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How to Fix Puffy Eyes, Causes, Best Solutions and Homemade Remedies

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Eliminate puffy eyes with the help of natural remedies and the right products.

Eliminate puffy eyes with the help of natural remedies and the right products.

Are Puffy Eyes and Eye Bags the Same Thing?

Confusion always persists as to whether puffy eyes and bags under the eyes are one and the same. Many reports claim that both these conditions are the same. As a person becomes older, a bit of swelling, a sort of puffiness under one’s eyes, are not uncommon. As you age, the muscles and the tissues in the vicinity of the eyes, that give support to the eyelids, slacken.

The usual fat that aids in supporting the eyes shift over into the lower eyelids making the lids look puffed, and this could also be aggravated by the fluid that collects in the gap below the eyes.

These bags under the eyes are not really anything to be anxious about and can be reduced by cosmetic correction. Home remedies like cold compresses can alleviate puffiness to an extent, but for the more stubborn puffiness, cosmetic treatment may be the lone solution.

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1- Main reasons for puffy eyes
2- Getting rid of puffy eyes with homemade solutions
3- Blepharitis and puffy eyelids
4- Other ways to fix puffy eyes.
5- Best products for under eye puffiness
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Why do we get puffy eyes?

Why do we get puffy eyes?

What Are the Reasons for Puffy Eyes?

There can be many reasons for the eyes to become puffy and these reasons can differ from person to person.

The first cause is that it can be inherited. If your eyes fill up with tears even when you are not emotionally upset, there is a possibility that an allergy or some injury could be the cause for the puffiness. Hay fever allergy is one of the common reasons, along with a runny nose and sneezing.

They can also be induced by the retention of fluid that could be caused by alterations in the level of hormones, and for a woman, when she is due her menstrual cycle or when she is pregnant. As per, insufficient lymph flow can also be one of the causes for puffy eyes. By sleeping with your head at a higher level than the body using a thicker pillow and by doing regular exercises, this condition can be overcome.

Water paucity can cause swollen eyes and can be remedied by drinking lots of water. Too much of salt content in the body can also cause puffiness below the eyes due to water retention; this could lead to edema in the hands and feet too.

How we get puffy eyes and eyelids from crying? Sometimes, when we cry our eyes become swollen. That’s because our body reacts to emotions that enhance the flow of blood to the eyes, and that leads to swelling. Eyes also get strained on producing too many emotional tears.

Eye Gel Cream for Puffy Eyes

Sudden changes in the climatic conditions can be another reason for puffiness under the eyes, especially if you are in the habit of permanently rubbing your eyes because they are itchy. This makes your eyes swell forming bags under them.

Even after sleeping, people get puffy eyes. The reason for that could be excessive consumption of alcohol or a diet, comprising the excess of sodium that has water retention characteristics, and tossing and turning in bed on being unable to sleep well.

Allergies to certain foods and sleeplessness are other reasons for swollen eyes.

However, if you find that the puffiness persist and attempts to eliminate them fail, it would be best to consult your doctor, because puffy eyes could also be indicative of problems with the kidney or the thyroid.

If your eyes are puffy it will be practical to look for an enduring solution by identifying the root cause. The eyes and eyelids being very sensitive, can get red and puffed up easily. However, there is no cause for worry. The mild puffiness that you may see during the mornings, may gradually decrease by midday when gravity draws out the fluid that has collected beneath the eyes through the night.

Quick Fix for Puffy Eyes

How to reduce under eye puffiness.

How to reduce under eye puffiness.

14 of the Best Solutions for Puffy Eyes

Use the following home remedies for puffy eye bags to improve the skin surrounding the eyes.

1- Cool a metal spoon in cold water and place it on the area beneath the eyes where it is puffed, for a minute at least.

2- Application of haemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes, particularly the ones that contain yeast and shark liver oil, is believed to get rid of the swelling.

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3- Soak a small bag of green tea in cold water and place it on each eye alternatively to help reduce puffiness caused by water retention. Softly apply pressure from the inner to the outer corners, to speed up the draining process. Just like black tea bags dampened caffeine bags too will lower puffiness.

