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How To Give Yourself A Deep Cleansing And Moisturizing Facial

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A Lovely Deep Cleansing Facial For Anti-Aging Effects And Skin Conditioning

Have A Facial Today by fairday

Have A Facial Today by fairday

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Massage, Mask, Moisturize

You can perform an anti-aging facial for yourself that will improve your skin's appearance and keep the skin elastic. It only takes about ten minutes and if you take the time to do this facial once a week, you will slowdown the appearance of aging skin. It is never too early or late to add a facial to your skin care routine.

The purpose of the facial is to deep cleanse the skin, stimulate circulation, tone the skin and underlying tissue and moisturize. Each step leads to the next step naturally:

1. Cleanse: Remove any excess oils, pollution and debris from the skin.

2. Exfoliate: Remove dead skin cells, open.

3. Steam: Open pores, deep cleanse.

4. Massage: Stimulate circulation in skin and underlying tissue, tone skin and muscles.

5. Mask: Allow skin conditioners to soak into skin. The oil or mixture that was massaged into the skin is allowed to remain on the skin or is wiped away and moisturizing mask is applied.

6. Moisturizer: Continue the moisturizing process.

Fingertips Only!

Use Only Your Fingertips On The Face And Neck! by fairday

Use Only Your Fingertips On The Face And Neck! by fairday

Only The Fingertips On The Face Otherwise You Could Get Wrinkles From The Treatment

1. You must be gentle on your face and neck. The skin on your neck is just as fragile as the skin on your face so use just your fingertips on both areas.  When you do a facial,  you should do your neck at the same time to avoid developing a younger appearing face paired with an older looking neck. 

2. You want to avoid pulling at the skin. Try not to not move the skin or underlying tissue because this means that your movements are going too deep and may damage the skin, particularly if it is thin or dry. This is just a facial skin treatment that will affect the entire facial area naturally.

3. When you working near the eyes, you should use only the tips of your little fingers. Your little fingers are your weakest fingers, which meant that these little fingers will do the least damage to that area's delicate skin. Any movements here are very light and trail off.

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Instructions For The Deep Cleansing And Moisturizing Facial That You Can Do At Home

1. Cleanse: You can use any facial cleanser for this step after all make-up is removed. Facial cleansers come in different forms: soap bars, lotions, creams and food ingredients (milk, honey, oil, oatmeal). This steps prepares the skin for the facial treatment by removing debris. A toner or water is used to remove residue left from the cleanser.

2. Exfoliate: This step gently removes dead skin cells that would otherwise impede the effects of the facial treatment. The top layer of the skin is revealed and readied for the treatment. A gentle facial scrub may be made from 1 teaspoon ground oatmeal with 2 teaspoons vegetable oil. The scrub is gently worked over the skin in small circles while avoiding the eye area. The area is wiped and rinsed to remove the residue.

3. Steam: Once the dead skin cells are removed, the pores are deep cleansed with steam facial. The steam facial is prepared by heating water until it is steaming. It should be steaming strongly enough that it will continue to steam for five minutes after it has been placed in a heat proof bowl. Baking dishes retain heat.

When the steaming water is in a bowl, place a towel over your head and make a tent that covers the front of your face and the bowl on the table. Your face should be six to ten inches from the bowl. It should not be too hot to breathe, you should stop the steam facial if it feels hot or uncomfortable.

While the steam is an excellent way to hydrate and deep cleanse the skin, you can get the same effects by using hot damp towels. If you want to use towels, you need a few layers so that the heat is retained for a few minutes. Get the towels wet before wringing them so that they do not drip. Apply to the face, arranging them to cover your face and neck while allowing you to breathe comfortably. Even two minute in a steam facial or under a hot, towel will hydrate and cleanse the skin. Wipe the skin after the steam facial to remove any excess moisture before the massage.

4. Massage: Apply a cream or oil to the face and neck. Make a cursory swipe around the eye area with a tiny amount of the moisturizer, not getting too close to the actual eye it self. You will use both hands at the same time on each side of the face with beginning movements in the center of the face, making circles in an upwards movement. The stroke is fainter on the downwards movments and somewhat stronger on the upwards movement.

Forehead: Begin between the eyebrows and make stretched out circles that reach from the brows to the hairline, they get gradually smaller as you work towards the temples. Do this five times.

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Upper Eyelid Area: With little fingers, begin the movement beneath the brow with a half circle that trails off on the down stroke following the curve of the eyebrow. Do this 3 times.

Lower Eyelid Area: With the little fingers, begin the movement just below the inner corners of the eye and just gently do a half circle beneath the eye that trails off as it follows the curve of the eye socket away from the eyes.


  • Work up and down the nose with an index finger 7 times.
  • Work both sides of the nose up and down with both index fingers 7 times.
  • At the lower corner of each nostril, where the line of the cheek begins, press gently and continue with a circular movement upwards and outwards that trails off. Do this 7 times.

Mouth: Just below the outer corners of the mouth, make a small half circle that moves upwards and outwards from that area. Do this 7 times.

Chin and Cheeks: Beginning at the center of the chin, make circular movments that work over the cheeks and to the temples. The circles will vary in size as you continue the line of circles that over the area. Do this 7 times.

Neck: With one hand behind the neck, gently rake the fingers of the other hand over the neck from one side to the other. Repeat by beginning the movment on the other side of the neck. Do this 7 times each side.

5. Mask: You can either leave the massage oil or cream on the face, allowing it to soak in for 15 minutes. If you would rather apply a special moisturizing mask, then wipe away the oil and apply the mask for 15 minutes. When the mask is done, wipe and rinse away the residue.

6. Moisturizer: Apply a finishing moisturizer that will continue the moisturizing effects and that is it.

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