictures of emo people and just wonder how they get their hair to be in that fashion? Maybe your'e probably thinking something like, "Oh, I don't think I want to have emo hair and be emo", or "That hairstyle is hard to maintain". With this guide, I will teach you how to grow your hair, make the style, and maintain it so you don't have to do much to keep it that way.

Take into consideration that you don't have to be emo to have an emo hairstyle. You should never change who you are for a hairstyle. In fact, if you are able to maintain this hairstyle, and keep your personality, people will be interested in you, because they'll find you mysterious, and hard to guess. Nowadays, there are women that like men with long hair, and they'll probably like you even more, since long hair is rare between men.

You can have and Maintain this Hair too

You can have and Maintain this Hair too

There are two basic things you need in order to maintain an emo hairstyle. You need a Hair Straightener. If you have wavy or curly hair, this is a MUST. You also need Time. Don't expect to get an emo hairstyle by the end of this month. Hair grows only half an inch to an inch per month, and your hair needs to be long enough to straighten. You also need to have some time to do your hair every now and then. Dye is optional, and is not recommended if you want 'easy to maintain' emo hair.

Step One: Growing

It's the most important step, and it's as simple as it is. Just stop going to the barber. It does take time, so I suggest you go on with your life for at least three months before getting to the next step. You can increase growth rate a bit by only washing your hair every three days. I suggest brushing your hair downwards, so it gets used to being that way.

Step Two: Straightening

First, go to a hair stylist and tell him what kind of emo hairstyle you'd like. It could be so it covers one eye, or for layers. This is optional, and you can achieve emo hair without doing this by simply having them cover both eyes.

Once your hair is long enough, it needs to be straightened. You can go to a hair stylist and have that done or you can do it at home. Doing your own hair isn't as hard as it seems, but it is time consuming. It might take at least 5-15 minutes. I suggest you do buy a straightener, as it will cost less in the long run, and you can straighten in the convenience of your own home.

I suggest starting with the sides first. The reason is, because the sides are closer to your skin, therefore you get burned more often. It's better to get these places while your straightener is still not extremely hot yet. It's simple; just grab a comb and brush a bit of hair half-way, so your straightener can get in between the scalp and the comb, and pull your hair lightly with the straightener outwards; You want it straightened, not out.

Once you're done the sides, you can do what's in-between. This is a bit easier, because there's less risk of burning yourself. Start at the front. brush hair halfway, put your hair straightener in-between, and pull lightly outwards. for people with curly or wavy hair, your hair might stick right up. This might be because your hair is not long enough. If that's not the case, then comb your hair half-way, put the straightener between, and curl downwards, and brush again. Do the front first, middle, then back. When your'e done, you should have your emo hair! But we're not done yet, first we have to cover the last step, which is maintaining your hair.

Maintaining your hair

You should reaize that as soon as you drown your hair with water, it will go back to turning the way it is before. This is very inconvenient, because it means that you either have to not take showers often or re-straighten often.

Lucky for you, you can still have good hygiene and just straighten per month, it's just that you have to change how you wash your body. Here's how you can give yourself a full body wash, clean hair and still have it straightened.

First, get a sponge, and go to your bathtub. Then, fill the sponge with water, and squeeze it on your body. It's best to start with as far as you can get to your neck. It's important to make sure it doesn't turn a dark colour from not washing, as people will start to notice that and say your'e not very hygenic or, 'Sacrificing hygiene for hair' (Note: Even if some water gets on your hair, it will not ruin it entirely. It's only if your hair gets saturated with water). Next, put your body wash on your sponge and wash your body as you normally do. When your'e finished, rinse out the sponge from body wash, and rinse your body again with your sponge.

Once you've dried up, take some flour and put it on your hair-Yes it's stupid but just do it. The flour will soak up any oils on your hair. Make sure the flour reaches your scalp too. Then after that, just comb the flour out in a trash can.

If there's any tips of your hair that turned curly when you were in the bath tub, just straighten it again, but only if it's noticeable.

There, you now keep your hair, and your hygiene. This may seem like a weird way to wash your self, but trust me, it takes far less time in the long run, especially when your hair becomes longer. I still recommend taking full showers once every month or two weeks, because after a while, your hair will start to curl from sweat, or feel rough.

One more tip, every time you fully straighten your hair, you should apply hair cream after that, to prevent your hair from being dry.

And there you have it, how to have, and maintain Emo hair for men.


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