4- Placing thin slices of cucumber over closed eyelids are also said to alleviate puffy and sore eyes.

Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes

5- Reduce intake of salt that can cause puffy eyes.

6- Beat up egg white stiff, adding a few drops of witch hazel and apply over the puffy area of the eyes with a face brush. It will tighten the skin around the eye area and make the puffiness appear less prominent. The witch hazel will ensure that the egg white does not dry too soon.

7- Massaging a little apricot oil from the inner corners outward with your ring finger in a circular motion everyday like a regular exercise will give more strength to the muscles around the eye area, and reduce puffiness.

8- Every time you wake up wash your face with cold water. This will help tighten blood vessels and lower swelling.

9- Rub an ice cube under the eye area.

10- Get into the routine of practicing facial exercises to diminish wrinkles and eye puffiness.

11- Incorporate to your diet diuretic plants such as horse tail or raw onions.

12- Apply a soothing eye cream containing aloe and Vitamin E.

13- Sleep with the head higher than the rest of the body.

14- Put two tea or chamomile bags in cold water and leave them in the refrigerator to get chilled before placing the same on your eyes.

What causes puffy eyelids?

What causes puffy eyelids?

Blepharitis Can Cause Puffy Eyelids

If eye glands produce excess of oil, you may contract Blepharitis. This disease is normally accompanied by two frequent symptoms, which include, red or irritated eyes and scales that get attached to the bottom of eyelashes.

At times, you may notice crust formation around the eyelids, and your eyes may become itchy or swollen with a burning sensation. In severe cases of Blepharitis, the affected person may even lose his eyelashes.

In such cases, it is recommended to have your eyes checked by an eye specialist. It helps to get your eyes checked periodically. That helps to catch any disease in its infancy and early treatment can be given.

Though Blepharitis is a very irritating condition affecting the eyes, its symptoms can be reduced and brought under control through appropriate treatment. On noticing anything unusual with your eyes, don’t delay calling upon your eye specialist. Eyes are precious and should well be taken care of.

Blepharitis Home Treatment

Use vitamin K to get rid of eye puffiness.

Use vitamin K to get rid of eye puffiness.

Other Ways to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Eye lift surgery also known as Blepharoplasty is one of the best medical remedies for drooping eyelids and puffy bags.

There is also a special treatment involving application of a serum containing Vitamin K, which is one of the best vitamins for puffy eyes, two times a day along with the utilization of a particular eye mask that is created from pure collagen permeated with whitening agents that help to brighten and keep the area moist.

In the beginning, it is applied two times a week, and after four weeks it needs to be applied only once or twice a month. The exclusive feature of this mask is that it is fully absorbed into the skin during application.

The use of at home facial devices are effective to improve aging skin around the eyes, and also to eliminate eye puffiness and bags.

Dealing with Under Eye Puffiness

The tips above are some of the most popular remedies for puffy eyes and eyelids. It can be a case of trial and error. See what works best for you and stick with it.

Usually this should result in reducing under eye puffiness; it can definitely enhance the appearance around your eyes; only remember to select a simple and gentle skin care treatment so that the skin around your eyes is not damaged.

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Do You Know of a Quick Solution for Puffy Eyes?

lovethisstuff (author) from London on May 07, 2014:

I totally agree. Taking care of the skin surrounding the eyes is essential to look young and healthy. Puffy eyes, dark circles and bags give the impression of continuously being tired.

LindaMarshall on May 05, 2014:

Puffy eyes are a great hindrance to looking good. Perfect skin or not, puffy eyes immediately make their presence felt. Thankfully, my experience with patients with the exact same issues has taught me that puffy eyes are best dealt with using natural remedies such as exercise, hydration, and above all, adequate sleep.

lovethisstuff (author) from London on May 04, 2014:

Face creams are too heavy for the eye area. I find that using an eye cream in the form of gel is best. And if you keep the gel in the refrigerator it works even better. Thanks for your comment.

Shelley Watson on May 03, 2014:

You mentioned the two I use, teabags and cucumber. Don't have too bad a problem unless I accidentally put face cream on my eyelids at night - then I wake up with puffy eyes. Thanks for all the useful tips.

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