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How to Dress up That Little Black Dress

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The versatile little black dress

The versatile little black dress

“One is never underdressed or overdressed with a little black dress”

Karl Lagerfield

If you, like me, grew up reading fashion magazines, then the sophistication and versatility of a little black dress must have been struck into your head right; from the very beginning. And, consequently, your closet must have been stuffed with more and some more black minidresses; pushing behind all those floral frocks and nude jumpsuits. The thumb rule of the fashion club is that you should always have a little black dress in your closet. Although Audrey Hepburn restored this exemplary outfit in Breakfast at Tiffany's in the 60s, it is still a standard today (and for all good reasons!). The instantaneously identifiable persona was also modernized for the Givenchy Haute Couture fall show in 2018 after Givenchy's death.

The little black dress has long been measured as an iconic classic and is considered indispensable to a comprehensive closet. It can never go out of fashion. Like it is said, once you go black, there is no looking back!

Audrey Hepburn restored this exemplary outfit in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Audrey Hepburn restored this exemplary outfit in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

The Flawless Little Black Dress – A History

The little black dress was introduced by Coco Chanel in 1920. It is a simple silhouette; mainly a black evening or cocktail dress and is also often referred to as the "LBD". It is envisioned to be enduring, adaptable, affordable, and extensively accessible.

Due to its amalgamation of both stylishness and providence, the LBD’s fame sustained throughout the Great Depression. The stimulus of Hollywood continued this fashion trend even further as the new Technicolor filming procedures were often dependent on using black dresses, as colored ones could look slanted on camera. The augmented accessibility of man-made fabrics such as nylon and rayon in the 1950s widened the versatility of the LBD. The style piked and can now be found in an extensive range of silhouettes, lengths, and sizes.

Every Woman Should Have This Star In Her Closet

From Angelina Jolie in her split-to-the-thigh dress at the Oscars to Rihanna's maternity gown; we all might agree with the fact that a little black dress is kind of an absolute canvas to flaunt your bravura. Diana's most famous little black dress broke with the imperial pact and made a name for itself in fashion history.

The reason for its long-lasting demand is that the little black dress compliments and cajoles everyone, irrespective of their shape or size. It can be dressed up or down depending on the event. So even if you are marching out in a basic LBD, it makes a style statement. Moreover, it is an impeccable all-year-round staple. Whether for a winter soiree or a beach trip on those sunny days; your closet can never be complete without a little black dress.

5 Ways To Style a Black Dress

As I said, a versatile black dress works in all seasons and practically in all settings—it can walk you effortlessly from an office to a date night or a party. If you are looking for some innovative yet trendy ways to style up your little black dress (LBD), look no further! Check out these styling ideas to get the most out of your little black dress-

Easy-going Summers:

Team up your backless little black dress with a pair of white sneakers and throw on a summer hat along with a crossbody bag for that relaxed-casual look

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For The Workplace:

Boots, a blazer, and tights are all you need with your black dress to make it a perfect ensemble for the office.

For a Night Out:

Modify your black dress by wearing a vibrant Leather jacket as Leather jackets usually work with all body shapes. You can also add a colorful belt over a black dress for a pop of color.

Modify your black dress by wearing a vibrant Leather jacket.

Modify your black dress by wearing a vibrant Leather jacket.

For a Date Night:

Accentuate your black dress with strappy heels and add on some swankier jewelry. A pair of statement earrings or necklaces can make a great addition for formal occasions.

For Those Frosty Days:

Heels can work in warmer weather, and knee-high boots are the best options for cooler months, Pair up your little black dress with those knee-high boots for that hot and chic look.

LBD - The Evergreen Closet Staple

You can never go wrong with quintessential items and LBD is one of them. There are various ways to style a little black dress. Try diverse textures, patterns, and combinations. Trust me, an LBD will never fail to surprise you. You will discover your unique personality when you add your artistic expression to a classic black dress.

Try diverse textures, patterns, and combinations.

Try diverse textures, patterns, and combinations.

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