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How To Dress Up According To Your Body Type

Dressing is an art not every one can master. You need to know your body type too in order to dress up accordingly!



We are living in an era of fashion and style so everybody is conscious of the fact what to wear and how to decide? The best answer to this query is knowing your body type. As females are always having nothing to wear issue despite of having huge wardrobes so it’s really good for them to know about the body shape before buying a dress. We are always inspired by the super models; award shows and the fashion shows to follow the latest trends in the outfits but we often forget to notice the body shape and size in purchasing a trendy outfit. So lets dig in more by finding out what counts in our body type:

a) Shoulder b) Bust c) Waist d) Hips

How to Find out Your Body Type?

The body type is defined as per the measurement of these four parts in our body. Well! The ideal figure varies person to person. It’s no more about 36,26,36 that matters! What actually matters is knowing your body, owning it and dressed up accordingly. Nobody likes to buy extra large or extra small sized outfits anymore. Everybody is supposed to keep their body in mind before buying a dress now a days. So lets find out the body shapes and what to buy accordingly.


1) Apple Body Shape

If you are less curvy without a defined waist that means you come under this body shape category. The best outfits that will suit you will be the wrap, dolmen-sleeves, V-neck and Peplum. As you must be busty with broad shoulders and hips along with less curved waist line so these outfits can make you look in shape and less chubby. If you are short heighted too then wear these dresses with some block heels or even high heels will give you a trendy look as well. For jeans you must preferred straight, boot cut or flared jeans. In case you are interested to buy pants then go for high waist.

2) Pear Body Shape

If you have broad hips in comparison to your shoulders then you are also known to be triangle/ pear shaped. You must have wider hips and thighs than your bust and shoulders so your must have outfits will be peplum, square-neck, cowl-neck and boat-neck with the slim straight, boot cut and high waist pair of jeans. You will equally look great in an A-line, fit and flare and off shoulder dress with nice pointy toe shoes.

3) Hour Glass Body Shape

If you have well balanced shoulders and hips with a defined waist that means you come under this category. You should prefer wrap, V-neck, peplum, key hole dresses with wide keg, skinny or flared pair of jeans. You will be equally good in wearing cropped moto and belted coats and jackets with nude pumps. Sheath and Jump suits will look great in you as well along with pointy toe shoes

4) Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you have broad shoulders in comparison to your hips then this is your body type. Its the opposite of a pear/triangle shaped body type. You must have narrow hips and waist. Your must have outfits will be scoop neck, screw neck and V-neck along with baggy style or cropped wide leg pair of jeans. Sheath and Midi with Statement shoes and Booties will look great in you as well. A-line dresses are your to-go outfits too as they will enhance your whole frame, neckline and waist.

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5) Rectangle Body Shape

If your shoulder, bust, waist and hips are fairly uniformly built and you have a straighter build then you are Rectangle body shape. Your must have outfits include detailed collar, scooped neck and sweetheart tops with flared or high waist pair of jeans. Pleated pants will equally look good on you with rounded or pointed toe shoes. For dresses you can also buy Ruched and Puff sleeves for an out town classy look along with heeled sandals.

6) Diamond Body Shape

If you have broad hips in comparison to shoulders with a narrow bust and fuller waistline then this is your body type. Your must have tops will be off shoulder and boat necks with the flared and skinny jeans. You can wear high heels with long belted coats.

7) Athletic Body Shape

If you have a muscular body with the same sized shoulders and hips then you are Athletic shaped. You have a narrow waist but not overly defined and looks quite straight up and down. Your must have dresses will be something stylish often point to halter, strapless and racer back along with the high waist or flared jeans. Sporty outfits are your to-go along with nice sneaker shoes.

8) Skinny Body Shape

Well! Mostly teenage girls come under this category of body type. You must have the pelvis and shoulders perfectly aligned with small bony structure along with flat hips. Your to-go dresses will be belted tops, tunics, flowy dresses with tapered ankle length, low waist jeans. You will equally bloom in long skirts with fluttered sleeves dresses and high pencil heels. Leather jackets or coats with thigh high heels will also rock in you. So this body shaped females can wear any girly outfit with trendy shoes in simple words.

9) Lollipop Body Shape

This shape sounds weird but it does exist. If you have broad shoulders with full round bust with slim waist and hips along with long legs then you are categorized as Lollipop body shape. You can wear anything that broadens your hips and shoulders. For example, V-necks, wraps, off shoulders with thigh high slits and pencil shirts. Slender and flowy dresses are your equal to-go with high pencil heels or even wedges. Tapered pants with belted coats and jackets will also enhance your body shape.

10) Oval Body Shape

This body shape women tend to be plump with large bust, narrow hips and not well defined waist. These women should have flat hips with slender legs. Square neck, V-neck, U-neck with tunic tops, belted dresses, wide collared jackets along with cargo pants and flared or fish-cut skirts. They can wear high heels for a glamorous look to compliment their dresses.

All about the Body Shapes


The dressing has become an art these days. You need to be 100% sure of your size and taste in order to look both classy and elegant. From the accessories, dress and shoes to the hairstyle everything counts in dressing now a days. Beside all this you must look presentable and neat. You just can’t roam around in your untidy and messy look with a trendy outfit. Nobody is going to notice you unless you present yourself in style. So, it’s always important to consider your age group along with your body shape and size in view before buying any dress. I hope the article must be fruitful to you in comprehending all these elements before buying the dress in the future. So, look simple but stylish by following these guidelines in buying an outfit for yourself.


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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